Faeries in September love letters: Share LOVE💕🌸💕🌸

Hello my friendly Faerie’s: We are beginning our love letter writing again! I took a break to enjoy some time with myself, family & significant partner!!! I will begin writing again and sharing many nee exciting info & stories! Here we begin with this months requests!!! VALERY “Valery is my best friend of nine years. … Continue reading Faeries in September love letters: Share LOVE💕🌸💕🌸

Summer love letters: July

Hello All, Here are the July love letters! Share your love with those in need and change someones life around just by sharing a card!! Here we begin: KAIA Kaia’s friend says, “Kaia is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She is a super funny, hardworking, high-achieving eighteen-year-old girl. “Unfortunately, about ten … Continue reading Summer love letters: July

Self-care: What does that mean?

https://youtu.be/xfD4HaBBc0I We speak a lot about self care today. It is important to create a self care routine because it balances you as a human. It helps you to recognize your struggles and make changes needed. Self care is connected to our shadow work which, is always working on your SHIT, as there is no … Continue reading Self-care: What does that mean?

April showers brings.. love letters💕💕💕

Hi Everyone, Join me this month to send out some love to those needing an extra boost to get through a moment in their lives. Let’s change our disconnect in the western part of the world and bring the uprise in communities. We need to build human connection and the connection with nature vs electronic. … Continue reading April showers brings.. love letters💕💕💕

Cleansing: creating a magickal Hearth & Home

Adorned smokebundles 🏹🗝 Smoke cleansing was traditionally used in Europe in much more secular times. In the 14th and 15th centuries, people burned rosemary in their homes as a means to protect themselves from bubonic plague and other contagions. Into the 20th century, French doctors recommended burning rosemary and thyme in sickrooms and hospitals to … Continue reading Cleansing: creating a magickal Hearth & Home

December: Winter Solstice Activities: Letters

Hello all, Here are the last letters for the month of December and I hope you pick one or all to write and send by tomorrow! You will change someones day just with words and a card in the mail. Showing love through hand writing is such a special form of sharing! I have always … Continue reading December: Winter Solstice Activities: Letters

December: 12 days of letters: Spirituality

Hello Friends, I wanted to explore spirituality as this topic has always been something that individuals are passionate about from all directions! My spiritual cultivation practice that I hold deep in my heart is through my daily practice and way of life. I turn to my creator for guidance, answers and direction in all that … Continue reading December: 12 days of letters: Spirituality

December Letters…. sharing love with others

Letter writing in my favourite room Hi lovely humans, Here are the two new requests! I am hoping there are many joining this journey as this year many are struggling! I have been trying to balance all the sad stories I have been hearing and trying to get whatever I can for these families. We … Continue reading December Letters…. sharing love with others

Wiccan Magical Moments: Witchy TIPS

Smokebundles: Cleansing self & space Hello my Readers! I have been on a journey since I created the blog and have ended up running my own spiritual shop. I am still working with young people in mental health and will continue to share info. I have not been on as frequent and truly time has … Continue reading Wiccan Magical Moments: Witchy TIPS

OCTOBER love letters are here🦋🤍🦋🤍🦋🤍🦋🤍🦋🤍

Hello All, I am hoping I am able to gather a writing crew to distribute out letters to those who need some extra love!!! I am also looking at moving my blog to another platform! I am not sure where yet as I want more movement! Any suggestions please let me know!!! I wish you … Continue reading OCTOBER love letters are here🦋🤍🦋🤍🦋🤍🦋🤍🦋🤍

Cauldrons: potions, mystic, and spells

Cauldrons: ETSY: journeywithspirit72 Cauldrons:  It is a symbol of rebirth, transformation, and wisdom. Linked to the goddess, Cerridwem, Taliesin and Dagda. Cauldrons have always been magical in bringing friends & families together to celebrate festivals & events & magick. It is created in a cast iron that has been used for decades and is long lasting as … Continue reading Cauldrons: potions, mystic, and spells

September Love Letters: Get your’s out ASAP!!!

Hello Everyone, I know it has been some time. It has not been so easy to get back to my writing. This is something I hope to dedicate too. I hope you all have well and continue to write your inspirations! These letters can still be sent even though they may leave after September 30, … Continue reading September Love Letters: Get your’s out ASAP!!!

August LOVE letters: giving love is the greatest reward!🦋💕

My own card making! #writer #letters Hello Friends, Here is this months love letter requests! I hope you all have been doing well and living your best life!🦋 #words http://instagram.com/journeywithspirit2020 Join me if you are able, in sharing some of our light & love to others around the world! CHELSEA A friend of Chelsea’s reached … Continue reading August LOVE letters: giving love is the greatest reward!🦋💕

June Love Letters Needed:💌

HELLO Lovely Humans, Here is this months love letters needed, I really hope you will join me in writing as so many people need the help. Just through sharing a letter you can save a life! Grab your pens & paper and write with me! EMILY Emily is an amazing friend going through a challenging … Continue reading June Love Letters Needed:💌

Gratitude: Day 11: Floral Magick

ETSY: journeywithspirit72 Hello Friends, I am writing about floral magic which ties into my ETSY shop that focuses on healing, manifesting positive intentions, and creating a magical space to battle the war on our spirituality. I am a spiritual individual who is connected with flowers, nature and water. I love being by water and hearing … Continue reading Gratitude: Day 11: Floral Magick

MAY love letters: sharing inspiration with others around the world…

Hello Everyone, I am truly trying to get caught up so I can begin writing a few blogs this week as I have not been posting as consistent!!! I am sharing those who need letters of hope for this month! If you have the opportunity to write a letter that would be fantastic! Just keep … Continue reading MAY love letters: sharing inspiration with others around the world…

Gratitude Practices: Humanities Truth beyond a System: Day 9💕💕🧿

Hey! 💕I hope you are all feeling good! In Canada we are starting to have things open up but not everything. Our gyms/movies are still closed, but winter is finally on its way out. It is such a great feeling to have spring around the corner... it gets everyone outside and more interactive. Though, since … Continue reading Gratitude Practices: Humanities Truth beyond a System: Day 9💕💕🧿

March love letters: 💕

Sharing love through packing and personal notes🧿💕 Hello Everyone! I will be posting a few blogs this week but starting with March’s love letters first! Let’s get our pencils out and start creating beautiful cards to be shared with others! It’s a moment to share love with a stranger instead of getting upset with a … Continue reading March love letters: 💕

Gratitude Day 7: Colours of your SOUL

Ola Amigos, It has been a minute... my intentions had been to post daily but this did not happen! I got distracted with running a fun and therapeutic ESTY business. I started creating floral bundles with powerful herbs that can be used to smoke a persons home from negative energies. I also create handmade cards … Continue reading Gratitude Day 7: Colours of your SOUL

Gratitude Day 5: Mindfulness

These are my own smoke bundles used for cleansing out space! Great for mediation and creating calmness! Hello All, Since my last post I have been practicing more mindfulness so I am able to balance all the information coming at us on a daily basis.💕💕 Can you imagine everyday we get bombarded by the news … Continue reading Gratitude Day 5: Mindfulness

Gratitude Day 4: Freedom

Hello Everyone, I do not even know where I should begin... this week there has been so much that has happened. Many of you, that have been following me, are aware I am a strong advocate about freedom & rights. This week in Toronto, there has been many protests around the lockdowns and small businesses … Continue reading Gratitude Day 4: Freedom

Gratitude day Three: Hope

Hey Beautiful Humans: Today, we heard the news of having lockdowns again... even the wording itself sounds so hopeless. There are so many words that can be used to describe what officials would like to happen. Also with more clarity around humans understanding the reasoning why certain things get closed versus others. In reality their … Continue reading Gratitude day Three: Hope

Gratitude day Two: seasons changing…

Hello My Friends: The seasons are changing and we find ourselves with winter just around the corner! Before I dig into this topic... let’s find what we are grateful for... I am grateful for my hands that allow me to write my love letters to the world, the beautiful lines crafted throughout the palm of … Continue reading Gratitude day Two: seasons changing…

Beginning 28 days of Gratitude… Day 1

Hello my Friends: I have decided to start a new quest! We will embark on a 28 days of gratitude together! I embraced mediation, gratitude routines and mindfulness during a time I was lost in my desire to have children. I was no longer able to see the beauty in life and I felt the … Continue reading Beginning 28 days of Gratitude… Day 1


Hi my Friends, I have not been able to write my blog as consistently! I have been on a venture which is my ESTY store. I have been creating handmade cards, dried flower bouquets and smoke bundles: for cleansing your energy & home! So to say the least my blog has been put off for … Continue reading NOVEMBER LOVE LETTERS

Divine, journaling, soul seeking and healing others…

Always working on a better version of myself... always choosing to love humanity first I have pondered what should I share and where should I begin... I have encountered so many struggling as our world changes. I have to say I write this blog with a very heavy heart. I have been travelling the streets … Continue reading Divine, journaling, soul seeking and healing others…

Meditation for the soul… 21

Hello My Human Friends! Congratulations! Thank you so much for sticking with me on this journey!!! Also for your patient as I did not get these posts on the days I had intended it for! I hope there have been a few of you that started to implement meditation in your life as the benefits … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 21

July Love Letters are here:

Love always first! Hi Everyone! Here are July’s lover letter requests! If you have a friend that needs a love letter please send me an email and we will arrange a team to write them letters!!! I hope you all have been well, seems like a long time! Have a wonderful week full of sun, … Continue reading July Love Letters are here:

JUNES love letters…

Writing 💕 Hi Everyone! I know this week has been a rough week! Why not share some love to those in need and balance your broken hearts! I will complete my meditation blog post this week as well! Enjoy writing! JAMES A friend of James reached out to us and shared part of his story … Continue reading JUNES love letters…

Meditation for the soul… bonus day!

Hello Beautiful Humans! I want to discuss the gift of being humble first before anything else. Humility is something that many people in the trends of self promotion tend to cast spells on success on Instagram! When you look at what people would call old fashion values but understand that being humble is not to … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… bonus day!

Meditation for the soul… 20

Memories (My mom and myself) Hello my dearest Humans, I have been very nostalgic and love having those memories! I remember my days as a child with my mother! Lately, I have been busy gardening and this was something my mom did as we were growing up. I grow lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, and many … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 20

Meditation for the soul… 17

Hi Everyone! I hope you have all been well! I have been busy with work, hobbies and sorting out my many thoughts. Here are my thoughts for all of you lovely people! Today’s message: May all the good I create, generate more good, circulate and return to me. We should all try to live in … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 17

Meditation for the soul… 18

Hello Everyone, A moment I am grateful for... able to be playful with others! How is everyone doing? How have you been occupying your time? Is there anything different about you during this time at home? How did this experience make you feel? I am writing a letter to you all through my blog. I … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 18

Meditation for the soul… 16

Be kind always Good afternoon everyone! I hope you were able to complete last nights meditation! I heard that things will begin to reopen up again and hope this will not create more anxiety for others! Here are a few questions for your journal: How do you feel about this? Are there any concerns for … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 16

Meditation for the soul… 15

Love conquers always Hi Everyone! I hope you all are well and safe! I have given you all amply of time to complete all tasks and meditations! Today, I would like to touch on trauma... as this impacts many individuals. I will touch on childhood traumas. Though, some individuals can be remarkably resilient others are … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 15

Love letters for our Elders….

LETTERS OF LOVE Write a letter to an elder COVID-19 UPDATE (accurate to-date): We are still accepting letters amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The CDC, World Health Organization, and Surgeon General have indicated that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread through the mail. Thank you for supporting our elders during this critical … Continue reading Love letters for our Elders….

Meditation for the soul… 14

Welcome to Day 14! I want to thank you all for listening to my shared thoughts and education pieces in creating a mindful life. When we speak about mindfulness it actually entails; gratitude, self-compassion, compassion, love, hope, and joy. These are all strategies to begin building a positive mindset... as our world has created a … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 14

Meditation for the soul… 12

Unity: the state of being united or joined as a whole, being together not divided Hello beautiful people! My thoughts today are within the world of spirituality. I was born in a traditional Catholic home and over a decade, within my family we all developed our own belief systems. I identify as a spiritual person … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 12

Meditation for the soul… 13

When you think something and it feels wrong, throw it out! Well, it took me some time to get back to writing my blog... it was not my intention at all but life caught up with me! I hope you have all continued with meditating and finding a moment for yourselves! 🙏💗 I will share … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 13

Meditation for the soul… 11

Our world is too beautiful to not be able to explore it's beauty! The ocean has always been my escape and where I feel at peace! This is a place in my home country Portugal, in the south of Lisbon! I can't wait, for the day to hop on a plane and see all my … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 11

Meditation for the soul… 10

Good morning to our Day 10!! I am SO deeply moved by your dedication and consistency to this practice for abundance for yourselves. Task: Morning journaling: Write about things you are grateful for, hopes and dreams, mantras to follow today, your goals, or your thoughts and how to change your perspective to feel differently about … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 10

More love letters to the world

http://www.moreloveletters.com/the-letter-requests Hi Everyone, I have attached a link that brings you to a list of people that need encouragement and some love letters to get them through their difficult struggle at this time! I hope that you will join me in writing some love letters and help provide some love around the world! COLLETTE We … Continue reading More love letters to the world

Meditation for the soul… 6

HAPPY FRIDAY! (Sorry I have been having trouble uploading all meditation videos, that is why the delay, there will be a link that you will need to click to go to the video, I have been at this for two days!) Despite everything happening in the world today, you are part of change. Change in … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 6

Meditation for the soul… 9

Welcome to Day 9! 🙏👌I am sorry I fell behind! I started working from home from both my jobs and it has been extremely busy. I also have had my sister stressed, my mom sad, my partner received some medical news that is not good and my sister-in-law is not feeling well! So to say … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 9

Meditation for the soul… 8

Resilience is not the absence of distress or difficulty. Resilience is the ability to adapt and grow following adversity. __unknown Hello Everyone! We have now been with each other over a week! I thank you all for sticking it through and being engaged! I do hope you have made the efforts to journal the tasks, … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 8

Meditation for the soul… 7

LET YOUR INNER CHILD SHINE ! Welcome all to our 7th day of healing our souls to help us manage through these confusing times! Today I want to speak about finding ways to be able to connect with nature. We have many leaders at this moment directing our daily lives, which for many of us … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 7

Meditation for the soul… 5

Community, laughter, and just being in the moment WOW... we are now on DAY 5! Take a deep breath, and trust you have the time and resources to explore this invitation to share more abundance consciousness with the world! We have time for what we make time for! So when we speak about time, often … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 5

Meditation for the soul… 4

I’m so happy for you all for committing thus far and using these materials to welcome greater awareness and implementing gratitude into your daily lives. HELLO ALL... we have made it to Day 4 of GRATITUDE and MEDITATION! How are you feeling? How is your soul? I want to share with you all the benefits … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 4

Meditation for the soul… 3

Welcome to the third day and I am sorry I am a bit late! I hope you all were able to fulfill the minor tasks in the last two blogs. Please do not hesitate to leave me updates on how you felt, and what stood out for you. Let's start off with a statement, did … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 3

Love through essential oils… but first coffee…

Hmm... first a cup of coffee with the design of a heart... to me signifies 💗 and loyalty. I have been sharing with you all my love for coffee and essential oils.... today I am going to speak about the essential oils I use and their benefits. Essential oils have beautiful aromas, are from our … Continue reading Love through essential oils… but first coffee…

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Hearth & home is your haven to manifest your dreams

June love letters: Gratitude is sharing love with others

Knowledge, Time traveller, Key portals… JODIE Jodie’s cousin reached out to share about this loving woman. She said, “Jodie has had a rough couple of years which caused her mental health to decline.  She stepped up and ran a massive fundraiser by herself for the bushfires back in early 2020. She recently separated from her … Continue reading June love letters: Gratitude is sharing love with others