JourneywithSpirit: Healing

Spiritual kit

Hi Everyone!

🥀 I work as a Child and Youth Practitioner, which I have been doing for the last 27 years. I work with children and youth who are struggling with social economics, mental health, addictions, human trafficking and let’s leave it here!

🥀 As you can only imagine I have a difficult job and try to balance things through creativity! I have always written letters to family & friends which is where I started my decorative skills in stationary!

🥀 I most recently joined a site called MORELOVELETTERS which promotes hand written letters to individuals in need of support. I once again got to decorate envelopes, make cards and get connected in a therapeutic, fun way!

🥀 Through this experience I started being creative again! I have been making handmade cards, dried- flowers bouquets, besom floral brooms, spell jars, bath-salts, spell jar necklaces, smouldering sticks to cleanse space, scented candles, antique teacup candles, and many other spiritual tools.

🥀 I love to share wisdom, knowledge, help others, be creative, have fun and always be grateful for all life experiences! I have had a great blessing in being able to connect with our young people and make a difference in their daily lives! This is a small part of my life journey!

🥀 I also offer counselling online through a zoom call. I concentrate on discovering the root of the cause, effects and impacts. I help balance things through looking at change, solutions and accountability to lore forward from the past. Looking at embracing mindfulness & gratitude. Email me if this is something you would be interested in and we can schedule a time. Session are 50 minutes and at the rate of $80.00. Payment received upfront through an e-transfer at

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