Divine, journaling, soul seeking and healing others…

Always working on a better version of myself… always choosing to love humanity first

I have pondered what should I share and where should I begin… I have encountered so many struggling as our world changes. I have to say I write this blog with a very heavy heart. I have been travelling the streets of Toronto and they are no longer the same. The streets are bare of shops that have closed down and you see way too many condo buildings being built. Toronto will soon be the concrete CITY. What saddens me… is how many are paying attention to the changes and its impact for the future. I walked along Trinity park and tears ran down my cheek, as all I see are too many tents with people with no homes. Our city states that its better for them to be in tents, as this reduces their changes of getting in contact with COVID-19. The homeless pandemic will now definitely be in peoples faces and maybe this will impact them to speak up? I will share with you all… so many people walk that park as if it is a normal day and nobody acknowledges these tents… that are home too many… in such a RICH city.

This is when I state, why are we able o get almost 2 million people to celebrate the RAPTORS win but not to protest our homelessness pandemic, addictions and gang violence? I will say this out loud I was happy that the RAPTORS lost as I do not want anymore distractions in our city! I keep pondering what is the outcome of this economy for the world as they rapidly change many services to online, possibly most schools. Many people are going to lose their jobs and benefits but many are still busy shopping online. I tell everyone around me to save their money but not many are listening. Many believe our world will be going back to normal but I do not see this happening. We have commercials and advertisements with humanity in fashionable masks, they keep saying this is the new normal. Why would all these fashionable masks come onto the market? I feel it is terrible to market masks during a time we are being told that it is a pandemic and truly only level 3 medical masks really protect anyone. Again a world government encouraging you to be the consumer… to keep buying when many are struggling to even make ends meet.

I hear many enlightenment workers state that the USA is winning the fight against human trafficking but in Canada all I see are cases of human trafficking rises. I know for sure that crime rate is up in so many states, cities and countries. I am heart broken for the world and have no trust in these leaders around the world at all. This week in Canada we will find out how they expect to recovery budget losses. This is the funny thing… is that all government establishments never closed such as; gas stations, liquor stores, Beer stores, online sales of marijuana, cigarettes and now we have photo radar everywhere. In the month of August over 24, 000 traffic tickets were issued through photo radar cameras. I am not speaking about the individuals that push the limits but I am speaking about the everyday folks that try to do the right choice daily. FOR me I will never understand this and they are already recovering some losses… wouldn’t YOU SAY! Listen many will excuse things but when you have a government who’s MP returned travelling spending money… well that RIGHT there… shows the corruption in all governments and I do not believe they CARE that much about US. Since when… HISTORY does not lie… GREED we are surrounded by it. I will leave these thoughts here as I am flooded with many…

Lets discuss how to manage fear and anxiety:

We often allow our fears to guide our decisions and control our emotions. Fears will always be surrounded around us. The escapes are limited since we now have social media and television bombarding the world with negative messages. I have often shared about creating a simple gratitude morning and evening routine. This would be a wonderful strategy to create with your children and young adults. As they need something that they can hold onto and there is still so much to be grateful for. Even in our most trying times, which we can always find something that makes us smile!

It is said that planting your bare feet on grass and soil which creates positive sensations in your nervous system! It grounds you to the creator and the universe! That alone we can always be grateful for… create a gratitude list that represents your life. Complete this list with your family and begin with just two grateful statements.

Also becoming in habit of having meditation music in the background during morning routines, dinner, homework time, baths, and settling time.

Here are a a list of I Am comments:

  • In this moment I feel peaceful and content.
  • I am worthy of all the best life has to offer.
  • I release all resistance to feeling good.
  • Even in the midst of chaos I can always maintain my inner peace.
  • I am always free to choose, and today I choose happiness.
  • I am open to new and exciting possibilities.
  • I attract pleasant, positive people into my life.
  • I am enjoying the life I’m living.
  • I have fun and laugh every day.
  • I experience joy and create joy for others.
  • Each morning I wake up feeling enthusiastic about the day ahead.
  • Each night I go to sleep feeling fulfilled, thankful, and peaceful.
  • I always look for the good in everyone around me.
  • I appreciate all the positive people in my life.
  • I have wonderful friends, and we all help and support each other.
  • I feel healthy, fit, and strong.
  • I have abundant energy.
  • I effortlessly attract health, wealth, happiness, and love.
  • My joyful, peaceful energy is a blessing to those around me.
  • I am happy, joyous and free, exactly as I was born to be

It is extremely important to get into these positive habits during a world that is consistently changing so rapidly. You have to take breaks from your phones, laptops, television and be in silence. Please get a book and read again. Actually hold a book, turn the pages and get focused. We are all developing an ADHD mind and can no longer focus too long on one task. Ask yourself when you read an article, book, watching a movie.. how many of you are scrolling through different forms of social media at the same time??? STOP doing that as it is terrible for the functioning of your brain. When you are with your friends actually don’t take any pictures, nor make any posts for that one outing. Enjoy it as you would many years ago! We do not always need to share our story from a hour to hour basis.

I end this blog with gratitude and a meditation. I am grateful that I have many of you taking the time to read my post, to practise some of my suggestions and to even like the post. I am grateful that the creator gave me creativity to write, to blog, to love, and to create! I am utterly grateful for nature and everyday I enjoy their beautiful sounds and the smiles that they create each morning!

With love always,


Meditation for the soul… 21

Hello My Human Friends!

Congratulations! Thank you so much for sticking with me on this journey!!! Also for your patient as I did not get these posts on the days I had intended it for! I hope there have been a few of you that started to implement meditation in your life as the benefits are amazing! I am not always consistent but see the impact it has in my life when I am not consistent!

Meditation manifests your thoughts, energy and changes your mindset. It creates a better version of yourself and builds an internal happiness that no one can take away from you. I am able to embrace positivity much faster than negativity, which is a blessing! I found that to be the greatest gift ever! We have been trained to accept negativity in all aspects of our being. Sadly, negativity is surrounding us the moment we turn on television! When you are online you do have the control in what you will allow yourself to embrace so the control is there for us to navigate.

There was a time in my life that I thought loving yourself was a selfish act, where I got this message from is beyond me. The ego is different from love and yes that is what gets in the way often for many! The moment you fall in love with yourself is when you will no longer allow people to treat you badly! It is such a liberation, freedom and an uplifting feeling. People around you will actually be happier without you needing to do anything. The other beauty… anyone not meant for your life will eventually no longer be around!

The greatest journey for me was understanding mindfulness, practising gratitude, embracing yoga and accepting meditation into my life. It changed my past, present and future. I healed, I do not cry much, I smile everyday, and my depression is no longer controls me! You need to find what will work for you and I can never tell you that this is the remedy but I can say it was for me! I still work at this daily but it is so much easier! What I can tell you, YOU must do the work and fight everyday! The power is YOU and only YOU.

Message for Day 21

Are you familiar with the seven “switches” of happiness?

🌟 give to your neighbor
🌟 transmit (love & light)
🌟 let go (of things that do not serve you)
🌟 indulge (live life to the fullest)
🌟 give thanks
🌟 give yourself (be of service)
🌟 forgive

When these seven become part of your life, happiness will flow into it simply and easily.

Everything is energy and its flow must be circular and continuous in order to return abundance to you. This is how the law of reciprocity works.

Keep your channels open and clean so that your energy can flow unhindered! Remember to stay present. This is YOUR time!

Your future is in your hands; you make choices and decisions every day, every moment.

How you use your time, with whom you spend it, and how you feel at every moment determines your life.

Key Takeaways
☀ awareness
☀ gratitude
☀ recognition of value & abundance

Thank you everyone for your participation, presence and energy invested in this process!

Use all of your creative abilities, describing yourself and your experience. 🤩😇 And remember that brevity is the soul of wit. 🙂

“Every moment of every day I live my life abundantly. “

Enjoy your coming days and abundance. ♥️🤗♥️



July Love Letters are here:

Love always first!

Hi Everyone! Here are July’s lover letter requests! If you have a friend that needs a love letter please send me an email and we will arrange a team to write them letters!!!

I hope you all have been well, seems like a long time! Have a wonderful week full of sun, fun and love! A few meditation blogs coming this week!! Yeah!! Enjoy all💕💕


Elizabeth’s friend reached out to us requesting some extra love during a busy season. Her friend wrote:

“Elizabeth is one of the most empathetic people I have ever met. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is not afraid to give that shirt to anyone in need. She works in healthcare and has been tasked with incredible demands during this unprecedented time.  She continues to organize fundraisers to support BLM efforts and facilitates activities to keep our gym community connected while distanced (she coaches as a second job!). While doing all of this she and her husband dealt with an unexpected blow, finding out her sweet two-year old daughter has a learning disability.  Between work schedules, covid restrictions, and finances, Elizabeth is a trooper but I can see that she is in serious need of some love!”

Let’s gather around Elizabeth in the same way she works to gather around
other people!


Elizabeth’s bundle
℅ Julianne M. 
17351 E Mansfield Ave 432L
Aurora, CO 80013



Charles is in need of some encouragement + love. His story is as follows:

“Charles is deaf and needs some encouragement about fatherhood and adulthood. It has been hard for him since he lost his father several years ago, and he  feels like he doesn’t know how to be father to his son, Andrien, who is three years old. Charles doesn’t have confidence in what he wants for his future. I have been helping him to feel confident in the things he can do, like playing with his son, talking with him by using American Sign Language, and figuring out how to find jobs with benefits.

I have been living with Charles and his mother for seven years now, and I thought that talking about the future would help him move forward, but it hasn’t. Please help Charles find some confidence in himself as a parent and an adult. I just want him to know that he can do it. He knows my feelings, but needs to hear from others. I want him to focus on the future for me and Andrien, for us all!”

Please join us in sending encouragement + hope to Charles!


Charles’s bundle
℅ Mylene M.
2316 Monte Vista Drive
Pinole, CA 94564



Abbey is facing challenges and could use some encouragement.
Her mother wrote to us:

“My daughter Abbey has struggled with her health for most of her life, but the last three years have been particularly difficult. She has basically been confined to her bed due to a spinal tumor and numerous infections. Abbey had to leave college six weeks prior to her graduation and has watched from the sidelines while all her friends have continued to move on with their lives and careers. On top of these disappointments, having a chronic medical condition that isn’t well understood by the traditional medical community has been extremely difficult for her. Abbey has been working extremely hard to try and redefine her life, but could use a little love
and moral support!”

Join us in sending Abbey all the joy + hope that we are capable of sharing.


Abbey’s bundle
℅ Sandra F.
57 Eastfield Drive
Rolling Hills, CA 90274



A friend of Henry’s is requesting a bundle of letters for him as she struggles to love himself. They shared with us:

“Henry is the most giving and passionate person that I have ever met. Anything he sets his mind to, he gives it his all. He just finished his freshman year of college, and he really struggled during that time. Henry felt like he couldn’t find his place and thought about transferring schools or even dropping out. Towards the end of the year though, he seemed like he was enjoying it more and things were looking up for him.

However, Henry has recently started battling depression and tells me frequently that he is struggling with self-love. He went to an out-patient rehab program for his mental health, but is still struggling. I am nominating Henry to receive some love letters because he would do anything for anyone and I want him to know how special he is and how much this world needs him in it!”

Let’s show Henry all the love by penning him all the encouragement!


Henry’s bundle
℅ Emma C. 
5844 Whitebark Pine Trail
Dublin, OH 43016



Sylvia’s daughter reached out to More Love Letters and requested a bundle for her mother as she faces challenging circumstances during the pandemic. She shared:

“My mom has been stuck at her independent living facility since mid-March, and although she is a very positive person she has been getting depressed lately because she is cut off from everyone she loves. She will be turning ninety-eight on July 22nd and she said all she has to look forward to is getting mail from others. I thought it would be fun for her to receive a lot of mail to get her spirits back up again!”

Grab your pens and join us as we wish Sylvia a happy birthday + remind her of her of her value!


Sylvia’s bundle
℅ Leah K. 
807 Kersey Road
Silver Spring, MD 20902


With love 💕,

Lucy Lu💗💗

JUNES love letters…

Writing 💕

Hi Everyone! I know this week has been a rough week! Why not share some love to those in need and balance your broken hearts! I will complete my meditation blog post this week as well! Enjoy writing!


A friend of James reached out to us and shared part of his story with our community. They wrote:

“James is a wonderful human. He is thirty-one years old and has been battling depression ever since he was fourteen. Throughout most of his school career, he would transform his depression into music, playing guitar for three hours a day in his room.

Today, he donates all the money he raises from gigs and singles to charity, and in 2016 he even went to the Calais Jungle refugee camp to bring some happiness and music to those who were struggling!

Unfortunately, James has been battling with depression again lately, and it has been made worse by the fact that he and his girlfriend of three years have broken up. He tends to spiral into a black hole and he feels exhausted all the time because of it.

I don’t want him to fall back into bad habits, and I know that if he received the love he deserves he will be able to pick himself up again. James deserves this so much; he is such a beautiful, beautiful person.”

Grab your pens + help us remind James of what a worthy, wonderful human he is!

Letters are welcome in Italian + English.


James’s bundle
℅ Greta C. 
21 the Spike
Radwinter Road
Saffron Walden, Essex
CB11 3GA



Trish’s niece wrote to us here at MLL + requested a bundle of letters for her as she faces difficult circumstances during this pandemic:

“My uncle Carl has Alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home. My aunt Trish and my uncle have been together since meeting at a Halloween party when she was fifteen and he was sixteen–they are now seventy-eight and seventy-nine and have been married for almost sixty years! Placing him in the nursing home was an incredibly heartbreaking, yet necessary, decision. Since then, my aunt’s new normal has been visiting him daily, but this is no longer permitted due to COVID-19. 

In spite of her personal devastation over these recent events, Trish constantly performs  random acts of kindness for others–such as baking treats for postal workers, donating body cameras to the local police department, allowing foster organizations to bring children to her farm to explore, and paying for others at the drive-through. She has been sending pizzas to the healthcare workers where my uncle is residing and she is organizing her own one-woman car parade with balloons. She said she will drive by my uncle’s window at the nursing home, because even if he won’t understand what is going on, and he doesn’t recognize her anymore, it may make him smile! Trish inspires me with her resilience and her ability to maintain a positive outlook amongst chaos.”

Let’s share some joy + encouragement with Trish!


Trish’s bundle
℅ Melissa M.
PO BOX 3223
Helendale, CA 92342



Jared deserves a reminder of what a wonderful individual he is.
His sister shared with us:

“My half-brother, Jared, is four years older than me. His father abandoned him at a young age and our mother struggles with addiction. His only father figure (our Uncle Al) died at a young age. We also had a stepfather who was often cruel to him. We grew up in a small town, and we were often homeless. Because of all this, my brother took care of me. He brushed my hair, took me to parks, and even made me dinner. He protected me as best he could, and he is the reason I’m alive and well today. 

I am so saddened when I think of all the things my brother put up with just to keep me and my mother safe. And yet, I am so proud of all he has accomplished in adulthood. He is currently finishing up his trade school program, for which he made the honor roll! He lives with his girlfriend, who just gave birth to their first child. He works hard every day to make sure he is a good father, partner, and brother, but doesn’t often appreciate his own accomplishments. I love him more than he’ll ever know, and if he were to receive these letters, I know it would be a constant reminder for him of all the good that he is and has become.”

Join us in celebrating Jared + all he is!


Jared’s bundle
℅ Ciara S.
5206 Wadsworth Ct
Sacramento, CA 95835



Lesley’s best friend reached out to us + requested a bundle of letters for her as she and her family have been facing a tough time:

“My dear friend Lesley deserves a love letter bundle because in June it will have been one year without her other best friend–her father. On June 26, 2019, her father suffered a heart attack and passed away. This came as a total shock to their family and friends, including myself. Lesley and I have known each other for over 20 years; we are high school best friends and I knew her parents well and have always loved them as my own. Lesley’s father had heart issues for many years, but was staying healthy and doing well after many surgeries. This experience paved a path for Lesley to study to become a Cardiac Sonographer so she can help others.

The love that Lesley and her father had for each other was timeless and could be instantly seen by all. Her father touched the lives of many people and had a wonderful heart. Even though I am specifically nominating Lesley, the pain of this loss is also felt by her mother and two sisters. I believe that these letters would not only benefit Lesley as the anniversary of her father’s passing nears, but she could also share the letters with her mother and two sisters, as they are all very close. They have been very strong throughout this past year, but I know receiving letters of encouragement will keep them strong in June and the upcoming months and years.”

Won’t you join us as we encourage Lesley + her family?


Lesley’s bundle
℅ Jennifer D. 
P.O. Box 490
Fowlerville, MI 48836



Katie is in need of some encouragement from our community. She was nominated with the following story:

“Katie is fun, hilarious and one of the most compassionate people I know. She has a heart of gold, and if you have the chance of meeting her, you’ll learn she’s the best friend you could ever have. There’s just one problem though–Katie doesn’t know this. She has the biggest heart and the sassiest wit, but she can only see her flaws. She doesn’t see how lovely she really is.

This year has been incredibly hard on Katie, for many reasons, but especially because she’s a senior in highschool. She had her heart set on so many things and experiences, and like a lot of us, had them ripped away from her. Katie’s depression and anxiety have worsened, and some days she simply doesn’t get out of bed. All I want for her is to know that things will be okay and that she is loved beyond comprehension. Can we give it a try?”

Grab your pens + join us as we do that for Katie!


Katie’s bundle
℅ Bree G. 
15824 J highway
Bunceton, MO 65237


With kindness,


Meditation for the soul… bonus day!

Hello Beautiful Humans!

I want to discuss the gift of being humble first before anything else. Humility is something that many people in the trends of self promotion tend to cast spells on success on Instagram! When you look at what people would call old fashion values but understand that being humble is not to be confused in taking pride for all of your achievements. When we are humble it actually helps our pride to not take over, boasting our achievements, not being arrogant or conceited. Humbleness keep us grounded, kind and compassionate to others. It can be so easy to be impressed by power & success, or someone’s expertise or their job title or their initials behind their names. We need to always appreciate kindness, humbleness, gentleness, giving your time, and choosing love first.

Let’s celebrate our achievements through celebrating ourselves in a humble manner:

Throw a party for yourself. 🎉
You’ve accomplished SO much over the last few months. Some of it may have felt effortless and invigorating; some of it may have felt difficult and draining. And you did it. That takes courage.

Celebrate yourself!
This can look any way you desire:
⭐ Make a beautiful card and write yourself a love note inside.
⭐ Take yourself out for a romantic dinner.
⭐ Have a long bath in Epsom salts with your favorite music and scented candles.
⭐ Dance around your room in your birthday suit. 😉
⭐ Take a glorious nap.
⭐ Go to a local karaoke bar and sing your heart out.
⭐ Bake some cupcakes and put candles in them to celebrate the birth of your new abundance practice.
⭐ Simply do nothing for as long as you wish.

Whatever “party” means to you. Whatever lights you up. Love up on yourself as much as possible, and fully feel the gratitude for being you.

As I elevate my abundance consciousness, I do my part to heal the world.

Today’s meditation is all about healing the world by first healing ourselves. We must be the change we wish to see. We must BE. We don’t get more money or a promotion or a new relationship and THEN feel abundant. We must feel abundant first, and then the having of our desires follows suit.

Sanskrit mantra:
So Hum, I am.

Love Always,


One of my most favourite quotes: ” When we belittle our creative talents, we close ourselves off to new connections; be brave and share your creativity.”

Meditation for the soul… 20

Memories (My mom and myself)

Hello my dearest Humans,

I have been very nostalgic and love having those memories! I remember my days as a child with my mother! Lately, I have been busy gardening and this was something my mom did as we were growing up. I grow lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, and many different herbs! I also have grown two beautiful English lavender trees! I love to prune, gather and store for the winter! I have had an abundance of vegetables growing this year and quickly! It is so soothing, peaceful as well as a very proud moment! To gather and eat from your own garden is so full filling and something so rewarding!

I have also invested my time in growing flowers 🌺 and have created my own backyard paradise! What I have enjoyed during this time being limited to do a lot…. is writing, creating and gardening! I have been able to create different projects that I hope to have displayed on my very own ESTY store! I plan to dedicate more time to building up my blog and online counselling! I have been able to concentrate on building my own online business!!! I hope that you all have been able to make adjustments, be creative and look at different opportunities!

What I didn’t get done was consistent workouts, aerobics, master my yoga and daily walks!!! I did them but not consistently! Here in Toronto we have such beautiful weather… since we have winters for 6 months of the year it is so important to get outside!!! We look forward for our summers!

We have gotten a lot of time in pools, walking, riding and connecting with friends/family!🙏😘❤️

I still struggle with not being able to see my immediate family as they are still not comfortable in having contact with others until the vaccinations are available! So I just manifest that they stay well this entire time so I can enjoy them after they become comfortable and feel it is safe! As I have mentioned my ideas/thoughts are very different from my family! 😭🌺

So my message to you is find your roots, build them and become the person you were meant to be! Be there for those you love and be open to differences! Our minds are our own to develop, self analysis, and build!!

Look how far you’ve come. Take a moment to really appreciate what you have accomplished. I’m proud of you.

Think about someone in your life and/or environment who seems to be unhappy or going through a challenging time. This person may complain often and have a generally negative view of life. Call them and check up on them. Listen to their complaints without saying anything! At the end let them know all the good things they represent!

You never know whose life you can impact and shift when you share with them what you’ve learned. 🙌🙃

Some herbs to implement in your life:

  • Sage: A spice known for its pungent scent, sage might also improve cognition and aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Turmeric: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects (two factors that may benefit brain health and overall health).
  • Ashwagandha: promoting mental clarity and cognitive functioning. It boosts the brain’s memory and is very helpful in supporting the immune system.Ashwaghandha does wonders for nervous exhaustion and protects the brain against brain cell deterioration. It is an important protective herb.
  • Tulsi: oxygenates the brain and improves circulation which improves feelings of well-being and mental cognition.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Message: Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it!

When you feel that you are worthy to receive all the blessings that the Universe can offer you, your needs are satisfied easily and even more than necessary.

As soon as you learn to accept the grace that has been sent to you, you are showing the universe that you deserve only the best and are ready to receive it.

*Mantra: *
Om Ritam Namah

Namaste 🙏


Meditation for the soul… 17

Hi Everyone! I hope you have all been well! I have been busy with work, hobbies and sorting out my many thoughts. Here are my thoughts for all of you lovely people!

Today’s message: May all the good I create, generate more good, circulate and return to me. We should all try to live in unity. In today’s meditation, we will talk about unity, as the basic truth of all that exists.
As individuals, we are not alike.  We have different lifestyles, beliefs and perceptions. However, these differences exist only in the physical plane. Whereas at the molecular and spiritual level, we are all one and are connected with the universal primary source.

When we begin to fully understand this concept of life in unity, the idea of a personal “I” gives way to the image of a universal “I”. The concept of rivalry and competition disappears. This relationship contributes to deep love and empathy for everyone who surrounds us. We often get caught up in our differences but in the end we all have more similarities than differences.

We often get stuck on what we believe in and what we were taught. I would like to speak about the many difficulties among the white and black community. I will always encourage people to look at their privileges…. this does not mean you did not have life struggles as we all have a story and that story can not be taken away from each of us. I challenge you to look at your privilege in colour among a racist system, as it is just that. We often become defensive but instead…. walk in the shoes of an individual enslaved. The angry will arise within you, it is so unfortunate colonization occurred but it did. We have a broken system of so many young black men in a for profit jail system…. and as a nation we do not fight enough against this. I believe as a white community we should be standing up and fighting for those who are judged just by the colour of their skin. If this topic makes you uncomfortable than I challenge you to look at your biases. It is easier to look away and harder to challenge who we are…. truly.

We can’t no longer state we live in a fair system as that is not true. When you look at child services, jail systems, court systems, educational systems and many others….that is when you see the injustice. As a WHITE person we travel through this walk of life…. not understanding what it feels like to not getting a job due to the colour of your skin, comments about your hair, getting charged unfairly, being carded unfairly, being consistently judged, afraid of the police…. these are all true stories. When we speak of UNITY….well these are the topics we must challenge ourselves on: anti-black racism, anti-Islamophobia, Indigenous Rights and Truth & Reconciliation, gender identity, anti-Semitism, and feminism. I truly recommend you to read this book but with an open mind…. WHITE FRAGILITY: Why it’s so hard for WHITE people to talk about racism.

Video taken from Human Rights Watch website

Well I will leave this topic there for all of us to ponder, reflect and challenge our own belief systems.


  • Remember that all of your feelings are valid and appropriate. Write everything that arises.
  • Write a letter to your country of origin. In this letter, express all your feelings about it.

Journal entry:

  • How do you define unity?
  • How do you view diversity?
  • In what ways has meditation brought you closer to living in unity?

“I celebrate my unity with all life knowing we are all one.”

Write down the phrase of the day in your notebook and keep your attention on it throughout the day.

“I see the others in myself and myself in others.”

Love always,


Meditation for the soul… 18

Hello Everyone,

A moment I am grateful for… able to be playful with others!

How is everyone doing? How have you been occupying your time? Is there anything different about you during this time at home? How did this experience make you feel? I am writing a letter to you all through my blog. I have had many emotions come up for me. I have had childhood friends connect with me during this month which has been nice but also overwhelming. I have lost a friendship during this year, which I am unsure of what has actually occurred but can definitely say it occurred once she became pregnant. I have learned humanity is an interesting form of species and difficult to keep up with. I have a post on infertility as it is something I struggled with but healed my heart from. I of course have shared my struggle with friends and in this current situation it was unintentionally used against me! I made the decision to not even confront but allow the friendship to move to its new journey!

The universe brings us individuals for a reason and once that mission is complete, even if you can’t understand why within the moment, you must release it! I will share that YES I still sent a beautiful baby gift as I was actually so happy that this individual was able to conceive and soon to have a beautiful baby boy! This life journey that we are on is a complicated one and one must built internal strength to deal with what pains us! I also forgave a friendship and made my own amends with her as she ended up very sick and in the hospital! I have had to challenge myself that if you will mourn for someone once they pass this life than you should make those amends before time runs out! I have been able to do so! I am missing my family but until they let me know that they are comfortable with having visitors I will not be seeing them. As you have all read in my past blogs I have many questions about this pandemic and definitely come from the mind set of there being a much bigger agenda…. I will not get into that here! I myself have had a complicated childhood and have already felt that many family units are already distant. This situation definitely did not help many in those situations and this definitely created a concerning isolation for many people around the world. Our seniors would have definitely also felt the impact of being isolated as their circles are already quite small!

I do find the world unfair for many and often carry a heavy heart as I would like to be able to help many and see movement. I have never thought the world would have been full of so many broken hearts and such hardships! I truly wish anyone struggling can find the hope, gratitude and strength to keep fighting. I know many have stories that other’s could not even imagine but there are still good people in our universe. I hope that you all encounter kindness, compassion and a good soul to help you through life! That is my wish for the world and humanity.

This is when I always turn to creating a gratitude life:

  • Try going with the flow today
  • Meditate twice today
  • Reach out to someone in your life that you are grateful for and tell them why.
  • Mindfully organize a cupboard or a drawer
  • Pay attention to your feet today and your connection to the earth.
  • Write a list to of 5 things you’re grateful for in your life
  • Play your favourite song and take a dance break
  • Give yourself some praise
  • Write down or say out loud 5 things you admire about yourself
  • Have you ever tried visualizations? Let’s begin: Imagine yourself in a beautiful place that you love. Perhaps it’s your favourite place to watch the sunset, a stream, a lush forest, a secret beach, or a field of wildflowers. Invite all of your senses to imagine yourself there. Hear the evening crickets, feel the sand in between your toes, and smell the flowers. The power of the mind is that we can travel back in time to visit a good memory and experience the positive feelings in the present moment.
  • Also I sage my house daily and have my diffusers with lavender daily! This protects the home and keeps the mind calm!

Phrase for today: I lead my feelings and choose to feel whole, healthy, abundant and blessed. “I move through my days lighthearted and care-free knowing all is well ”

Today we look at how we can live carefree from judgment and anxiety, focusing on the joy and perfection of what is right now. 
By meditating and plunging into the awareness of the present moment, you understand that it is at this moment, everything is perfect and is what it should be. You reconnect with your True Self, feeling lighter and free. Throughout life, you will begin to look at everyday circumstances easily and meet surprises calmly and with grace.

Journal entry:

  • How do you feel when you wake up every morning?
  • How much would your life improve if you lived with a light and carefree heart?
  • How can you switch your mind to spread the love and joy that you feel in your heart right now?

I wish everyone a beautiful Tuesday! I hope you all wake up feeling peaceful, love in your heart and strength to keep going! Let’s throw out our thoughts and dance like no one is watching, allow some fun into your home!

Love Always,


Meditation for the soul… 16

Be kind always

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you were able to complete last nights meditation! I heard that things will begin to reopen up again and hope this will not create more anxiety for others!

Here are a few questions for your journal: How do you feel about this? Are there any concerns for you? How will you begin to feel comfortable again to be out and about? What can you do to ease your mind? What strategies can you create to keep yourself safe and others. Write down your thoughts and write down the strategies you plan to implement.

My heart goes out to all the seniors stuck in their homes, those who were abandoned by staff and those who no longer received care during this time. We had a few of those situations, here in Canada. The military did arrive to help out in managing the day to day tasks and being there for our seniors. The children of these families must have been so distraught and heart broken! My heart goes out to them and I have made a decision that I will actually volunteer my time at an old age home this summer!

My heart also goes out to those that have had a hard hit to their financial situation. I completely understand why businesses tried to open up when they could not. I can only imagine the stress they have felt through this closure. When you place all your hard earned money into a business you created, to almost lose it, is extremely heart breaking. I pass no judgement on anyone that challenged these circumstances or didn’t follow through with what was expected. It would have been much easier for those with their families at home and receiving their pay checks, as not much was effected there. In these situations staying at home was easy but this was not the case for many; with their loved ones in a senior home, working in hospitals, dealing with mental health or owned their own businesses! My heart goes out to those individuals!

Be kind with your words and do not pass judgement, as you share your experiences or head out and about!

Here are some new gratitude tasks to follow:

  • Cuddle up with a good book and a cozy blanket
  • Kick off the week with mindful movement — Calm Body, stretching, yoga, or anything!
  • Play the Daily Calm at work to share with your coworkers – maybe it’ll become a new office tradition!
  • Get creative — color, write, craft, draw or paint
  • Go for a long walk with a loved one
  • Try a loving kindness meditation today
  • Set the Mindfulness bells in 10-minute intervals for an hour. Each time you hear the bell, close your eyes, take a deep breath and grow a little taller.
  • When you take your shower, spend a few minutes just feeling the sensation of the water on your skin.
  • Find a quote or an affirmation to inspire and support you today
  • When you drink your coffee or tea, put away your phone and drink in silence. Be mindful of the taste, temperature and enjoy your morning.
  • Think of some people in the world that are suffering that you don’t know and do loving kindness meditation in dedication to their wellbeing.
  • Write a list of your beliefs that tell you it’s not okay to be loving with yourself. After writing your list take a moment to compassionately challenge each of these beliefs.
  • Listen to a loving kindness meditation today.

Mantra: I will embrace the differences in others and be open to their way of life.

I completed a podcast about what is being happy… well being happy is different from things that make you happy. WE have been exposed to thinking that our GENES and environments have moulded who we are and how happy we will be. GENES are related to how intelligent you will be, onset to depression, obesity and so forth but this does not solely space you. An example was that if you watched the news every morning that most people at the end of their day stated that they had a negative day. When individuals started their day with positivity their days ended as feeling positive. When you smile at someone… that smile actually realizes dopamine (neurotransmitter) which then creates a reaction of several individuals smiling. We live in a world that has a combination of negativity and positivity with a brain that functions in a mirror system… so you have to train your brain to begin creating a happy brain/mind! Happiness is not an individual choice. Happiness is an interconnected choice! The greatest change in life is seeing the world through a positive lens!

Two books I recommend: 1. Big Potential: How transforming the pursuit of success raises our achievement, happiness, and well-being 2. The Happiness Advantage: How a positive Brain fuels success in work and life.

These are two amazing books that helps you shift how to actually build a happy mind and understanding how your brain actually views the world and how it gets influenced. When your brain is positive you actually achieve more accomplishments and your body feels strong/healthier. When your brain feels stress/negative it actually exposes you to the flu, body aches and pain, back pain, and so forth. We will always be exposed to stress but teaching your brain how to manage this stress in a brain that knows to feel happy actually changes all the situations. I found these two books to be extremely helpful!

Have a beautiful week and feel the abundance all around you! Feel happy and do not relate happiness to your success! Enjoy getting out, enjoy the sun and look up to the night sky! Heal in love and share love!

Love Always,


Meditation for the soul… 15

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are well and safe! I have given you all amply of time to complete all tasks and meditations!

Today, I would like to touch on trauma… as this impacts many individuals. I will touch on childhood traumas. Though, some individuals can be remarkably resilient others are much more vulnerable to the effects of trauma. I would like my audience to acknowledge when interacting with others to be sensitive to the idea of what could be happening for this person… as many expect individuals to just function. WHICH… is not realistic at all! Some individuals you find to be “ASSHOLES” have undergone a traumatic childhood and yes sometimes we should try to understand others walk of life. I personally… do not stare at someone in public having a difficult time, I actually try to not make them uncomfortable. I see many people just react, make faces and actually make the situation worse. WHY not think… what could be going on with this individual and decide… to act in kindness instead!!! You will change an individuals day or week even!

Trauma is a wide topic but something I have found interesting is about the hormone OXYTOCIN, (how many of you are aware of this hormone) this is actually the hormone that regulates your social interactions, empathy and attachment. It also plays a role in sexual reproduction, childbirth and helps with the bonding of the baby. Oxytocin can be damaged through childhood maltreatment and abuse!

It is truly unfortunate but many parents did not come with the tools to be the best effective parent. I will say most parents have made more mistakes, some damage to their children… than they would be willing to admit. You have to imagine a small child and then wonder what could any of them really do to deserve any mistreatment! In my opinion many children are scolded due to the adults impatience and their own stresses. You must take the time to step back as a child did not ask to come into your world of stress… they are here to discovery who they are! They are not your possessions to be guided to fulfill your wants but to become their own individuals! I have always thought to be a parent must be really planned… carefully and must be something you have time for. Many create a family through their own selfishness and then we end up with so many children damaged. They become these angry adults that; murder, create mass shootings, join gangs, develop low self esteem, attempt suicide… this list goes on! Yes… many of us manage and create beautiful lives for ourselves. Many are able to seek therapy but that is not many of us! I want you all to be sensitive to this as many will come out of this isolation in fragile states, exposed to extreme abuse, increased anxiety and so much more. When you see someone distressed take a moment and show patience/kindness… is my message today.

If this is something you have struggled with, getting counselling that is specialized in childhood trauma would be your best option but creating a life of gratitude can help heal your emotional charged soul! Looking at self help books, which there are many, if you need recommendations… send me an email!

So my friends during your time at home think of anyone that could use a gratitude letter and send them one! If you could create a hand written letter, or text or email would be a way to promote kindness and awareness!

Here are some gratitude tasks for a few days a week:

  • Look for the humour in a frustrating situation or connect with someone who makes you laugh. Notice how laughter impacts your mood.
  • Take 3 short mindful stretch breaks throughout the day.
  • Listen more than you talk today
  • Notice what you do when you’re waiting
  • Eat your breakfast mindfully
  • Plan the week ahead to prioritize your self-care. Schedule in rest, meditation, baths and stretches
  • Make somedays day better
  • Explore where you are today. Get curious and look for beauty.
  • Give yourself extra space to move slow
  • Take a day off from social media (I did that, deleted it all off my phone!)
  • Massage your face and notice where you hold tension. It’s amazing how much stress we can hold, often without awareness in the muscles around our faces
  • Check in with your energy levels and plan your day in a way that honours how you’re feeling

Mantra during your meditation:

“As I live in present moment awareness I live the magic of synchro-destiny” “The core of my being is the ultimate reality, the root and ground of the universe, the source of all that exists.”

Let your day be filled with joy, happiness and bright events !!! 😊

May miracles appear more often in your life!!! 😇

Have a wonderful day and meditation!

Love Always,


Love letters for our Elders….


Write a letter to an elder

COVID-19 UPDATE (accurate to-date): We are still accepting letters amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CDC, World Health Organization, and Surgeon General have indicated that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread through the mail.

Thank you for supporting our elders during this critical effort to fight loneliness. Physical isolation is important for public health right now, but our elders deserve to feel supported, too.

We’d love it if you’d write a handwritten letter today to support what we do. Please note that we do not accept emailed or typed letters.

Right now, our biggest need as an organization is donations. Due to an overwhelming number of letters coming in, we need donations to keep our Letters of Love program and other programs up and running. If you are able and want to support our elders, please consider supporting Love for the Elderly with a small donation.

We need your help. We want you to write letter(s) that will uplift an elderly stranger!

We’re not all Hemingways, but we can all make something beautiful for ourselves and others by putting pen to paper.

According to a Pennsylvania State University and UC Irvine study, “small gestures in everyday life,” like showing compassion and performing random acts of kindness, help us feel loved.

In the digital age, words on paper are a novelty that we overlook. Letters are something to cherish: to set on a desk, to stick to a fridge, to bind in a scrapbook.

That’s where we come in.

We’re collecting cards and mailing these to elders in senior communities across the globe. These include nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospices and senior centers with whom we’ve connected. Over the years, you’ve sent us tens of thousands of letters from 66 countries, and the numbers keep growing!

You can write by yourself, with friends, or even at school or the office.

Take a few minutes right now, sit down, and write a letter to an elder (a stranger) telling them about yourself, maybe say a joke or a riddle and let them know that they are loved. Making a difference can be so simple, yet it can be incredibly impactful!

It might feel difficult at first to be writing to someone you don’t know. Our advice: just pretend like it’s a conversation! What kinds of things would you want to talk about to a stranger?


1. Letters must be legible (large print) and handwritten. No worries if you’re not artistic– make your card as what you’d like to receive.

2. Avoid religion. Please refrain from including anything religious in your letters, such as religious quotes, words like “God,” etc.

3. Exclude the date (day, month, and year).

4. Embrace creativity! Recipients love it when the letters are personal. We encourage you to make your letters detailed, thoughtful and heartfelt.

5. Be kind and thoughtful (more than talking about yourself). This is a one-way letter exchange, meaning you will not receive a letter back, so remember that no reciprocation attached is part of the beauty of your act of kindness, and the recipients don’t feel burdened by feeling obligated or being unable to respond.

6. Envelope your letters if you can! It’s so much nicer to open up an enveloped card, don’t you think? If you’re sending more than 1 letter, leave your enveloped letters unsealed and unstamped and put them in a larger envelope or box to send.

7. Share your act of kindness! We love seeing photos of your letter writing, and it helps promote our cause more than you know. Tag us @love4theelderly and our founder @jacobcraa and tag #lovefortheelderly

8. Send us as many cards as you’d like! We accept letters year-round, so there’s no deadline for when you must send them by.


Love For The Elderly
P. O. Box 24248
Cleveland, OH 44124


We’re thrilled you’ve joined us on our journey of love. But we don’t want it to stop here. Join our community on Facebook!



We’re run entirely by volunteers who read, sort and package letters and coordinate with senior facilities. While we LOVE what we do, it’s not easy.

Consider taking your giving a step further by making a contribution along with your letters to help us pay for postage and run our other important projects!

Love Dearly,


Meditation for the soul… 14

Welcome to Day 14!

I want to thank you all for listening to my shared thoughts and education pieces in creating a mindful life. When we speak about mindfulness it actually entails; gratitude, self-compassion, compassion, love, hope, and joy. These are all strategies to begin building a positive mindset… as our world has created a negative mindset. I am not saying the world is not full of positivities, as it is but it is not generally on TV!

Here is a thought: have you ever really paid attention to the movies we have watched since being a child… probably not from an analytical mindset. Many Disney movies have a parent that dies, a child that has to grow up quickly and violence (Lion King, Beauty & The Beast, Snow White, and Sleeping beauty). Let’s look at all the Avengers movies and then into Hollywood movies. It truly is full of sexual connotation and violence, which creates us to be desensitized or develop anxiety! Let’s take this a little deeper: look at todays children and youth… they have increased depression and anxiety that is the consistent exposure to negative context! The internet has so many negative contexts and social media pressures, on young minds which is creating so much chaos!

I really suggest to you all to have less TV, social media and movies. It would be better for you to create a blog, get a hobby, read a book/magazines/read a blog, get creative, build a lego set, paint… YOU GET IT… RIGHT! You would never realize that all of the things we have consumed ourselves with is actually not healthy for our minds. Ponder on what I have shared with you and pay attention to the context you fill yourself with, on a daily basis.

What are compassion Mantras:

“A mantra is a sacred sound, vibration, word, or group of words, uttered in Sanskrit and believed to have spiritual and psychological powers. Mantra is the basis of all wisdom traditions, prayers, and scriptures.

Spoken, chanted, or recited mentally, mantras can help alter subconscious impulses, habits, and afflictions, and are also used to enter a deep state of meditation. Mantras should be practiced on a regular basis in order for their desired effects to take place.

A “Compassion Mantra” is one which is used to express compassion, peace, gratitude, and devotion. Famous for its powers of healing, protection, and purification, The great Compassion Mantra is one of the most popular mantras chanted by buddhists around the world.” -PositivePsychology.com

Task for your Journal:

  • What brings you the most joy?
  • How do you feel this joy in your everyday life and in your current work?
  • How can you approach a life full of joy, by living your compassionate life?

Try to complete this by Sunday morning! I will have your next meditation posted by tomorrow night!

Enjoy this day, noticing the generous gifts of the world that surround us, seek us, and ask us to notice and accept them. Seek, find, accept and give thanks for each of them. At the end of the day, write down at least three paths / sources through which abundance has come to you today. Even if it was something very small.

Have a beautiful day my friends,


Meditation for the soul… 12

Unity: the state of being united or joined as a whole, being together not divided

Hello beautiful people! My thoughts today are within the world of spirituality. I was born in a traditional Catholic home and over a decade, within my family we all developed our own belief systems. I identify as a spiritual person and my heart truly lies within the universe/planet. I have met so many individuals with so many belief systems, that I have come to understand that they are all valid. I am not able to be ignorant and think that my belief could be the only one among this entire universe! This journey led me to embrace gratitude for the planet through meditation and movement. For many, this is through prayer and to me it is the same path towards a gratitude life. I can be 100% sure that we are meant to be kind, compassionate and non-judgemental.

An example is for instance todays struggles which impact us all. There is so much divide and judgement right now. There are people who feel martial law should be put into action, those who are angry at those who do not social distance & these people agree with the fines/jail time, those who feel this is the beginning of a totalitarian system, those who want to see the numbers & are confused by the information provided daily, those who feel there are so many discrepancies & contradictions, those who feel the governments are lying to us, and those who believe this is all about vaccines. Well, we have been given all of these messages at some point and have information overload… which creates anxiety!

My messages is we need to be there for each other whether you agree or disagree, stop calling people STUPID and acknowledge they are either afraid or have their own beliefs… THEY CAN and will! This is a time to understand, unite and just be kind whether you agree. We have enough people telling us what to do already, we do not have people telling us… HEY you must be scared, can I help you with anything? I have seen a lot of judgemental comments on facebook and I felt I needed to get this message out! HERE we go:


Have you ever thrown dirty looks at a parent whose child is throwing a tantrum? Stared in horror as a teen is acting obnoxious? Nodded mutely at a friend’s tale of career/relationship/family woes and thought she was making a crazy choice? Someone else’s knowledge is not untrue because you know nothing about it, research things when you are unsure, instead of judging them! SURPRISE we may not have had these thoughts but we have had them.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes is my favourite saying! That teenager could be struggling with mental health or just wants to be free and have some fun! Try to consider situations from another point of view. Remember, you make the choices you do because of your unique upbringing and life circumstances. Be kind in your thoughts💭 !

Stop gossiping. Watching E news is participating in gossip, reality TV, talking about others in a negative undertone, laughing at other expenses… we have been breaded to gossip through our society! Speak of someone in the greater good even when you disagree, the choice is theirs! In today’s current situation… STOP judging those who do it differently from you… I will stop here and let you all ponder this!

In your journal, make a commitment to changing one of your judgemental thoughts. How will you remember this, refrain from this and begin the change!

Today we need the abundance of LOVE


“I place my intention into the vast ocean of all possibilities and allow the universe to work through me.” 🧜🏻‍♀🧜🏻‍♂🐬🌊

“Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking.” – Mahatma Gandhi “We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.” – Gwendolyn Brooks “We cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose. We stand together until the end.” – Woodrow T. Wilson

Namaste! ❤


Meditation for the soul… 13

When you think something and it feels wrong, throw it out!

Well, it took me some time to get back to writing my blog… it was not my intention at all but life caught up with me! I hope you have all continued with meditating and finding a moment for yourselves! 🙏💗

I will share with you all an interesting concept of mine, I observe social media, it’s context and then I gather my 💭… this is when I ponder comments, context shared and all of sudden I have a lot to share… 🤗

Here it goes my friends… grab a cup of CALM… enjoy the ride! I will begin with sharing, what gratitude actually means when applied to your daily life! Something I need to make clear is that it is not about being grateful to having basic needs such as; clean water, air to breath, medical healthcare, food, shelter, and clothes. I have often heard the comment you should be grateful as others are starving…. well let me disappoint you… that is nothing to be grateful about as that should not be the case for anyone!!! What it should do is actually make you angry!

That has always left me speechless and wondering why do people say things like this. Being grateful is to become awaken to the things around you that is important to you, as what is of value to you may not be the case for me. It is not to be used to judge others and inform them of what they should be grateful for!

My gratefulness is often the earth/planet, for some it’s their god, family, children, animals, the sky, books, art and whatever fills their hearts! That is not our concerns as we need to just understand what we are grateful for… that is the purpose of gratitude, so it begins to shift your mindset to a more positive mind! This helps combat depression, low-self esteem, feel happier and to create a peaceful mindset, is the goal of implementing gratitude

Relating to today’s situation, someone needing to be grateful to obtain a ventilator for 5000 Euros, which then made him feel that he took air for granted… is not something we should feel grateful for as that is a need! That broke my heart! In these type of crisis brings out people’s need to control, judge and be super critical of others…

Meanwhile put that energy towards doing something positive like starting a volunteer project, gather donations, stop by the shelter to drop of clothes, make masks, write some love letters… please be kind with your words instead!

Today we have too much going on around us; the pandemic, fighting human trafficking, mandatory vaccinations, artificial intelligence, information overload, fake news, striped of freedoms, starvation and so much more! This is not the world I actually banked on, so we do not need anymore judgement but to UNITE even with those completely opposite from you!

People should not be grateful for their basic needs and all around the world that is what we should fight for people to have!!!! I will leave you all… with these thoughts to ponder and decide for yourselves! 💗💗

TASK: grab your journal, write questions below and journal your thoughts for each

  • Identify a judgment about yourself, someone else, or some situation
  • Describe your reasons for letting go of this judgment
  • Replace the judgments with descriptions of facts, consequences, and/or your preferences about this.
  • Practice accepting the nonjudgmental descriptions and letting go of the judgments. Identify any words, actions (e.g., relaxation), body postures, or imagery that helps you let go.
  • Remember not to judge your judging!
  • Describe any changes you noticed in your acceptance or your emotions as you practiced no

“Live, overflowing with an abundance of love, passion, creativity and significance, and then these symbols themselves will “chase” you.”

–Dr. David Simon, Co-Founder of the Chopra Center

“As I let go of the need to judge others, the Universe brings me love and peace ✌️

Love 💕 Always,


Meditation for the soul… 11

Our world is too beautiful to not be able to explore it’s beauty! The ocean has always been my escape and where I feel at peace! This is a place in my home country Portugal, in the south of Lisbon! I can’t wait, for the day to hop on a plane and see all my family! That will be the first thing I do! What will be the first thing you will do, when we get back to some normalcy?

Hello my dear friends! I was actually hoping to hear from you all… how have you been? Where are you all located and how has social distancing appeared in your communities? This whole situation has had me question many things, as everyday, the government comes out with new ways in how this virus survives. If you pay attention to everything you hear, you begin to hear misinformation and not all information is accurate. When you actually watch our leaders on TV, you notice that they are not social distancing and that makes you wonder?! Also China is almost up and running… their ports are open and many stores. In a sense that makes you hopeful but in North America parts of the world are working/moving and other parts are not… I don’t know… something to make you go hmmm… just some thoughts!

Gratitude is a choice, and we can create it at any moment in our lives. Over time this will become the norm for you, to wake up and feel gratitude for starting a new day, seeing your children’s smile, a phone call from a good friend, a lovely text, and the list keeps growing! Lets begin our tasks you beautiful people:

  • Keeping an actual gratitude journal, which I hope you all did start! Use your pens, markers, pencils… it has its own kind of freedom!
  • Give yourselves reminders throughout the day. Acknowledge your day, the sunshine, or what made you smile. Try to think of something grateful, every time you open a door!
  • Say it out loud: tell those around you that you appreciate them, give them compliments, let them know you are thinking of them! Did you know building a life built on gratitude gives you many more years!

Even though our current situation is so surreal to me, gratitude saves me each morning and each night! It allows me to forget and appreciate my day in the moment! I do get out everyday for a walk and that I am so grateful for. To be able to still smell SPRING makes me smile! As I have mentioned SPRING is one of my most favourite months, as it is out with the old and in with the new! Pay attention to all the BUDS growing and acknowledge their new growths… new life is around us each day and the NEWS can’t change that!

Lets have some FUN:

  • What is your favourite colour? Why?
  • What is your favourite foods? Why?
  • What is your favourite animal? Why?
  • Normal to you is….
  • Weird to you is….
  • Define love to you….

“Friendship with oneself is all important because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.”

Letters to write: Write an honest thank you letter to yourself… Forgive someone: write a letter releasing those conflicts… Writer a letter about what brings tears to your eyes…

Finally some self care tools for you:

  • Put a few drops of essential oils on your shower floor for steam… lavender, peppermint or lemon
  • Practice mindfulness, intentional breathing for at least one minute.
  • Put your phone away for 1 hour prior to bed.
  • Step outside, get fresh air!
  • Watch a funny video
  • Curl up with a hot cup of tea or cocoa
  • Reach out for support
  • Do a puzzle or word search
  • Listen to meditation music
  • Journal your thoughts
  • Colour – adult colouring books
  • Read positive affirmations
  • Read a good book

Remember one step is better than no steps. I do not set goals because I’m not good enough or worthy. I set goals because I want to be better. I want to maximize my life and live intentionally. I want to thrive in the things I love and not just survive each day! So I share all this with the world to find what drives you to get up each day and build on that each day! Today is to bring a spring to our feet, feel lighthearted and feel a positive vibration!

Click here for your meditation today:

My friends the beauty of meditation is it truly calms your energy, uplifts your spirit and heals your soul. I recommend having your children join in! Begin with having meditation in the background as they do their school work, eating meals or going to sleep! It is one of my most favourite tools and I wish I had embraced this many years ago! I send you all so much love, peace and joy for all of this week! Turn the news off for a few days, we will not miss too much! Your mind will thank you dearly!

Love Always,


Love our planet at all times as it is a beauty!

Meditation for the soul… 10

Good morning to our Day 10!!

I am SO deeply moved by your dedication and consistency to this practice for abundance for yourselves.


From yesterday, pick two things that limited you. I want you to now look at a solution to those things that limited you to accomplish things. I had several things hold me back from accomplishing all my tasks until I decided I will get outside and then listen to some meditation and get back on track. I also had an act of kindness that helped change those events! We need to be kind to ourselves when we have these days… as it is okay. It is very important to work towards getting out of that state as it begins to develop into depression. That is the danger and that is not what we want to happen. So we have to dig deep into our pockets and pull out all of our tools! As we have many, believe me, we do! In your note book fill a list of ten strategies you use and WHY? 

” Be willing to laugh at yourself and at life! Stop taking yourself so seriously!” -unknown

” Be kind to your mind! Don’t hate yourself for having negative thoughts. Gently change your thoughts. Be kind to your mind! Accept compliments from others without embarrassment. Don’t invalidate their positive thoughts and feelings about you! Treat yourself as you would treat someone you really love! Praise yourself” -unknown

Write these quotes in your notebook and this is your task for the week.

There may be days when you get up in the morning and things are not the way you had hoped they would be… that is when you have to tell yourself that things will get better. There are times when people disappoint you and let you down… but those are the times when you must remind yourself to trust your own judgements and opinions. To keep your life focused on believing in yourself and all that you are capable of. There will be challenges to face and changes to make in your life and it is up to you to accept them! Remember to believe in yourself and all that you want in your life.


“Today I make great choices because they are made with full awareness“

Write the phrase of the day in a notebook and keep it in your head, remembering and saying it as often as possible during the day. Start as early as possible so that there is more opportunity to repeat the phrase of the day.

Om Kriam Nama

Message: A great day to journal!

Abundance and the Law of Karma

In today’s meditation, we will discuss the Law of Karma, or conscious decision-making, and see how, by making the right choices, we can bring much more good into our lives.

When you make any choice, you may ask yourself: how will this choice bring more happiness and more abundance to my life and those around me? Having asked this question, shift your attention to the heart, and the answer will immediately become clear.

By practicing conscious decision-making in this way, you will learn to observe your thoughts and make decisions that are more favorable to you.

QUESTION #1: How do you make decisions?

QUESTION #2: How have your decisions affected your life?

QUESTION #3: How can you make a more conscious choice?

Have a beautiful and productive day!💃👑🌸

Love Alway,


More love letters to the world


Hi Everyone,

I have attached a link that brings you to a list of people that need encouragement and some love letters to get them through their difficult struggle at this time! I hope that you will join me in writing some love letters and help provide some love around the world!


We received a touching request for a bundle of letters for Collette as she is facing very tangible loneliness. Her daughter shared:

“For the past twenty-five years my mom has been the caregiver to her father. Last year, he passed away at the age of 100. For the last five years of his life, he developed severe dementia and struggled to do the most basic tasks for himself. For years my mom’s time, energy, and attention was devoted to nurturing my grandfather. 

After he passed away, my mom was at peace knowing that he no longer had any pain, but she misses him so much. He was her friend just as much as he was her father. She spent almost everyday with him, and now she is trying to figure out life with him gone. She hasn’t had much time to spend on herself in the last twenty years, and now that everything has changed, I think she is overwhelmed. My family and I would really appreciate help honoring the sacrifice and love my mom has given for so many years. Any words of encouragement, love, and empathy you may be able to give would be so good for her heart. Thank you.”

Grab your pens and let’s send Collette some encouragement + love.


Collette’s bundle

℅ Lesli M. 

PO Box 211

Springville, UT 84663




A friend of Mia’s contacted us and is asking for some encouragement + love to be sent her way. They shared:

“Mia is one of the kindest co-workers I’ve ever had. We both work for a nonprofit called Samaritans, which provides grief support for people who have lost someone to suicide and is part of the National Suicide Prevention Helpline. Part of Mia’s job is to help the volunteers when they are on the helpline with people who are suicidal. It’s a twenty four/seven service, so she is helping at all hours of the night to support those who need someone to talk to in their darkest hours. She is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met, but with this job, she hears a lot of sad news and feels like she isn’t doing enough to help people. I am hoping to send her a bundle of letters to show her the light in the world and to remind her that she herself is a light to those who are at their lowest point.”

Grab your pens and send some encouragement to Mia with us!


Mia’s bundle

℅ Alexandra W. 

535 School St Apt 2

Belmont, MA 02478




Andrew’s girlfriend shared part of his recent struggles with the More Love Letters family. She wrote:

“Andrew is one of the funniest men I have ever met. He is a super analytical and intelligent twenty year old. Despite this, Andrew hates school. He is currently in his third year at university and just received several bad exam grades. He has been told by his advisor that he will need to take a fifth year (possibly more) to get into his major and graduate. In addition to these challenges, his mother recently got diagnosed for the second time with lung cancer. 

Andrew says that he is fine and that he believes she will get better, but I know that he is very terrified. His mom is the only family that he has. All of this has occurred in the last two months and I can see it weighing on him both physically and mentally. He is so unsure of the future and has lost a lot of hope for himself. I think that receiving some words of encouragement from people far and wide could really lift his spirits and show him that he has people rooting for him. I know that he would be overwhelmed with gratitude if someone out there was willing to show him support.”

Please join us as we offer Andrew the support he is very deserving of!


Andrew’s bundle

℅ Madilyn M. 

2228 Indianola Ave.

Columbus, OH 43201




Beryl’s granddaughter is requesting a bundle of letters for her while she battles feelings of isolation and loneliness, for a number of reasons. Her granddaughter shared:

“My grandmother, Beryl, has been living on her own ever since my grandfather was moved into a nursing home due to his Parkinson’s disease. Especially at the moment she is struggling with loneliness; she has to self-isolate and is feeling very alone and useless, as she has always been a woman to do things for herself and my grandfather. She lives in a tiny coastal town in Ireland and has one daughter and two granddaughters (including me). She is very headstrong, and she suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), amongst other things. She is eighty-two years old and more independent than I will ever be. I know she would love to hear from people of all ages during this time.”

Please join us as we share our lives + encouragement with Beryl!


Beryl’s bundle

℅ Kerri T. 

218A Main Road Cloughey


Co. Down

Northern Ireland



Erin was recently diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)— a nervous system disease that weakens the muscles. A young mama of two little girls and wife, Erin loves her family more than anything and has worked for many years as a dance teacher in her community. Erin is continuing to be strong and face each new day and challenge as it comes but we would love to rally around her and remind her that she is never fighting alone. 

 Let’s all join in sending Erin love as she bravely faces this new season of life.


Erin’s Bundle

℅ Megan M.

267 Melba St, Apt. A15

Milford, CT 06460




Meditation for the soul… 6

HAPPY FRIDAY! (Sorry I have been having trouble uploading all meditation videos, that is why the delay, there will be a link that you will need to click to go to the video, I have been at this for two days!)

Despite everything happening in the world today, you are part of change. Change in consciousness and change in the way we manifest. Don’t let fear guide your actions and remember that you are light. Let’s speak of fear, I am going to use what our media has been bombarding us with these days.

Here is the definition of fear: is a negative thought that is provoked when an incoming threat is perceived by the body. The response will be different for everyone and every situation but it begins in the mind and effects show on the body.

So at this moment the news, media which is on every platform (Instagram, facebook, websites, emails, news, postings, and outside in the community) is creating a state of fear, to a point where people’s mental health is going to start getting impacted. YES, of course we need to be aware but not placed in a state of consistent fear. Fear is one of the negative emotions that is in the mind and is easy to beat. Fear is natural to humans, but let it not effect your mind, as it is nothing but the body’s natural response to stimuli. It can become very difficult to cope with extreme cause of fear but conditioning the mind through meditation and counselling helps overcome those fears. This is WHY, I want all of you to participate in these meditations and guided journal/notes entries. AT this very moment we need to balance our MINDS as the world appears different and a bit chaotic. This alone is making us all feel uncomfortable, uneasy and wondering when will our life come back to as it was.

Welcome to Day 6!

Visual TASK for today: According to the emotional brain training our brain is reward driven and our need for love and gratitude should never be overlooked. Also creating a mindfulness routine in the shower creates a peaceful morning!

  • As you lie in bed, before fully waking, imagine your bedroom filled with close family members, pets and friends. Just before you open your eyes, listen for their enthusiastic applause.
  • Now open your eyes and see their smiling faces. As you gently wipe any residue of sleep from your eyes, stand before your loved ones with a bright, beaming smile and throw your arms out in a wide embrace. If you live alone text the first person that pops into your mind and offer a gratitude statement.
  • Before you turn on the shower, take a moment to acknowledge that the next few minutes are all you are concerned about. Decide to give all your attention to the experience of showering, just as it is this morning. Place meditation music in the bathroom.
  • As you step into the shower, notice how the water gushes over you like a waterfall. Allow yourself to experience the different sensations this creates on the skin: the warmth, the soft pressure. Feel your wet hair on your head, and the touch of your hands as you wash.
  • Turn your attention to the sounds you can hear… the hiss of the water as it comes out of the showerhead and the way in which it drums on the hard walls and floor. Be aware of any of the sounds that occur… opening of the shampoo bottle, and the feel of washing your hair.
  • Look around you and notice the patterns that the water and the condensation make on the walls, the colour of the soap or shampoo. Be in the moment and enjoy these great joys that we miss as they make just what we do.
  • Place a few drops, of lavender oil and experience the aromas, the smell of the soap, the smell of your skin and embrace these smells.
  • When your attention wanders bring it back to the sensations of your morning shower.
  • When you finish your shower, turn off the water, noticing how that action makes you feel. Step out carefully. Gently dry yourself with a soft towel, pausing to take note of how that feels and sounds.
  • Take a moment or two breaths deeply before getting on with your morning routine.

Please click this link below and it will take you to the meditation video:



  • Today and always, I give what I want to receive”

I hope you will have fun with using a mindfulness visual task as this is such a great way to get in touch with our senses! This is not something we remember to do! Enjoy your day with fun activities and full of so much love💗

Quote for the day: “ Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still they are, how deeply rooted in being. Allow nature to teach you stillness.”

I encourage you all to find a tree and hug it. You embrace the trees energy and the tree takes your negative energy. It is an exchange nature does with you! I hugged a tree yesterday along the Humber river and I felt so refreshed!

A beautiful day to you all,

Love LucyLu!

Meditation for the soul… 9

Welcome to Day 9! 🙏👌I am sorry I fell behind! I started working from home from both my jobs and it has been extremely busy. I also have had my sister stressed, my mom sad, my partner received some medical news that is not good and my sister-in-law is not feeling well! So to say the least, my days have been full! I started catching up on work today, completing house tasks, and now concentrating on my blog! I want to share with you all a beautiful gesture from my dearest friend Jenny (the nurse)… she came to my home and shared lots of love through my security camera, as I was out walking… this warmed my heart so much and gave me the inspiration to complete all my tasks… that seemed so difficult these last few days! Love you Jenny! Just a small gesture can do the world of difference! 

I must say… I have been speaking on the phone more then I have spoken in a few years! I have gone to bring my parents vitamins and all immune boosters… as I worry anything happening to them. To my surprise, today they take whatever I recommend, which makes me over the moon happy! I have been trying to keep everyones’ spirits high and also balancing my own emotions. I have not been listening to my meditation with you all… so now we will begin together again!

First I want to share with you all, ways of keeping your immune strong:

  • In a medium size bowl place two drops of tea-tree oil and boil water. Then place the boiled water into the bowl. Then place a towel over your head and inhale the steam, at least 10 breaths. This helps keep all mucus broken up.
  • Take 2000mg of Vitamin C, one pill of Oregano, one pill of Turmeric, and 2.5 ml of Ashwagandha
  • Make a ginger tea every night
  • Be active: do yoga, run, light weights, aerobics, stretches and so forth
  • Get outside is you are able to, or go on your balcony or backyard. Smell the air, hug a tree and feel the flowers.
  • Stay away from a lot of meat, add more greens, limit diary products and less greasy foods!
  • A few links below to the brands I recommend: 

This will help your body fight off viruses, flus, colds a lot faster! Okay… so let us get into our meditation tasks, please have your note books! Also let me know have you been actually doing the tasks and practising meditation? I would love to know… if you are not please start!

Abundance and the Law of Least Effort


In today’s meditation, we will look at the Law of Least Effort and how it can support you in being unattached to the outcome of your deepest desires and intentions.

When your actions are motivated by love, your energy is multiplied and accumulated.

The release of this energy allows you to redirect it and use it to create everything that you want to create.

When your spirit is your inner point of reference, all the power of love is at your disposal. And you can use this energy creatively, moving toward abundance and evolution.

QUESTION #1: According to your conviction, how hard should you work to enjoy true abundance?

QUESTION #2: In what areas of your life would you like to get more abundance?

QUESTION #3: What changes should you make to release your desires into the space of universal consciousness – the source of all abundance?

Please describe your mom in the notebook.

  • Positive aspects
  • Limitations
  • What did you learn from her?
  • What brought you together?
  • What separated / distance you?

If your mother is no longer in this world, focus on her image, join her and write what rises in your memory and feelings.

For some, this will not be an easy task.

If this is the case – while doing it, try to distance yourself from the personal experiences you’ve had with your mom. See her as just a human, a woman living her own life.

”I expect and accept abundance to flow easily to me”

Om Daksham Nama

Have a beautiful day. 😊💕🎈

With Love,


Meditation for the soul… 8

Resilience is not the absence of distress or difficulty. Resilience is the ability to adapt and grow following adversity. __unknown

Hello Everyone! We have now been with each other over a week! I thank you all for sticking it through and being engaged! I do hope you have made the efforts to journal the tasks, complete tasks, and participate with the videos posted! We are doing this as a team, I show up to give you these mindfulness activities and you complete them! Let’s start with some food for our thoughts:

Today I travelled to the grocery store and watching individuals arrive with masks, protective gloves and rarely any contact with each others, was so surreal. We quickly changed the way we socialize with each other within hours and days! We are more like walking zombies with a plague. IN SAYING THIS… my point is…. We are still able to smile, say hello, give a kind gesture and just acknowledge each other.

I am upset to witness how much control the news and government has had on our population! We are ready to give someone a dirty look cause they have coughed, call 911 because people were seen socializing, and we are okay with individuals being jailed for not social distancing. On no level will I agree with this ever, a complete totalitarian form of governing. I encourage people to be conscious but to continue to question and acknowledge each other still as just human beings. I completely understand peoples fears and their decisions. I have my own thoughts, ideas as well. I just can’t justify the things I have mentioned, that is where I begin to question not the virus but the whole process. There is a lot we can do to remind people, as we have those who are afraid of the virus and there are those who are afraid of a totalitarian government. However, we want to view it, it is some sort of fear people are responding too.

I am ASKING us to create kindness where you can, be compassionate, help each other and stop governing others! Our governments are not on the grounds, we are. We are still needing to work, get groceries, suffer lack of resources and funds. We are not each other’s enemies, please remind yourselves of this.

Also being out today the young lady behind the plexiglass at the grocery store, stated to me… I really hope this is not how life is going to be as I will not live in this type of world. I was so perplexed, as I have said the same. I would much rather die in fighting for a cause versus being held in my home because the government has made us all afraid of death. These were my thoughts 💭! Okay let’s begin our mindfulness activities and our meditation for the day/evening! The FUN stuff that helps us cope with all these words in our minds as each day passes!

Laughter, loving humans and animals during any crisis!

Tasks: the Body Scan begins with the participants lying on their backs with their palms facing up and their feet falling slightly apart. This exercise can also be done sitting on a comfortable chair with feet resting on the floor

Mindfulness activity: Step 1: step out of “auto-pilot” to bring awareness to what you are doing, thinking, and sensing at this moment.

  • Try to pause and take a comfortable but dignified posture. Notice the thoughts that come up and acknowledge your feelings, but let them pass. Attune yourself to who you are and your current state.

Step 2: bring awareness to the breathing for six breaths or a minute.

  • The goal is to focus attention on one thing: your breath. Be aware of the movement of your body with each breath, of how your chest rises and falls, how your belly pushes in and out, and how your lungs expand and contract. Find the pattern of your breath and anchor yourself to the present with this awareness.

Step 3: expand awareness outward, first to the body then to the environment.

  • Allow the awareness to expand out to your body. Notice the sensations you are experiencing, like tightness, aches, or perhaps a lightness in your face or shoulders. Keep in mind your body as a whole, as a complete vessel for your inner self;
  • If you wish, you can then expand your awareness even further to the environment around you. Bring your attention to what is in front of you. Notice the colors, shapes, patterns, and textures of the objects you can see. Be present at this moment, in your awareness of your surroundings.

When you are ready to finish the exercise, open your eyes slowly and try to carry that mindfulness with you as you go about your day.

Below is a meditation with just sound. Lay flat in your back and allow the meditation do its work and just keep bringing your thought back to the meditation.


  • Shanti (shan tee): to restore peace and harmony
  • Anandam (aan an dam): to restore inner joy and contentment

Say the above mantra as you listen to the video. Say them out loud but in a quiet voice.

Last task: In your journal write your current thoughts and acknowledge them. Understand where these thoughts are coming from and then throw them away. As you have given them space and those thoughts are no longer needed! As I have done so myself with my thoughts above, I have now thrown them away!

Enjoy tomorrow, when you see someone smile or say hello! Let’s be human, let’s be kind and let’s love! 💕

With love,


Meditation for the soul… 7


Welcome all to our 7th day of healing our souls to help us manage through these confusing times! Today I want to speak about finding ways to be able to connect with nature. We have many leaders at this moment directing our daily lives, which for many of us is not something we like or can tolerate long term! So let’s explore ways we can get outside:

  • Have a daily walk with someone in your household or your pet! Feel the air on your cheeks, see the clouds, and feel the suns rays. Take a moment to soak this moment!
  • Go for a bike ride and enjoy the freedom you feel. The joy of speeding through the streets, the joy of the wind on your skin and the joy of feeling like a child! Embrace your inner child, and feel that innocence of the world for a moment!
  • Stand by a tree, complete some leg lifts on each side, complete some squats and hug the 🌲 before being on your way. It is so important right now to move your body as being indoors can create aches/pains!
  • Sit in your backyard, balcony and read a book, magazine or article on your phone. Getting outside to breath in crisp air is amazing for our mental health.
Bonding with nature, absorbing their pure energies!

Task: please get your phones and journals as you will be taking pictures!!! I challenge you to take a picture everyday and document the changing seasons in your journal. Notice the changes that you acknowledge and witness!

So let’s speak about changes, the spring season is one of my favourite seasons…. WHY, may that be? Well, let’s chat about that! Spring always reminds me of new beginnings… most think of the new year being new beginnings but not for me! This is when you witness new buds blooming, animals awaken, the leaves bloom on the trees, you hear the birds chirping, and people beginning to attend to their gardens. It feels the earth and people are coming alive again! People begin to smile and engage in conversations! Farmers begin to plant their seeds and temperatures begin to rise slowly! My most favourite part is the butterflies hatch out of their cocoons, as do we! Spring brings our smiles, bounce to our foot walks, laughter and the urge to get outside!

It is during these changes that we should look at implementing our own changes! Recharging your soul by cleansing your energies! Our minds are becoming awake to all the beauty blooming! GUESS what… meditation cleanses our energies as well as being with nature! We know times have drastically changed on us but we do not have to change with that chaos, as we can not change this outcome. What you can do is take this opportunity to create change within you as spring does with the earth!

OKAY now we move long to the tasks for the day! These should be completed no later then Sunday at 12am!


“Today I make great choices because they are made with full awareness“

Write the phrase of the day in a notebook and keep it in your head, remembering and saying it as often as possible during the day. In addition, listen to today’s meditation at least 3 times. Start as early as possible so that there is more opportunity to repeat the phrase of the day.

Message: A great day to journal!

Gratitude and Peace

In today’s tasks, we will guide you to think of conscious decision-making, and see how, by making the right choices, we can bring much more good into our lives.

When you make any choice, you may ask yourself: how will this choice bring more happiness and more abundance to my life and those around me? Having asked this question, shift your attention to the heart, and the answer will immediately become clear.

By practicing conscious decision-making in this way, you will learn to observe your thoughts and make decisions that are more favourable to you.

QUESTION #1: How do you make decisions?

QUESTION #2: How have your decisions affected your life?

QUESTION #3: How can you make a more conscious choice?

Have a beautiful and productive day!💃👑🌸. “Everyday I look for ways to express my appreciate”

Love Always,


Meditation for the soul… 5

Community, laughter, and just being in the moment

WOW… we are now on DAY 5! Take a deep breath, and trust you have the time and resources to explore this invitation to share more abundance consciousness with the world! We have time for what we make time for!

So when we speak about time, often we say we don’t have time. We often express sorry for not staying connected or I completely forgot we made plans. I am not saying that this is not a fact but it is not always the case! What is a relief but a moment of sadness… Today everyone is making time through video conferencing, phone calls, emails, and actual family dinners. During a time that our government is informing us to social distance ourselves. We need to hold on this and when life normalizes again that we continue to implement all these strategies, to stay connected!

This is a time to remember the gratitude we have for connecting with each other, to build a routine, to implement healthy acts of living and so forth. Let us not forget the importance of connecting and making time. TIME for ourselves and others!

Mantra: Today we will penetrate the field of all possibilities, appearing in the silence of meditation. The unlimited power of the universe is always at your disposal.

In your everyday life, if possible, continue to cultivate silence. Spend more time in nature, soaking up her beauty and watching how abundance manifests itself everywhere. Immerse yourself in the energy of beautiful music; uplifting and inspiring stories; optimistic like-minded people around you.

By doing this, you will see how the field of all possibilities is widely revealed in front of you to help your dreams come true.

Phrase: Today I embrace my potential to be, do and have whatever I can dream. (Quietly repeat this in your mind)

The Task: Write these gratefulness statements in your journal and take the risks to share these thoughts with those around you!

  • I’m grateful for three things I hear
  • I’m grateful for three things I see
  • I’m grateful for three things I smell
  • I’m grateful for three things I touch/feel
  • I’m grateful for these three things I taste
  • I’m grateful for these three blue things
  • I’m grateful for these three animals/birds
  • I’m grateful for these three friends
  • I’m grateful for these three teachers
  • I’m grateful for these three family members
  • I’m grateful for these three things in my home
  • I’m grateful for my children because

I want to inspire you to continue, because look at the community we are building. The energy exchange we are creating! 🌸☘Let the love in your hearts expand because you can contribute to the well-being of others!

Love and light to you all! ♥️💫 (Sorry for being late!)


Meditation for the soul… 4

I’m so happy for you all for committing thus far and using these materials to welcome greater awareness and implementing gratitude into your daily lives.

HELLO ALL… we have made it to Day 4 of GRATITUDE and MEDITATION! How are you feeling? How is your soul? I want to share with you all the benefits of practising GRATITUDE:

  • It helps you feel better and lowers your stress levels. It allows your body to feel healthy and to stay in a calm state, when completed daily!
  • It helps increase your moods through acts of kindness. You feel wonderful when you made someone else smile. When you invest in negative moods; you are irritable, sad, moody and can’t think of any way to fix or come up with a solution for that issue.
  • It helps deal with depression; when we write down positives about others and ourselves, it helps our vibrations rise which in turn helps us feel better. When you listen to negative music it triggers aggression or watching the news triggers anxiety. Important to balance with activities that are positive.
  • It helps us develop a trusting group of friends. An individual who is able to shine through positivity and help you witness gratitude is someone you enjoy to be around.
  • It can inspire altruism as it has been stated when you journal gratitude that it can lead to generosity.
  • So when you practise gratitude in your relationships it builds a strong foundation. Creating acts of kindness and positive deeds in a relationship balances your heart charka.
  • When you meditate acts of gratitude it helps you to sleep better and longer.
  • If you engage in writing a letter of gratitude every two weeks this will increase your happiness all around you!

I promise you if you implemented all of the above you would see a shift in your life, relationships, friendships and what you are willing to engage in. You will be less invested in that debate or having to be right. You will have learned how to communicate, let things go and feel more at peace.

I am a great example of this, when I practise gratitude, I notice a light bounce to my walk and people around me smile everywhere I go. I will tell you I am Portuguese and can be very spicy. Our homes have a lot of activity and communications skills is not our most talented trait! The Portuguese do have many strengths but that is not one of them! Gratitude helped me to lower my anxiety, enjoy everyone in my life and let past grudges go. I do not get this right all the time but I keep trying. I noticed when I complete meditation daily, gratitude activities and listen to mediation music as I sleep… that week is amazing with all the chaos. I learn to acknowledge, deal with what I can and not take things so personally! RIGHT now in completing this for you all I am smiling and I am feeling GOOD! I thank you for showing interest and I made sure to show up each day!

I am so proud of you. It’s not easy to make time when so many things require your attention, so congratulations!

TASK: Write this in your journal, I hope you have done so with the last meditation blog! So when you have those tough days you can return to your thoughts and remember!

  • What are five things you love about yourself?
  • How do these qualities impact your life?
  • What do you want people to remember about you?
  • What are three adventures you would like to take in the next 5 years?
  • Which one will be the first that you will place into action?
  • Which 5 people make you smile?
  • What 5 activities make you enjoy your time?
  • What mindfulness activities do you practise?

Please remember, the more attention and reflection you give to these simple tasks, the greater the return.

I am Affirmations……

OPTIONAL – Write the answers to the questions below in your notebook or simply answer them yourself.

QUESTION #1: What does it mean to you to be immersed in pure consciousness?

QUESTION #2: How can you bring this awareness into your everyday life?

QUESTION #3: How has the practice of meditation helped you connect with your pure consciousness?

WOW… I have given you much to think about! You have till Sunday at midnight to complete all of the above, but the meditation you should do before you go off to start your day! This is one of my favourite meditations as it has so many I am… I hope you enjoyed it!

” Constant rushing is our mandate these last few years, but not only are we getting less done, we are putting our bodies and brains into overdrive, which is threatening our mental and physical health” Stacy Baker

Love Always,


Meditation for the soul… 3

Welcome to the third day and I am sorry I am a bit late! I hope you all were able to fulfill the minor tasks in the last two blogs. Please do not hesitate to leave me updates on how you felt, and what stood out for you.

Let’s start off with a statement, did you know that Anne Frank’s dairy was actually a place where she released her emotions, fears, hopes and dreams. It helped her to stay focused, stay calm, find hope, and feel consoled through writing. This is a time that many are scared, unsure, anxious and we have a new normal. My hope is that these tasks help us through the next few weeks and finds us some peace among the storm.


  • We are going to have some fun! Tell me 5 books you would like to read and why? So I now encourage you to begin reading these, as we have some time right now! Take a break from the news, social media and read. Make this happen an hour a day.
  • In this new normal it is important to have a daily routine. Get up each morning at the same time, make breakfast, have a tea/coffee, listen to meditation, do something active, check your social media, organize a part of your home, have music on, have a snack, read a book, have lunch, call a friend or video chat, play a card game or do arts and craft. Then watch a movie, have dinner, settle for bed! It is still very important to have purpose and continue some sort of routine for your mind and soul. If you are working from home, GREAT! You should then develop a self care for your evenings!
  • What five movies would you like to watch? Set a plan to be able to watch these in the next few days.
  • What three people have had the most profound impact on your life? Write a Thank you to each of them and tell them how they affected you. I am not sure if hand written letters are still going out, if not, send it in an email!

I encourage everyone to smile at your neighbour, as you grab the mail. If you are out somewhere smile, as any form of compassion will go a long way. Many are starting to feel isolated so helping each other to get through this in a positive light is best. If you are willing and able too, give a helping hand to your community. An example; Kids helpline needs volunteers and this can be done at home, as it is managing their online text messaging. Give them a call and ask how you can help 1-800-668-6868

So the meditation I picked today is embracing gratitude and forgiving. We let go of all that is happening around us today, not have resentment, forgive and let go.

Phrase: What Am I grateful for? Just ask the question and let it go.

2nd Phrase: Today I will judge nothing that happens and let it go

Thank you everyone for joining me on this meditation journey and I wish you all a full heart, a healthy body, and peaceful thoughts for all of today! There is always something to be grateful for. I am grateful for my parents being healthy and my sister taking the precautions she needs to!

“The greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming it”

With lots of love,


Meditation for our souls… 2

Hi Everyone, I hope you were able to complete yesterdays task, and beginning to feel the soothing effects of meditation. It is a way to manifest thoughts that increases our vibrations and increases our energy levels. We are in times that our media, governments, and current viruses are now lower our vibrations and we must balance this. When your vibration is high it actually helps you fight through diseases, as your mind is healthy and your vibration is high which is where you want to keep yourself at. With of course maintaining your body through healthy eating, physical activity, essential oils/herbs and vitamins!

This is not easy but make that dedication to you and your family. The rewards are amazing! Here is your task for today:

Write your answers in your notebook and reflect on what you have written. Make 3 goals towards being grateful for yourself. Make 3 goals towards building a higher vibration around you!

  • How do you respond when people ask you how are you? Lots of us use negative understatement such as “not so bad” or “can’t complain.” Start changing this by saying something positive. We all have great things to share too but often share negatives.
  • When you notice a negative thought about yourself, begin to reframe that thought into something positive. You are starting to reprogram your brain to begin seeing yourself through a positive lenses.
  • When you speak of yourself begin noticing what you share, and the words you use. Begin to change those words into kindness/compassion for self.

Write this phrase of the day in your notebook:

“I create my personal abundance from an infinite source. “


Aham Bramasmi
Aham Bramasmi

ANSWER THE QUESTION “What does abundance mean to you?” If you want, you can write the answer in your notebook.

This should be completed by Thursday at 12am! May the energy of abundance of this beautiful group continue to grow and fill us all! Enjoy tomorrow and take a break from the news, schedule a time to watch the update and then leave it for the day! Please share with me your thoughts, ideas and how this has made you feel!

“The best cure for the body is a quiet mind”

Love Always,


Meditation for our souls…

Hi everyone with all that has been going on… to help create some peace, calm our spirits and to continue to find gratitude, where we can: I am going to be sharing 21 days of Gratitude/Abundance…

⭐ Day 1 ⭐

Here we go! I highly recommend doing the meditation and the task at the beginning of the day, if possible. It changes the course of the day! But anytime is better than no time, so commit whatever works best for you.


In your new notebook, make a list of 10 people that have influenced your life and 10 things you are grateful for. Think of those who have helped shape you, added value to your life, guided you in any way, and shared sentiments with you. Have a look around your world… enjoy the night sky, feel the sun, enjoy watching the moon… What are you GRATEFUL FOR?

Complete this process slowly, calmly and take your time to gather your thoughts. Feel your thoughts and resonate with those feelings. Allow the positivity to enter into your souls and create a beautiful smile upon your cheeks!

I recommend putting the phone in airplane/do not disturb mode at this time so that no one will interfere with you (children and everyone around you too 🙂 – as much as it is realistic of course 👶🏽❤)


  • Today I behold the abundance that surrounds me

This should also be written in your notebook and remembered during the day as often as possible.


The meditation (found in the video following) can be done before or after the task. It’s up to you! 

This is the Mantra you will repeat during meditation:

So Hum


  1. Meditation: Listen to the video. Repeat the mantra.
  2. Write the phrase of the day in your notebook: 

“Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me.”

Remember it during the day.

  1. Complete the assignment above in a notebook
  2. All of this is due by the latest Wednesday at 12 am. (Highly recommend staying on top of each daily task if possible.)

Have a great and beautiful day tomorrow as we embark on this journey together! 🤗

“Come from a place of peace and you’ll find you can deal with anything”

Love Always,


Depression… well why are we still depressed with so much research…

It’s a question I have asked myself over and over again! The medical field will always give an academia response! Well that is not always helpful! Also attending therapy is tough for so many reasons…

  • For one you know you are on the clock and that makes it feel insensitive. It makes it feel you are just a dollar sign. (Understood we all need to make a living, I am in the field so I know but that’s the feeling for many adults/teens not children)
  • When you see your therapist looking at the clock it tends to shut down the process.
    It’s expensive, using organic natural medicine can be expensive as well.
  • Also it’s a place for someone to listen to you, validate you and guide you in creating tools.
  • There is no magic, no quick fix, no medication that makes it go away. That is what the individual wants, is for it to go away!!!!
  • Medication has so many downfalls and so many other side effects. It also does not work forever and some of it is addictive! How do we win this battle of depression!?!?


I have to disappoint you by saying that there will always be sad days but suffering from depression is crippling.

So it’s all about a combination of things but managing depression starts with US! There is no way around that, the motivation has to come from within US! A ROUTINE has to be created! Such as:

  • Getting up every morning, taking a shower, brushing your teeth and having a warm herbal tea. Even if this is what happens for a few weeks.
  • Then introducing uplifting music to your day versus silence. Starting a simple task: journaling, reading a book, painting, colouring, writing letters, or watching a lighthearted show.
  • Getting outside for a walk among nature is extremely important. Feeling the fresh air on your skin, hearing the birds sing, the smell of the trees, the feel of the air on your skin, and getting your body to move.
  • Healing your thoughts is so important and managing that song & dance we do with ourselves. It is important to navigate our thoughts, as they can dismantle friendships, working relationships and families. Getting control of those thoughts and filtering through what is accurate.
  • Today, mediation is so important. It helps us quiet our minds so we can actually see what is going on around us.
  • Looking at using vitamins such as; 5-HTP, Vitamin D, Magnesium, or *St. John’s Wort.
  • Reading self help books along with attending therapy. (Will have some links below)
  • It is so important to not smoke, use alcohol, marijuana, or other substances as it does trigger symptoms of depression.
  • Herbal teas are essential and essentials oil in your home. Using crystals on you is extremely helpful as it holds your energy. Looking at what works for you and then implementing it into your daily life. Most important be with nature whenever you can and animals!
  • Decrease in electronics such as; phones, TVs, computers and all these addictive tools! Pick up a magazines or book instead!!

Often times when we are experiencing a moment of depression, all of our views are under a microscope. We create a set of emotions that are amplified, dramatic, sensational towards a set of different scenarios. At these moments we can’t separate truth from fiction. We then lose friendships through making unreasonable decisions and unfortunately there will be those times that you will not be able to make amends. Not everyone will understand that you went through a moment of sabotaging everything in sight.

These types of situations stem from distrust created in your childhood. This is the beginning of where trauma is created. Many are not so fortunate to have had a blissful childhood. This is where you should have been protected and had an abundance of love. Often it is here the damage begins and where it leads to so many distorted thoughts. This is where many develop anxiety, depression, low self esteems, insecurities, self destructive behaviours and so forth. In saying all this…

In order to reach recovery, it needs multiple of layers. It will need a combination at times of psychotropic medications, counselling, mindfulness, yoga, vitamins, meditation, and essentially a treatment plan that works for you. This will help you towards becoming a healthy adult and one day, if this is your choice, to be a better parent! You need to rediscovery yourself, build self love, heal all wombs, be open to change and feedback!

Often times you have to look at creating a treatment plan that helps you heal. It can be built through meditation, yoga, journalling, writing, painting, mindfulness activities, adult colouring, volunteering and helping others. This list goes on but you have to find what will work for you and dedicate to your healing. Dedicate to changing the dance to a more positive outcome, as this is possible but takes a lot of work and overcoming our fears. The love you seek is through your well being. Needing to accept gratitude to begin healing depression. You most likely will always have those sad days just not daily. It is knowing to cope with that and being able to manage those days so it does not consume your months and years.

I hope that this blog will find you well! Below I will now list a few links to places I recommend and suggestions to tools:

  1. https://itsallaboutyou.ca (it has many different types of spiritual therapies, and medicine)
  2. https://www.whitelotusclinic.ca (Get trusted natural and nutritional treatments for hormone balance. Our focused practice offers supportive and compassionate care led by lab testing and research. Established in 2001, our licensed Naturopathic Doctors collectively offer many years of clinical experience)
  3. https://theherbalclinicanddispensary.com (Our Herbalists and Dispensary Assistants have in-depth knowledge of herbal medicine, including the optimal therapeutic uses of medicinal plants. We stock a very wide selection of medicinal herbs. Our herbs are of the highest quality. We source cultivated organic or wildcrafted herbs whenever possible and we try to support local farmers)
    Links to useful products:
Dance of anger          click this link o go to the book directly
Anger is something we feel. It exists for a reason and always deserves our respect and attention. We all have a right to everything we feel—and certainly our anger is no exception.”Anger is a signal and one worth listening to,” writes Dr. Harriet Lerner in her renowned classic that has transformed the lives of millions of readers. While anger deserves our attention and respect, women still learn to silence our anger, to deny it entirely, or to vent it in a way that leaves us feeling helpless and powerless. In this engaging and eminently wise book, Dr. Lerner teaches both women and men to identify the true sources of anger and to use it as a powerful vehicle for creating lasting change. For decades, this book has helped millions of readers learn how to turn their anger into a constructive force for reshaping their lives. With a new introduction by the author, The Dance of Anger is ready to lead the next generation.)
Dance of connection         Click this link to go to the book directly
(The key problem in relationships, particularly over time, is that people begin to lose their voice. Despite decades of assertiveness training and lots of good advice about communicating with clarity, timing, and tact, women and men find that their greatest complaints in marriage and other intimate relationships are that they are not being heard, that they cannot affect the other person, that fights go nowhere, that conflict brings only pain. Although an intimate, long-term relationship offers the greatest possibilities for knowing the other person and being known, these relationships are also fertile ground for silence and frustration when it comes to articulating a true self. And yet giving voice to this self is at the center of having both a relationship and a self. Much as she did in THE MOTHER DANCE, Lerner will approach this rich subject with tales from her personal life and clinical work, inspiring and teaching readers to speak their own truths to the most important people in their lives.)
Dance of Fear          Click this link to go to the book directly
(Unhappiness, says bestselling author Harriet Lerner, is fueled by three key emotions: anxiety, fear, and shame. They are the uninvited guests in our lives. When tragedy or hardship hits, they may become our constant companions. Anxiety can wash over us like a tidal wave or operate as a silent thrum under the surface of our daily lives. With stories that are sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking, Lerner takes us from “fear lite” to the most difficult lessons the universe sends us. We learn: how a man was “cured in a day” of the fear of rejection – and what we can learn from his story, how the author overcame her dread of public speaking when her worst fears were realized, how to deal with the fear of not being good enough, and with the shame of feeling essentially flawed and inadequate, how to stay calm and clear in an anxious, crazy workplace, how to manage fear and despair when life sends a crash course in illness, vulnerability, and loss, how “positive thinking” helps – and harms, how to be our best and bravest selves, even when we are terrified and have internalized the shaming messages of others.)


I hope this blog finds you all well and that you are able to take something that will be useful for you.

“Don’t rush anything. When the time is right, it’ll happen. A ruffled mind makes a restless  pillow.”

Love LucyLu

Depression is a life journey… tomorrow will be a better day…


Ah the start of a new year always leaves me contemplating on past situations.

I dread living in the past or thinking of the past as it often brings me to tears. This is always the moment that I realize I still have a lot of healing to do and that is okay.

I encourage others and have all the right answers for those I work with or volunteer with but often for ourselves… NO IDEA WHY… does it not work? WELL, unfortunately for YOU and ME… it is not that it does not work, it is because we are stuck in our own victimization for multiple of reasons.

At this moment I truly encourage all to deal with their childhood traumas, past struggles, traumatic events, mental health and so forth… versus hoping it will heal on its own. The earlier we do this work it makes your life journey that much easier. Healing our energy levels and soothing our soul, is so refreshing, gives you freedom and a chance to enjoy you💗

The hardest lesson for me from time to time… is I am expecting this wonderful friendship or family member to be the person I imagine, even though I know this is not how it works! In my own personal journey it has been humans that have created these moments of mistrust and disappointments. I expect this from the human race as we are imperfect and that is why forgiveness is key. (ON A SIDE note: in the animal kingdom survival and forgiveness is key in that world as well! Interesting FACT!)

Family is not perfection, it has it’s own healing and life journey’s to conquer! Forgiveness allows you to enjoy your family continuously!

Let me state I have actually done a lot of work on myself through therapy, meditation, yoga, essential oils and so forth… it all works together and YES there will be those days or months or years that you just get caught in that cycle of trauma. That is okay, as our tool box of strategies will pull you out of that dark hole. Once you believe in yourself and love YOU that gets you through those dark moments.

This is the song and dance we do from time to time and what helps me get through it is the confidence in myself and my positive self talk.

During these moments: I step outside in my bare feet and step on the cold floor and feel all the sensations. I then affirm the love I have to be alive, to see the blue skys, to hear the sounds of the birds… this grounds me. In this moment I am able to shift my thoughts to positivity and use my strategies to get me out of this gloomy feeling.

I MYSELF have many disappointments in all areas, my own deep traumas but I know they do not define me but are my journey and success to overcoming those moments and individuals!

We live in a place where there are triggers everywhere, so acknowledging those feelings as I have done today, deal with those feelings and move along for the day.

Today I decided to share within the moment, of my sadness and how I work it through without much of the details, which I will share with you… along the way of our journey together.

My line of work was no mistake for me and I made an oath to aways do this work through love and not through my own experiences, as no one situation is the same. We may connect through a similar event but the strategy and feelings will be different.

Though I have my studies, my own struggle through this life journey is what helped me connect genuinely and try to understand the walks of others. It has made me be able to always check my own emotions surfacing when working with young people and to listen to their stories.

Never underestimate your knowledge, wisdom and impact you have of those that cross your path. A caring gesture truly goes a long way.

The strategies today were simple:

  • The earth was my grounding, positive affirmations and meditation music.
  • A show of the jungle and connecting to the sounds of the animal kingdom helped me smile and know it will be a better day tomorrow.
  • Reading blogs of others on WordPress helped me connect with others with similar stories.
  • A favourite cup of coffee, some banana bread and alone time.
  • I placed all my diffusers on with lavender, 🍋, 🍊, and bergamot.

I hope this finds someone having a sad day and that these strategies may help you through today!

“Everyday brings new discoveries” unknown

“My future days of this weekend: have a daily walk, take a photo of nature and smile at a stranger! “ Lucylu

Calmness is a huge gift. And once you master it, you will be able to respond in a useful way to every difficult situation that decides to walk into your heart!

With Love 💕 ,


Reflect, Connect, Laugh and help others…

A time to reflect, self care and help others! A time to connect with family and friends! A time to be there for someone in need💗💗💗

Christmas is here, lights are bright, trees are festive, fires are burning and the smells of chestnuts are everywhere! December is my happiest month and my saddest month.

I love seeing a fresh new snow fall…. it is so beautiful to watch from the bay window and it’s flakes fall onto the tips of the evergreen trees. You hear the birds chirping in the early mornings and you feel the crisp air on your swollen cheeks. The tip of your nose slightly red… just like rudolf! The homes have beautiful decorations, flowers, and props. It just makes you smile as everywhere you go looks so festive. The streets of downtown Toronto are full of people, tourists and seasonal activities! The distillery has the Christmas market and the decorations are stunning. There are such unique shops with artisans creative work that make such great gifts. The smell of hot chocolate is everywhere you walk. You see parents, children, couples and friends stopping to enjoy a drink and some food. You hear chatter and laughter and all is so bright!

“It is a gift to see so many families wrapped up in each other during this holiday season!”

I sit with my eyes close and absorb all the sounds, smells, and conversations. Everyone around gives away free smiles, small conversations and helpful gestures. It is such a beautiful time of the year!

It’s a time many connect with their faith, celebrate and give to their communities! It’s a time of gathering with friends and families. You share food, drinks and memories with all those you love. You take a moment to stop and actually enjoy/share time with those you love. It’s a time we stop work, distractions and actually listen! Children/ youth are playing, sharing and so excited to be around their family & friends. They notice the adults are attentive and not stressed! Music is playing Christmas classics and it’s such a beautiful ring tone to my ears! Christmas movies are on the TV and the Nutcracker is in the theatres again! Christmas has always been a time for families to get together and make new memories.

The winter months are difficult for many and we need to make time to give to those who need…

Though in saying all of the above… December/January is some of the saddest months! As I know there are many people suffering and during these moments becomes a reminder of what they are missing. I have mentioned to you all, I have worked as a Child and Youth Practitioner… so throughout these 27 years I have seen the sadness that is hidden in Ontario.

This article is to provide tools and suggestions to help cope through any difficult moments this holiday season can bring up… and a reminder for those who are much more fortunate to help others.

During these months of December/January is when many children are feeling abandoned as they witness others with families and enjoying dinners at different homes. There are youth in the system that have families that they spend time with but this leaves the homes empty for the others left behind. There are elders that do not have families around anymore, lost loved ones, significant others have passed. We have individuals living on the streets that witness the festivities which reminds them of their situations/loses/loneliness. This is also a time that many services give out meals, clothing, sleeping bags, gifts, groceries, toys and the list just grows! This allows so many individuals to get through the winter months. Please take the time to read these strategies if you are in need, if you are not… please be kind to those in great moods or not… as we do not actually know their struggle! So your smile could actually be saving a life!

Strategies below:

  • Complete a family activity called Worry Dolls. Create a decorated box that will fit wooden popsicle sticks. Now you will need 5 popsicles, some yarn, and a black pen/marker. Some pieces of felt. Create each doll to relate to all of your worries and on the back of your popsicles name your worries. You then place this box under your pillow during the night to help take away your worries. Every night you tell your worry dolls all that has bothered you throughout the day.
  • If you are struggling please call the suicide hotline at 1-833-456-4566 or TEXT: 45645 Also here is the website which has other numbers that you can access:
  • https://www.crisisservicescanada.ca/en/
  • Acknowledge your emotions and book a therapy session online or in person. Organize this ahead of time and do not ignore the emotions before it becomes unmanageable.
  • Journal your thoughts, write a love letter to yourself or mail a letter to yourself. The release of words is so powerful.
  • Listen to light calm music.
  • Get outside, move your body, take a break from screen time and take some baths.
  • Engage in deep breathing techniques
  • Make amends with friends and families. Pick your battles and recognize is this fight worth it?
  • If things become unbearable, go to the CAMH emergency hospital. Located at 250 College Street and open 24 hours a day. Their number is 416-979-6885.
  • Link to breathing strategies:
Please share this post with others that may benefit…

Sincerely with love,



When life throws you 🍋’s ….

Nieces/Nephews make your soul shine and your heart heal through their innocence…


Hi everyone I am actually going to share a personal story with you all… a bit melancholy, heavy hearted but with a peaceful ending!

Since I was a child I dreamed of getting married and having 4 children, YES, 4 children! Well I conceived NONE!

At the beginning of my 20’s: I entered into the field of Child and Youth Practitioner. I have always wanted to be a positive influence on our youth of the world. I feel grateful in having been able to make an impact on so many youth throughout my 27 years in this Field of work. I have no regrets… ever… I have always gone beyond my job and helped in many different ways. I did this work from love and came from the mind frame that you should think of these youth as your own. Of course always keeping boundaries still in place. I decided to wait to have children of my own, as I wanted to give all my time into helping our communities, such as; volunteering my time, going the extra mile with youth I worked with and being reachable off work times. It is how I see the work and still believe when you decide to work with children and youth it has to go beyond the job itself. I have too often met people in my line work that I believe should have never entered into this field. You have to love the work and at times it comes with a sacrifice. That is my opinion and always will be.

So then the day came that I decided I am ready to have my own family so I begun teaching my philosophy to other Child and Youth Practitioners to dedicate their time through love! So I could slowly let go but not completely!

Well, life does not always go as you plan! I will say this… I had a true love in my teens that lasted for almost 10 years but things got messy and I got my heart broken. Unfortunately, the things that young man did, were not forgivable…. we all have these stories! It is a part of our journey! This is the time I decided to be on my own and dedicate my time to community!

Then I arrive at my early 30’s… I begun a new relationship that lasted for 5 years. Now…. this relationship after the first year… in my heart I already knew… it will not work but I went against all my spiritual energies. I tried to make it work…. why…. you say? Well I got caught in the need to have a family, I wanted a family and how am I going to have a family if I do not make this relationship work!!!!! My biological clock was ticking loudly… I started to panic… I want to have children! Well I had to leave that relationship and in the end I won’t stay with someone just because…. so now what do I do? I am now 35 years old and my heartbreak begins.

I did meet someone that I love and am still with today. I had made a decision I am not going to rush into this relationship because I want kids, as relationships are a process and sometimes it just clicks and other times it takes time. So when we begin to try to have children I was now 40, my thoughts were I should start by connecting with a fertility clinic. Only because it was not that common in the generation before me to have kids so late. For me… this is where I went wrong!!

Well the process of doing fertility was not something I ever imagined and I had no idea how this works. I did ask friends about it but it was not something that was really spoken about.

Well, I learned on my own… and my community of supports became very small.

Here is how it begins: I would be scheduled an appointment for 7am but only would be seen by 9am, IMAGINE that, they packed as many women as they could within that time frame. How do you get to work on time? You have to come to these appointments once a month and you become anxious all the time.Well I did not do well at all in this entire process. I felt like a cattle waiting to be poked by so many strangers and during the process these nurses do not explain anything. When I would ask questions it is explained so quickly and you feel uncomfortable to state that you are not understanding the information given. I was so overwhelmed and felt so alone. Also these environments were so cold, robotic and had a lack of compassion. I am aware today things are better and there is a lot more support being offered to women who have trouble conceiving.

Well as the time passes and no baby, I was now turning 43. I was emotionally drained, depressed and angry… so I stopped everything. I decided if it happens on its own it will happen. I ponder about that decision….. I am not sure if it was the right one but for my mental health it had to be.

On a s quick side note, our world is dedicated to families and parents. Everywhere you look it is about the ideal family unit: in commercials, holidays, statutory holidays, news, movies, radios, within your circle…. if you have no children, WELL, you start to feel like an outcast. Think about this for a moment… imagine walking in those shoes and now pay attention to the world around you…

It would not be a very kind world for those who were not able to conceive and wanted a family. The reminders are everywhere as you try to come to terms with this information or choice.

The topic of adoption, WELL, my partner is not open to that option and that choice you can not force unto others. I also am not going to end my relationship because of that!

Also your intimacy completely changes, you only want to engage in sex when it is time to ovulate. Oh boy, if you miss having sex during ovulation….. you are so angry and hatred builds! As now this is being forced and being timed. This has a huge impact on your relationship and you start to blame each other. Within your own relationship you begin to feel isolated. This is when I started to build anxiety, depression and isolation.

I would mention my feelings to friends and family but everyone goes quiet or do not have much to say. The older generation kept saying…. “ Ah, do not worry, you will get pregnant. You are young.” That would be the end of that conversation.

I also discovered that some friends had gone through this but this was a taboo topic, so you were pretty much left on your own to figure it all out.

The women who initially struggled but fertility becomes a success, WELL, their intentions are good but their sympathy is the hardest. As they feel they have a right to share all of their experiences with you and let you know they understand and can relate.

What those individuals do not understand is that those feelings become different as joy, love and peace now kicks in and that changes everything. FACT they were able to conceive a baby…. I am not! No one can understand unless they are walking the same shoes as I am! It is no ones fault but a tough walk!

I was left to wonder why would this happen to me… I did become bitter, envious and full of anger for some time. I never really knew what these feelings felt like and boy are they ugly. I did not like the person I was becoming at all.

Well I don’t have an answer for that and nobody ever will. It will always just be unknown and for me my body failed me. I have come to accept this and have learned to love life without a biological family.

What stays in my head are what people did say: HERE is the LIST of things said from too many people; both to myself and my partner!

Statements were: Well, what fertility drugs did you do? Well maybe you didn’t try hard enough. Well you guys have been fighting a lot. Well why don’t you guys just adopt. Well I know how you feel as I went through the same feelings. If you really want kids then you shouldn’t be selfish and think of adopting.

Lucy you gotta try everything to conceive or you will regret it. There is no other feeling like it. HELLO, of course I would have no idea I didn’t conceive and I was trying. Famous statement: this is a miracle baby, and GOD has blessed me with this child. They never took a moment to acknowledge who they are saying these statements in front of… I have come to realize when people become parents, they truly became wrapped in a dome bubble! The rest of us must watch what we say about their children… I am sure I would have been the same in some ways.

OR statements as these: you just do not get it as you don’t have kids….. no shit sherlocks! I even came to know that my partner was told; well get a younger girl, if you leave her you can still get a child…. I told him I didn’t want to know who said that to him, as I’d HATE these people who I most likely have fed at some point. IMAGINE it’s assumed that the women is the issue when in fact you just actually do not know that. This part really hurt my feelings and I just thought, wow humanity can be cruel…. well look at all the suffering all over the world and what people have done in war… truly it should be no shock.

See what I mean by, you are left to mourn your loss on your own! Unfortunately, this experience has isolated me and I tend to spend more time alone. This actually made me realize that we live in a superficial world, most people do not care and you gotta be your own best-friend, always!

My heartbreak became about humanity as I have always gone out of my way to be there for others but that is just who I am. I am glad to be that person and have accepted that not everyone will be that way. I am not going to change that about me as I like that about ME. I also know kindness in the end wins and sometimes for the most part… really people do not know how their friends/family are really doing. Hence the rise of suicide, we do not pay attention or listen enough.

Lastly, why you feel like an outcast, well you are no longer invited to parties that include kids or any birthday parties unless it’s your immediate family…. it would have been nice to have had the option to attend or not attend as some years were easier then others. This all created some detachment and distance. Today, I am nor here or there with attending these events.

In sharing all this does not mean I do not adore my friends and family, as I do and always will. It just opened up my eyes and made me tougher to battle disappointments! I have also forgiven all these hurts and let it all go. I never confronted anyone as it was not intentional and I concentrated on me.

On the positive, my sister and sister-in-law all have kids. So I did get nieces and nephews that I adore to the moon and back!!! I have 1 niece and 3 nephews. I spend as much time as I can and attend all of their events! My sister-in-law is a wonderful soul as I get to tuck the kids into bed, help them with their homework, watch movies with them, attend their shows, when they were little change them, help educate them, and it has been a gift to be so involved! My sister, well that goes without saying, she is my little sister and would have no choice but to have me involved!!! She had her own struggles so I do not invade any special moments! This is her first child so it’s a little different but he is the most precious little munchkin! So I have been fortunate and you have to find every moment as a grateful moment! There are a few others in my life with kids that have me involved with no expectations! I look forward to guiding them, loving them and seeing them grow into their characters! I will always be here for them and involved in their lives!

So the good stuff… How I recovered….

To all the support systems please remember this…

  • Offer to accompany your friend to the clinic
  • Pop by randomly to see how they are doing
  • Listen to their story and make more time to be around.
  • Have them involved in your children’s lives but also respect if this is difficult for them.
  • Send your friend a card, give them encouragement.
  • Make them not feel they are alone. Let them know you care.
  • Be kind with your words and acknowledge their struggles.

Coping skills I created to get through this heart break so I could live a happy life:

  • I learned to depend on myself and I met new people with similarities. I embraced those who reached out to me. My longest friend Joe, who is my best friend, spent the most time with me. My friend Steve always remembers to take me for car rides and my friend Jen well she is a great listener! They were a part of my recovery, they just do not know it!
  • I joined a yoga studio and embraced stillness! I found that movements help heal energy and fill your soul.
  • I implemented mindfulness and gratitude everyday. I wake up, go outside, plant my feet and state three things I am grateful for. This triggers positivity throughout your day.
  • I meditate daily and listen to meditation music every night.
  • I eat healthy and try to put all good things into my machine!
  • Seeing a natural-path doctor who introduced me to homeopathy remedies called rubimeds (This therapy helps to connect the mind (psycho) and body (soma) allowing our unconscious emotions to be brought up to our conscious awareness and processed and moved out of our bodies.)
  • Involved in journey therapy where you unleash your emotions and move forward.
  • Essential oils, teas and vitamins. That I have shared throughout my blogs!
  • I did a lot of self discovery through retreats and trips by myself.
  • I built a stronger foundation with my partner and we now communicate our feelings and we are friends first. I am thankful for that growth. We were able to get through so many obstacles by standing by each other at the end of it all.
  • Dedication to self improvements and self love!

I have always struggled with moments of depression throughout my life and more recently with anxiety. I made a treatment plan for myself as healing and happiness has to come from you. You have to be invested in yourself! I still use lots of my coping strategies and have moments that I get sad about not having children but I have recovered and accepted this reality.

I am learning to live a different life by meeting new friends, older friends, and being open to new things. I enjoy me through writing, sharing, painting, scrapbooking, travelling, reading, making cards, volunteering, working and so much more. I learned I am important with or without children. I learned I need to live my best life and want all my friends to be involved in my life, as well as my family. Allow yourself to cry when you need too, accept your emotions and then move forward. I hope this story reaches those who need it!! Please read this entry of mine with kindness!

Here are some links to my clinic where I see my natural path, and journey therapist: https://itsallaboutyou.ca

                “Everyday brings new discoveries, so take a moment to enjoy them!”

Below add your info and stay in contact with me,  if you need support please leave a comment! If you know someone who would benefit from receiving letters please let me know!

With love,


Below is a link to products, books on fertility through amazon. Please take a look as you may find some of these products useful. 






Love through essential oils… but first coffee…

Hmm… first a cup of coffee with the design of a heart… to me signifies 💗 and loyalty.

I have been sharing with you all my love for coffee and essential oils…. today I am going to speak about the essential oils I use and their benefits.

Essential oils have beautiful aromas, are from our earth and have medical benefits. Herbalists have been around for centuries, in some centuries they were even accused of being witches and often burned to death.

Many individuals are wary of implementing herbs, and essential oils that have so many natural benefits but we are more then willing to take pharmaceutical drugs, that often come with side effects and can be highly addictive.

Did you know this earth has created an abundance of remedies for all of us to use? Here is an example, prior to me jumping into which herbs help with anxiety and depression…

Poppy flower

The poppy flower which produces poppy seeds and has been harvested for thousands of years. The poppy seed has many natural uses: it’s where we get our pain medicine from, used in foods, opium and honey mixture to calm crying babies are a few of its remedies. Yes…. the seeds can be manipulated into heroin through a traditional, labor-intensive method of obtaining the latex, which is to scratch (“score”) the immature seed pods (fruits) by hand; the latex leaks out and dries to a sticky yellowish residue that is later scraped off and dehydrated… which is then made into heroin….. AGAIN…. this comes from our earth!!!! Which actually makes our pain medicine such; morphine.

So here are essential oils that I use in a diffuser and as home remedies:

  • Lavender: to calm emotional anxiety, take a bath with two drops of lavender and two drops of Linaloe wood. Place 5 drops of lavender on a cotton ball and place in a small cloth bag, when feeling anxious take six deep breaths while smelling your lavender cloth bag. Add 10 drops of lavender in a diffuser while you are sleeping.
  • Eucalyptus: to lift depression and bring a sense of release, vaporize 3 drops Eucalyptus and 3 drops of Peppermint. (You may boil water with these drops, place in a bowl and a towel over your head and inhale/exhale for 10 breaths) To clear cluttered thoughts , take a bath with 3 drops of Eucalyptus and 5 drops of Frankincense.
  • Bergamont: to ease anxiety, take a bath with 3 drops of Bergamont, and 4 drops of Neroli. Place 4 drops of Bergamont, 5 drops of lavender in a diffuser as you sleep.
  • Ylang Ylang: when you feel anxious or withdrawn, take a bath with 2 drops of Ylang Ylang and 4 drops of Mandarin. Special Blend: to lift moods and ease depression, 2 drops of Ylang Ylang, 4 drops of Benzoin Resinoid, and 4 drops of Tangerine in a carrier oil such as; Apricot Kernel oil (4 TSP) and blend together. You can then use this on your body such as, temples, wrists, knees, feet or stomach.
  • German Chamomile: helps heal mental and emotional stress, take a bath with 1 drop of German Chamomile and 4 drops of Lavender. Special Blend: When you are feeling extremely anxious/nervousness mix 2 drops of German Chamomile, 4 drops of Linaloe Wood, 4 drops of Lavender in a carrier oil (Apricot Kernel oil, 4 TSP)
  • The above mentioned oils: Frankincense: brings peace, balance, spirituality, and helps increase self-esteem. Tangerine: opens the heart, helps lighten mental overload and helps with depression. Peppermint: improves concentration, enhances positivity, and energy. Neroli: peace, harmony, eases insomnia and calms restlessness. Mandarin: boosts creativity, eases depression, and helps support your immune. 

Also there are many different uses of essential oils. You can add essential oils to a carrier oil and be becomes a massage oil. You can add them to your creams. Many help different symptoms with the right special blends. I will share a variety of their uses throughout my different blogs!

Direct links to carrier oils to make blends

Direct links to different essential oils

Direct links to diffusers and these all make amazing gifts

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of love, laughter and joy!

“The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are, and not who people think you are”


With lots of love,


The world is yours to explore…

I enjoy watching the water below a bridge, seeing the consistent flow of water travelling among trees, shrubs and rocks. I have always found this to be calming and relaxing. I enjoy the sound of water and seeing the change of colours through the changes from day to night.

It is important to embrace what makes you happy, calm and at peace. I enjoy being among nature and embrace these moments every chance I can. Honestly… I am able to genuinely allow the views of nature to sip in, when I am travelling. This is when I am able to grasp each moment with purity. I am able to see, hear and touch with all my senses. I don’t miss anything as I am not distracted with thoughts, work, tasks, events and so forth.

It is truly breathtaking when you are able to enjoy what is in front of you without distractions. There are moments I can clearly hear the sounds of the birds, crickets, a cat meowing and the sounds of the rooster. These moments are extremely soothing to the mind, body and soul.

We often do not take the time to see what helps soothe us and we all should. I invite you to take this moment and think about what helps create a smile, laughter, create inner peace and help calm your nervous system. In mindfulness the goal is to feel the moment by moment as it unfolds.

Here are a few suggestions to help open up your senses:

1. What’s your routine? Do you walk/drive the same route to school or work? Try changing one of these routines and experience the feeling. What was good about it or what feelings did the change evoke.

2. Pick an object such as; picking a flower, a rock, a pinecone, or leaf. Take a moment to smell it, feel it, touch it, and describe what senses you felt.

3. This should then help you to pay attention to your surroundings. Take note of what you see and how you feel.

4. Listen to the sounds of the birds as you walk outside. As you pass by flowers, bushes or trees enjoy the smell that often times you haven’t noticed. Notice the sky and watch the clouds move. At sundown take a moment to go outside and watch the sunset.

5. Have a daily walk with yourself, a friend, a partner or dog. Enjoy how you feel, conversations you are having, and the laughters you are sharing.

6. Get outside and exercise. Go for a walk, run, biking, or hikes. Enjoy a picnic, dancing among the trees, or swimming in the lakes.

7. Go to the park and take up a new hobby such as; blogging, reading, knitting, painting, or colouring. Doing fun tasks among nature brings out extraordinary emotions.

8. Take pictures of the changing seasons and document what you notice.

These strategies help create a balanced routine and decreases symptoms of anxiety. It helps create a sense of gratitude, love and appreciation for your life.

Recommended essential oils to help manage your stress and anxieties are: Patchouli which is produced in India, Indonesia and Philippines and Bergamot which is produced in Italy. A few uses are taking a bath with 2 drops of Patchouli and 4 drops Bergamot. Also place 5 drops of both Patchouli and Bergamot in a diffuser, which helps create a calming state in your home and helps with sleep.

Direct link to recommended essential oils and good quality

Enjoy your day and some of these recommendations! Please let me know how it works for you and send me an email with any questions you may have!

“ Every day I look for ways to express my appreciation” “Peace begins within, if you are not peaceful inside, the world will be chaotic.”

Enjoy your favourite things as I enjoy my cappuccino!!! My love with coffee!


With love,


My cup of coffee tells you a bit about me…..

I like my coffee a good dark roast, mocha colour with no sweetness! That explains this life journey at certain moments, at times not a lot of sweetness comes with it!

I have worked as a Child and Youth Practitioner for the last 27 years. That is a life time of stories to share with you. I wanted to share my expertises in mental health from the perspective of a frontline worker watching from the outside of an individuals journey in.

I also have my own road with many curbs, hills and bends. It takes many tries, tools, strategies to help maintain a happy human!

We are living in a moment in time with so much BUZZ to it, so much NOISE, that at times your mind feels so CONFUSED without having even walked out the front door of your home. We all need the tools to help quiet our mind even for a minute! Well that is my hope in creating this journey! I will have many goodies to share with you all in this new exciting travel with you…… which is something I love to do!

The interesting fact about this picture is; it occurred this summer on a road trip out to the St. Lawrence River. I set out with my partner, whom I have had a disconnect from for the last 6 months, for a variety of reasons, on a side note….. commitment as anything else in this life journey takes a lot of work! It’s in this picture and road trip that I found my smile, laughter, and the child inside of me again! The wings to me represent nature, growth, and the peeling into a new skin! When you feel the world is lonesome: think of what you are grateful for in that moment. It helps us to see hope and get through another day!

I am grateful for the power of thoughts, words and writing. Welcome to my adventure and please join the ride with me!

With love Lucylu!

Writing, October, love letter, pandemic, community: join me!!!💕💕

Hello Friends!

It is October and this months request for love letters has arrived. Get your arts & crafts and start creating beautiful letters. Join me in creating smiles, sharing love and choosing compassion always! Below are the letter requests and enjoy!


Angela is having to deal firsthand with some of the challenges that the pandemic has sprung on students. A friend of hers shared with our community:

“Angela is my amazing friend and colleague at a middle school in a lower socioeconomic area in our city. She cares so much about her students, and is very anxious about being able to reach them and help them as she teaches online. I don’t think Angela realizes how many lives she has touched through her compassion and creativity as a middle school English teacher. 

Two years ago, Angela’s younger brother took his own life, and Angela is still grieving this tremendous loss, as they were extremely close. The loss of her brother coupled with the challenges of this time are difficult for her. I want to help her see that life can be good again, and I want to help her feel enveloped in love and support.”

Let’s send some encouragement + support to Angela!


Angela’s bundle
℅ Nanette G.
5513 Adenmoor Ave
Lakewood, CA  90713



Debora’s daughter has requested a bundle of letters for her mother as she faces challenging circumstances due to an illness. She shared:

“My mom is an amazing woman. She raised me as a single parent and is my biggest cheerleader. About twenty years ago, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and for a while she was still able to be independent while raising my sister as a single parent. Unfortunately, over the last two years, her mobility has reduced her to being bedridden. 

Despite this, she helps my sister navigate through life, who struggles with anxiety and PTSD. No matter what she’s going through, my mother has always put others first and is beyond selfless. She is still my biggest cheerleader, and I want her to receive the same support that she gives me, my sister, and everyone else.”

Grab your pens and  join us in sharing joy + love with Debora!


Debora’s bundle
℅ Renayle F. 
5707 S. Cass Ave. Box 960
Westmont, IL 60559



Erin’s mother is requesting a bundle of letters for her. She shared in her nomination:

“My daughter Erin is a beautiful soul, constantly giving everything to help others.  She worked two jobs all through high school, and still managed to graduate with honors.  Afterwards though, she put off going to college to help me in our family business after her father passed away. The business was our livelihood, but she promised me she would go and finish her degree.

It seemed like every year something else came up, and she gave up going again. Finally, two years ago, Erin went back to school at the age of forty. She will graduate this spring  as a teacher! I will never be able to show her how proud I am of her, or how much her sacrifice has meant to me. My daughter is truly my best friend.”

Join us in celebrating Erin + her accomplishments, as well as her big heart!


Erin’s bundle
℅ Ann H. 
162 Mica Road
Kirbyville, MO 65679



We received a request for a bundle of letters for Susan, who is struggling. Her caregiver shared:

“Susan is fifty-five years old and has developed very bad arthritis. She is alone and has no family. She has been very depressed lately from the many surgeries she had this last year, and sometimes it seems like she wants to give up. I have been helping her everyday with small things that make her days more comfortable and less painful, but it would be amazing if she could receive some love. I want her to see that life still has more to offer her and there is so much love out there.”

Let’s remind Susan that there is love + hope in this wonderful world!


Susan’s bundle
℅ Simone B. 
Unit 302/15 breese street
Brunswick 3056



We received a nomination for Kaitlyn who could use a pick me up! Her friend shared:

“Kaitlyn is a sweet, kind person who gives anything for her friends. I met her about eight years ago when she moved here, but she was not welcomed by all. Though she has made some very close friends–she still struggles. She turns sixteen very soon, and she is dealing with some mental health issues. When her medication changes, her whole world changes. Emotions are always very stiff and a fragile thing for her, but especially during this quarantine.

Kaitlyn’s been having a hard time being away from friends for months, feeling alone, and she has been withdrawing from her family. It is very hot here, and that has been stressful due to a surgery Kaitlyn is recovering from in addition to also recently having COVID-19 and strep in quick succession. She is regaining mobility, but is finding it difficult to recover. I care deeply about her and hope that these letters from strangers might bring some sunshine into her life.”

Let’s spread some joy + encouragement to Kaitlyn through a bundle of letters.


Kaitlyn’s bundle
℅ Maggie L.
2721 N 21st Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85009


Sincerely with 💕,


September 💕 Love letters are here!!!!

Hi Everyone! I hope you will all join me in writing letters to promote love, compassion and kindness!!! It does not take a lot of time and you spread love all around the world!!! I hope you all have been well and managing!!! Lots of love to you all!!!


Marie’s son is requesting a birthday bundle for her this year, as she is reaching a special milestone. He wrote in his nomination:

“I have started a birthday card campaign for my mom, Marie, who will be ninety years old on Sunday August 30, 2020! I had been planning a birthday celebration for her at the long-term care facility she resides in. As we all know though, COVID-19 came along and threw everything into chaos. The care facility my mom lives in went into lockdown and now restricts visitors.

I have not seen my mom face to face since February. However, Marie shares a room at the facility with her only daughter, Teresa, my sister. Teresa has lived with cerebral palsy her entire life, and is now sixty-six years old. My mother, and my late father, cared for my sister throughout her life. After my dad passed away in 2013, from complications of Alzheimer’s Disease. Unable to care for my sister on her own, Teresa entered the nursing facility first in 2014, and as my mom’s health declined, she too entered the same facility in 2016.

This is my effort to make mom’s 90th birthday a happy occasion. I hope to flood my mom’s room with cards and birthday wishes.”

Let’s shower Marie with love for her birthday!


Marie’s bundle
℅ Harold S. 
1700 W. Lilac Dr.
Lebanon, TN 37087



Payton’s aunt reached out to us and asked for him to receive a bundle of letters during a difficult season of life. She shared:

“My twenty year old nephew Payton has been struggling for the last four years. He’s a sensitive soul who has lived through some devastating events, and he can’t seem to find a sense of direction for his life. He feels lost, depressed, and unmoored. He struggles with depression and drug addiction. He recently completed a rehab program, is sober, gained back much of the weight he had lost, and seems to be committed to taking care of himself. He needs support though and I want him to know that he is loved and not alone.

Of course, as his aunt, my heart is broken to see Payton suffering. I remember him as a wonderful kid who was always quick to make a friend, good at sports, kind hearted, and hilarious. I know Payton is still this person, but he doesn’t seem to see it–he struggles with self-worth, feeling lost in the world, and not being enough. He needs encouragement that he can get his life on to a path of happiness.”

Join us in penning letters of encouragement + hope to Payton!


Payton’s bundle
℅ Emily Y. 
441 Lacy Road
Elkville, IL 62932



Judith has reached out to our community and is asking for a bundle for her friend during some challenges + tragedies. She shared with us:

“My friend Toshia is an amazing woman. When I got pregnant with my son, I knew I would be unable to care for him properly, so Toshia agreed to give him a home with her family. And she was already a single mother of two! She is relentless in giving her children and grandchildren the tools in life to be successful. 

Ms. Toshia has had her inner light diminished over the course of the last four years though. She was unable to complete her nursing degree after a ten year pursuit, she was robbed at gunpoint, and she had a stroke, amongst other medical issues. She puts up a good front, but I know she is struggling with PTSD, severe anxiety, depression, and fear. Please help me remind her that she is courageous, she is not invisible, and not alone.”

Letters are welcome in English and Spanish.

Grab your pens + let’s offer Toshia some written courage!


Toshia’s bundle
℅ Judith R. 
1405 Blackmore Rd
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118



Trevor’s older brother wanted us to know this about him:

“Trevor is an incredibly talented musician who’s had a tough time finding his own path in life. His whole life, Trevor has faced many battles both internally and externally, from depression and anxiety, to tremendous loss.

If you could meet Trevor in person you would see that he lights up a room, not just with his smile but with his phenomenal guitar skills that’s why I want Trevor to receive these letters. He deserves to be lit up and encouraged the way he does for others. This month especially, Trevor is facing challenges like never before, and I know that letters from folks around the world will bring the much needed life, back into his life.”

Join us in rallying around Trevor to remind him how awesome he is!


Trevor’s bundle
℅ Ben E. 
85 River Village Drive
Milford, ME 04461



Two sweet granddaughters brought us this request for their loving grandmother. They wrote:

“Yvonne (or Nanna, as she is affectionately called by her grandkids, both related and honorary) is one of the most devoted individuals you will ever meet. Her life overflows with love for her family and friends. She is a woman of faith, a mentor and inspiration to many. You can often find her in the kitchen baking bread or caring for her cat named Arnie.

Two years ago, she lost her husband of 57 years. She and our grandpa were inseparable, and his passing left a void that is impossible to fill. The transition to life as a widow has been difficult and made even harder this year by the pandemic and subsequent quarantine. She loves receiving mail and staying connected with those she loves. We know she would love being the recipient of some additional joy and encouragement from the More Love Letters community!”

Let’s join together and shower Yvonne with so much love!


Yvonne’s Bundle
c/o Alyssa H.
40 S Oak Dr
Hanover, IN 47243



Jean is struggling with feeling lonely + worthless, and she deserves a bundle of letters! Her nomination reads:

“Jean is a hospice nurse, a mother of four, grandmother of four, and an incredibly kind, selfless person. She has continued to work during the pandemic, but has confessed to feeling worthless, despite efforts on part of her children to cheer her up. She has been alienated by her family for caring for the sick and dying. Please help me to let her know that she is loved and is making such a difference to the world.”

Let’s join together + remind Jean of her value through a bundle of love letters.


Jean’s bundle
℅ S. Madsen 
415 E 36th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408


Love Always,


Share love with me💗💗

August LOVE Letters 💕

Hi Everyone!! Here are August love letter requests! Please get your pens and start sharing some love! Let’s make the world a kinder place! If you know a friend that is having a hard time send them a letter of ❤️! I will tell you everyone loves receiving a letter in the mail that is decorated and creative!!!


Brittnee’s mother reached out to us to share part of her story. She wrote:

“My daughter is an amazing woman. She has heart, compassion, and a gift for kindness, yet she is struggling to find herself. In high school she was one heck of an outgoing, sassy person, but one day she opened up to me that she had been molested. She began to struggle with sadness, insecurity, and depression.

Brittnee has been in therapy and has worked through a lot, but needs to realize that she can do anything and be anything she sets her mind to. She is healing, but could really use help to understand how valuable she is and how wonderful life can still be. She has come out about this experience on social media, which has given voice to other women–and even some men–to speak up. That lion’s roar is still inside of this girl and I would love help getting that back out!”

Grab your pens and let’s send Brittnee some much-deserved love!


Brittnee’s bundle
℅ Michelle J. 
211 Trade Street
Greer, SC 29651 



Halimah’s son has sent us a heartfelt nomination for his mother to receive a bundle of letters. He shared with us:

“My mother is one of the kindest and most selfless people I know. Like her mother and grandmother–who I was also raised by–she would give the skin off of her back for anybody, but especially her family. She has recently gone through a divorce. Although she is grateful to be out of a situation that wasn’t completely working, she doesn’t like being alone. Also, two years ago she lost both of her parents within six months of each other. This was a monumental loss for her, especially because her and her mother were extremely close and it was unexpected. 

As her only son, I just want to make sure she feels loved and feels inspired to live life. I would love for my mother, who gives her support and energy and love to so many, to receive that support, energy, and love right back. Also I know she would be wowed by the simple existence of this organization, and would be tickled pink to receive a bundle. She loves arts and crafts and writing, and just receiving envelopes with her name alone on them would bring her immense joy.”

Let’s send Halimah all that support, energy, and love–and all the envelopes with her name on them!


Halimah’s bundle
℅ Eric B. 
484 Halsey St.
Apt. 2
Brooklyn, NY 11233



Bettie is in the midst of some transitions, and could use some encouragement. Her daughter wrote:

“My mother, Bettie, had a hip replacement after an accident earlier this year and was unable to move back to her apartment. She has been cared for by my sister and brother-in-law during her recovery and the current quarantine. She is moving to an assisted living complex in early August though, and we feel as if our eighty-eight year old Mom is going away to college! She could use some bundles of kindness and encouragement during this transition. Bettie has given so much love to others in her life that she would really appreciate this and be tickled pink–her favorite color!”

Let’s send some love + joy to Bettie!


Bettie’s bundle
℅ Karen F. 
P.O. Box 430
Micro, NC 27555



Damian is struggling with his identity and self-worth. He was nominated for a bundle with the following request:

“My son Damian is thirty-three years old. When he was four, he was diagnosed with ADD and a slight learning disability. School was difficult for him, along with making friends. It has been hard for him to break out on his own, but his issues are compensated for by tolerance and common sense. He cares deeply about the underdog.

For example, my own late mother was schizophrenic. Everything about her was bizarre. When we took her on an outing, strangers openly gaped. But her odd ways never mattered to Damian; unfailingly, he treated her with affection and thoughtfulness. In his eyes, she was ‘just Judy.’

At times, Damian suffers from depression and anxiety. Although he is not necessarily successful by the world’s standards, Damian is remarkable for his compassion and thoughtfulness. Some positive letters would help him feel hopeful.”

Please join us in sharing with Damian hope + encouragement!


Damian’s bundle
℅ Kimberly S. 
23 Muriel Ave.
North Providence, RI 02911



Rachel is dealing with some challenging circumstances and could use some support. A friend of hers shared with us:

“I met Rachel on the first day of college as roommates in 2009, and we’ve been extremely close ever since then. Rachel lost her dad to cancer suddenly in mid-December of our senior year; it was sudden and absolutely horrible. They were incredibly close and had an extraordinary father-daughter bond. For as long as I can remember, her phone background has been a picture in black and white of her as a child with her parents hugging her while she smiles radiantly. Although I know Rachel still has moments as that beaming little girl, the stress and responsibility she currently bears is immense. 

Rachel is her mother’s primary caretaker. Her mom has suffered from Parkinson’s for many years and has recently undergone surgery to hopefully improve her condition and quality of life. I deeply wish for Rachel to know she is not alone; the loss of her dad and her mother’s current suffering are beyond painful. It would mean the world for her to receive support from a loving community.”

Join us as we encourage + send love to Rachel!


Rachel’s bundle
℅ Melissa D. 
1 Van Der Donck Street
Apt. 608E
Yonkers, NY 10701


Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!! Lots of love to you all!!

💗 LucyLu

Black lives matter…. a friends story

Hi Everyone! This is not written by me but my friends story that I am sharing with you all! Give this your attention as each of you will learn something and be able to understand a little better why the world is protesting! Enjoy and thank you😊

My name is Natosha. I am also known as Toshie or Tosh. I am a mulatto. I use this derogatory term because to most as soon as you use the term Mulatto, they can recognize that one parent of mine is white and the other is black. I am beyond proud of this and my parents. They saw love beyond colour and were able to rise together during the civil rights movement.

My mother, Marjorie was adopted from Toronto CAS into a wealthy white privileged family who lived in York Mills. She was aware of her white privilege and ran away from this family to live on the streets anyway as an adolescent. She conflicted with her family over her views of race equality.

My father, Ronald a black man who was a foster child within the system. CAS was his guardian. He eventually found a family, The Benjamin’s, who became his permanent black foster family.

My parents met in the ’60s where segregation was still prevalent and interracial relationships were illegal. They had to hide my father when agreeing to rental agreements to live together. They were spat on, pushed, and sometimes severely assaulted because they wanted to hold hands in public and eat at the same table in a restaurant.

Interracial marriages did not become legal worldwide until 1967. My brother was born in 1966. Yes, we have the same parents. I get asked this question often due to the stereotype that many black or mulatto children are from different multiple partners. This stereotype is deeply rooted and is still apparent today. My parents had many beautiful years together. They marched and fought for civil rights together in Canada and the United States. They fought for de-segregation. They fought for antiracism and equal rights. They separated before me and reconciled because of me. I was a pleasant surprise after a night of Motown music, alcohol, and deep reminiscing while my father visited my brother. Their final break up was when I was the age of 2 due to many reasons but mainly due to my father’s deep unresolved demons. He died when I was 13. His demons consumed him, weighing heavily on his soul. His coping skills were self-inflicted harm of alcoholism that eventually killed him.
My mother taught us survival on the streets and in life. My father taught us about the culture of all varieties. My brother Cody and I grew up with strong voices and determination to support all minorities.

We grew up in West-end Toronto in low-income housing, on welfare. We lived primarily with my mother at Jane and Woolner and on weekends at my father’s at Jane and Driftwood. These areas would be considered Toronto’s “projects”. My brother and I would travel on the TTC (bus) together from Jane and Woolner to Jane and Driftwood where my father would be waiting for us. Eventually, I started traveling alone at the age of 7 to spend weekends with my Dad, learning about the West Indian culture.
We had a relatively good childhood. There was a strong diverse community. I have never experienced the same sense of community since I have left it. However, even in poverty racism lives. Even those that share the same financial despair, classifications of race still exist.

I was bullied for my skin colour by whites and blacks. Being mulatto meant that you were not accepted by either community. “Nigger wanna be, half nigger, half honkey, whitewashed, half-breed, and your mother is a nigger lover” is what I heard repeatedly growing up. We would get crank calls where people called all of us these hurtful names time and time again. I was called “butterscotch” from peers at a young age and even though it sounded cute, even I knew at the age of 4 that it was meant to hurt me. I was a docile child until this. I was so severely bullied by my peers, my brother and mother had to teach me how to fight to protect myself. By the time I arrived at grade 4, I was fighting back physically. Beating up girls and boys to not only protect me but also to protect fellow bullied peers. This was my role up until the end of High school.

At one point early on in my latency ages, I even used the terms “half-breed,  and Heinz 57” until someone educated me and asked if I was a horse or a dog. They informed me that these terms are used for animals. I stopped using these terms and used “mixed” for a long time. Then the “bi-racial” term was announced as a politically correct term. I remember thinking “OK – bi racial means two distinctively different races procreating together but I am not the same as someone who is Black and Asian. We are not a clump of people put together. We all have our own histories and our own cultures”. This is when I evolved and started to identify myself as “Mulatto”. I do not identify as bi-racial. I identity as mulatto, a woman of colour. I get asked often and/or hear statements of “well don’t forget you’re white too”. This is a demoralizing and racist comment. I cannot forget that my mother is white. I also cannot look past my straight hair and vibrant green eyes, but I cannot say that I am white. Our Society had taught me that once a drop of colour is in your DNA, you are of colour. I accept this and I am proud. I cannot visually identify as being half-white. My nose, lips, and body have nothing in common with a white woman. I’ve posted a previous blog that talks about me comparing myself to white girls/women – celebrities, friends, and becoming frustrated because I look nothing like them. “But you don’t look black”, this remark has followed me my entire life and does presently.  It doesn’t matter whether I look black or not, I am.

I’ve also been asked ” do you wish you were lighter? ” No, I don’t.  I wish I were darker cause then there would no question of my race, period.

Reminding me that I am also white is reminding me that my blackness is less important. In my teens, my goal was to get out of the projects and off welfare. I succeeded but I failed at the same time. In my teens, I ran with many white privileged teens who were wealthy. I wanted the same materialistic privileges so I worked hard. I attended College and University by working 5 jobs, paying rent for my room because my mother had subsidy housing. I made too much money so I was informed by the government that I would need to pay for my room ($400 a month) or my mother would lose her subsidy. I was 18 years old. I was declined OSAP and fought hard with the government for assistance. At one point I was told, “if you were to get pregnant while living with your mom, you would be approved for Welfare and your education would be paid for in full”.
Yes, this is true, but I would also be another statistic and a part of the systematic cycle I was trying to remove myself from. So that didn’t work for me. After I fought hard, I was granted some OSAP assistance, which took me 15 years to pay off. I did not qualify for loan forgiveness.

I mentioned that I failed because during my teen years I was advocating for my black community as well as myself. I was educating my white friend’s parents on why they should allow their child to be friends with me. See, too many people think I don’t even look black. I can’t pass for white but many don’t see my black features. So when people found out, I was either cast aside or I had to defend myself against all the stereotypes and prove that I was worthy of these friends.  At the age of 17, I am on the phone with my friend’s German mother educating her on black issues and trying to prove that I was a “good” mixed kid.  This happened often. Many times, it did not matter. My blackness was an issue and therefore I lost friends. Even in College, peers could not guess my race and when I announced it, I would lose those friendships.

Throughout history, it has been engrained that Blacks are evil, rude, uneducated, murders, rapists, and criminals. You are not safe around Blacks. You are in danger. Then all media plays off of those stereotypes on repeat. Human trafficking is a systemic issue everywhere right now, and media only shows us the Black participants but we all know white men and women are significant leaders in the issue as well. We are being taught to hate black people through media, social media, advertising, marketing and this is still happening today!

At one point in my early 30’s, I stopped talking, educating, and fighting for my black community. I had enough. I just existed and this is where my guilt is. This is my failure. Unless an incident was affecting me personally and/or professionally or was happening to someone else right in front of my eyes, I stayed silent. Why? Because it is easier. Because I am tired of talking to deaf ears. Because I have been fighting my entire life. I have experienced racism in every relationship I have ever had with any man and his family, regardless of their race. Even in my husband’s family, have I experienced racism in some form. It does not matter if its in ignorance and/or a lack of education. It does not matter whether the act is subtle or straight up visible. It is ALL the same. Racism hurts, it’s disappointing, it’s demoralizing, it’s sickening.  It is learnt behaviour.  AND… I am tired of having to prove my worth.

My race worth, my gender worth, my size worth… and my chronic illness worth. I am damn tired and I am sorry.  I am truly sorry to my own family and my black community for my decade and years of silence.  I will do better.

The current movement that is happening all over the world is telling me I need to re-start my voice, continue to listen to others, and to continue to use my own experiences to educate. It is not a time to be silent because it is easier. It is time to rise, take a stand, and recognize my own work in all of this.
I will be silent no more. So if you thought I was big, loud, boisterous and opinionated before… PFT you have no idea… If you cannot stand with this movement and beside me, then get out of my way. It is time to have real conversations about how we ALL contribute to the systemic issues of racism. It is time for healing and permanent change.

Sincerely with love💕


Meditation for the soul… 19

Hello! We are almost at the end of my meditation challenge and this has taken longer than I expected. Though maybe this turned out longer so I would commit to posting more frequently! We will have a few posts left dedicated to meditations! I will then venture back to sharing knowledge on mental health!

I myself have had a difficult time concentrating, and have not been able to really focus on anything for very long. In this COVID-19 isolation it has impacted my family by keeping us all separated. My parents are seniors and are extremely afraid. My sister who has Crohn’s and due to the medication she takes, it suppresses her immune. So I have not seen any of them since April which was from a distance. I respect their circumstances and understand each and everyone’s perspective… even though I am from a different mindset of thinking.

In these past few months I have spoken to only a few friends, and in our discussions we have realized that many feel they are connected to their friends through social media. Which we all know this does not have the same effects as person to person. With the digital era among us this will become the new world. I am unsure if I will be able to adapt. I know I will be fortunate in a few friendships… I have a few that will be on my journey in trying to stay away from a digital world. Isolation is a huge struggle for so many in this big but at times lonely world.

Then we come upon racism, protests and police brutality. I just want to remind everyone this is my blog with my thoughts/feelings. I had been following many podcasts and Instagram black leaders. There are many messages that relate to white people to being the devil, evil, and needing to pay for 400 years of living off a white supremacy system. I become extremely depressed and overwhelmed. As I can not change the colour of my skin, which represents the oppressor. In the same moment it dawned on me to understand a little better… what a person of colour goes through each day in dealing with racism. That uncomfortable feeling, needing to always defend where you come from, watching over your shoulder, not feeling understood , feeling hatred towards the colour of your skin… which has to be tiring, draining, exhausting, and fed up. With I am sure with many more emotions.

I have always read, and have since my 20’s known we live in a racist system with a corrupted government. I essentially have been having these conversations since I do work in social services. We still are having these conversations which truthfully we should not be. The government I feel is where the change has to be made and the protests against their policies, laws and injustices. In fighting against the police is a small part, as the fight has to be against governments. They essential keep laws and injustices that will suit them. Today we should have a fair economic system and affordable housing all over the world. There really is no excuse as governments are intelligent but choose what is in their benefits.

Our schools systems have to change where all cultures, race is recognized but this is where the government does its programming. When you pay attention to how leaders speak, how governments function and what our schools teach us is when you recognize they are not working for the common person. To live in a true multicultural nation means we are able to live in a space unified with all of our differences and similarities. Also having simulated into these differences but our government needs to be invested in that. North America is the land of freedom yet there is racism, inequalities, poverty, classism, sexism, homophobia, restriction on freedoms, lack of medical services and this list goes on but we are one of the riches continent’s… so how is this happening? Well, I will share just two examples: NFL highest paid player is making 35 million a year and a few music artists are making a billion a year! Where a nurse is making anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 or a teacher is making anywhere from 30,000 to 90,000. You tell me is this a country that offers equality for all?

Then my last thought is looking at our indigenous communities who as a continent is not even willing to acknowledge the land taken from them. Or the conditions they have been left on and the traumas placed upon their communities. Even in their hunger strike were ignored by many governments. So Canada is no better than the United States of America and we leave our home countries thinking this was going to be paradise. I know it’s not all bad as there is positives but I am touching on what is not for now. Something to make us go hmmm….

I have strongly depended on spirituality, meditation, sharing love and trying to understand the world from a kinder heart. I have embraced gratitude as often as I can and that makes an enormous difference! My goal in this world is to be open, to learn, to understand what is being an anti-racist, to being a woman, to continue building my spirituality and be one with the human race.

So that’s me and my thoughts… let’s begin our meditation!

Let’s make a list of things we are grateful for:

  • Make a list of those who love you
  • Friends you relate to
  • Remember to be grateful for your eyes that allows you to see the beauty around you everyday.
  • Appreciate the movement in your body that allows you to explore the world around you!
  • Be grateful for your ears as they allow you to hear nature’s sounds
  • Your nose that allows you to smell flowers, the grass, foods and so much more
  • Appreciate your taste buds that lets us enjoy the gods we eat.
  • Ability to talk and share our opinions/ideas.
  • Your neighbours who go out of your way to smile and chat with you!
  • Your lungs which are working hard as you read this
  • Today because you’ve been given it
  • Access to food
  • Having a steady pay cheque
  • Paying bills on time
  • Weekends that give you more time to spend on life

If you look around in the end there is so much to be grateful for even among so much change! I am so appreciative of my readers who give my blog their attention! Thank you so much!


“Today I remember to love everything and everyone I come into contact with”

existence, consciousness, bliss.

Have an abundant day! 💗💕

Love Always,


Love letter requests for MAY…

Love letters around the world

Good Afternoon my friends,

Here are the new love letter requests for the month of May! Get out your pens and creativity and begin writing!


We received a request for a bundle for Geneva–a wonderful human. A friend of hers shared with our community:

“Geneva is a special girl. She lights up a room wherever she goes. She is a cashier at McDonalds and her customers adore her! I was talking to a friend one time, who I had no idea went to her McDonalds, and he told me about this girl he sees in the drive thru who smiles and says “Happy Wednesday!” (or happy whatever day it is) every time she sees him. I knew immediately it was Geneva and that another person had been bit by her kindness bug. My friend said her kindness shocks him and makes his day.

Geneva has struggled with depression and anxiety as long as I have known her, but she is a genuine soul who loves hard and never lets the world’s negativity keep her from sharing kindness. Her mom is her best friend and she has been through a lot too. They both struggle with mental health issues, so I think these letters would give an added bonus of encouraging Allison, as well as Geneva. 

Recently, Geneva broke up with her boyfriend when his demeaning talk and bad attitude became more than she could handle. I know it devastated her, but I am so proud of her for standing her ground and not letting this guy walk all over her anymore. Geneva needs a love letter bundle because I want to see her receive some of the love she gives away. I want to see her receive a compliment and praise instead of always being the one to give it. I want to help her realize there are people in her corner fighting for her, that she is loved and seen and wanted.”

Arm yourselves with pens + let’s share some joy with Geneva!


Geneva’s bundle

℅ Amanda H. 

162 Windover Rd Apt 4

Memphis, TN 38111




Brooke is facing challenging circumstances and needs some hope.
This is part of her story:

“Brooke is a magical unicorn of a human, an onion with so many layers, and has lovable quirks to boot. She lights up a room, is self-deprecating to the MAX, and never lacks the perfect words to say. She remembers even the tiniest details and snippets of conversation from years ago, recalling them at the perfect time, to return with the wittiest remarks. This is what makes her an incredible writer and incredible friend. 

Brooke is only in her early thirties and was just diagnosed with brain cancer. This has sent a shockwave through her community of family and friends. Please help us by returning love to our dear friend who needs it more than ever, as she heads into chemo and radiation. Especially in the midst of this pandemic, when it is dangerous for us to visit, give her hugs, and show how we care in person, your words will mean so much and help us support her from afar.”

Grab your pens + let’s write to Brooke!


Brooke’s bundle

℅ Liz M. 

811 6th Street #102

Santa Monica, CA 90403




Betty’s daughter is requesting a bundle of letters for her. She shared about her mother’s loneliness in the following request:

“My mother, Betty, is eighty-six years old. All her siblings have passed away and she no longer has any friends since it’s been so long since she was in the working world. I’m an only child and I live in another city. I see her as often as I can, but I worry about her sitting alone all day. She is a wonderful mother, very supportive and loving. I want her to know she should be proud of that. 

My mother is also a feeder of feral cats–too many to mention. She has a darling house that is very neat, but her front and back yards are full of cats and kittens. She knows she’s created a problem by feeding them, but she doesn’t want them to starve. She puts out boxes with blankets for them in the winter, trying desperately to keep them warm and safe. I honestly think she spends more money on their cat food than she does on herself. 

I hope you can simply put a smile on her face and let her know she has made a difference to the people in her life, and to all the furry little friends that she has loved.”

Let’s share with Betty our love of cats + so much encouragement!


Betty’s bundle

℅ Julie E. 

156 Southern Cross Court

Roseville, CA 95747




A friend of Kayla’s is requesting a bundle of love letters for her during a difficult time. She shared with us:

“Kayla has been my best friend and bassoon buddy for the past four years. She is one of the most hardworking and selfless people I have ever met. She has been working during the COVID-19 pandemic, and people have been less than kind to her during this. For the past few weeks she has texted me about work and how hard it is. Recently, her depression has been dragging her down and her family has been very rough on her, especially when it comes to her student loans. She feels trapped in her house with parents who tell her that she is not worthy. 

Kayla is the light of many peoples’ lives, but she sees herself as a burden. I am asking for a bundle for Kayla so that she can see what I see: someone who is worthy of love, support, and all the good things that life has to offer.”

Join us in sending some encouragement Kayla’s way!


Kayla’s bundle

℅ Perry R. 

229 Augusta Street

Floor 2

Pittsburgh, PA 15211




Krista has found herself facing challenging circumstances recently + could use some encouragement. Her daughter wrote in her request:

“My mom, Krista, is the most hardworking woman I know, she is a super mom! She works as the CEO of our local chamber of commerce and works very hard at her job. She spends her days connecting small businesses in my city, helping them network, and being an advocate for the community. 

Since the pandemic has started, my mother works extremely hard, seventeen hours a day, trying to help keep local businesses open and connect them with resources. It is a very stressful time for the small business community, and Krista is giving her all to help as many people as she can. My family and I would appreciate help honoring her tireless commitment to the community. She helps many people every day and is the most loving, kind, and selfless person I know. The work she is currently doing is extremely stressful, difficult, and taxing. She also is dealing with the stress of a teenager, and not having seen her boyfriend or eighty-seven year old mother since the middle of March.

I know that receiving some words of encouragement, support, and love from all over would mean everything to her.”

Join us in sending love + encouragement to Krista during this time!


Krista’s bundle

℅ Rachel R.

170 Summerhill Row

Fredericton, New Brunswick





A friend of Evan’s is requesting a bundle of letters for him as he struggles with some of life’s challenges. They shared:

“Evan is going through a really dark depression. He is pushing away friends and family and not allowing people to help him. He’s stuck. His dreams have been halted. He doesn’t seem to have people in his corner fighting for him because he keeps pushing them to leave. Evan is letting the depression get the best of him. A reminder that love exists in total strangers would be incredibly encouraging.”

Join us as we remind Evan that he is not alone.


Evan’s bundle

℅ Summer S. 

2031 Wolfmill Dr. Apt 301

Raleigh, NC 27603



Enjoy writing and take a moment to write at least to one person!! It’s a great way of spreading 💗! Enjoy your day everyone!

Love Always💕,


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