Meditation for our souls… 2

Hi Everyone,

I hope you were able to complete yesterdays task, and beginning to feel the soothing effects of meditation. It is a way to manifest thoughts that increases our vibrations and increases our energy levels. We are in times that our media, governments, and current viruses are now lower our vibrations and we must balance this. When your vibration is high it actually helps you fight through diseases, as your mind is healthy and your vibration is high which is where you want to keep yourself at. With of course maintaining your body through healthy eating, physical activity, essential oils/herbs and vitamins!

This is not easy but make that dedication to you and your family. The rewards are amazing! Here is your task for today:

Write your answers in your notebook and reflect on what you have written. Make 3 goals towards being grateful for yourself. Make 3 goals towards building a higher vibration around you!

  • How do you respond when people ask you how are you? Lots of us use negative understatement such as “not so bad” or “can’t complain.” Start changing this by saying something positive. We all have great things to share too but often share negatives.
  • When you notice a negative thought about yourself, begin to reframe that thought into something positive. You are starting to reprogram your brain to begin seeing yourself through a positive lenses.
  • When you speak of yourself begin noticing what you share, and the words you use. Begin to change those words into kindness/compassion for self.

Write this phrase of the day in your notebook:

“I create my personal abundance from an infinite source. “


Aham Bramasmi
Aham Bramasmi

ANSWER THE QUESTION “What does abundance mean to you?” If you want, you can write the answer in your notebook.

This should be completed by Thursday at 12am! May the energy of abundance of this beautiful group continue to grow and fill us all! Enjoy tomorrow and take a break from the news, schedule a time to watch the update and then leave it for the day! Please share with me your thoughts, ideas and how this has made you feel!

“The best cure for the body is a quiet mind”

Love Always,


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