Meditation for the soul… 4

I’m so happy for you all for committing thus far and using these materials to welcome greater awareness and implementing gratitude into your daily lives.

HELLO ALL… we have made it to Day 4 of GRATITUDE and MEDITATION! How are you feeling? How is your soul? I want to share with you all the benefits of practising GRATITUDE:

  • It helps you feel better and lowers your stress levels. It allows your body to feel healthy and to stay in a calm state, when completed daily!
  • It helps increase your moods through acts of kindness. You feel wonderful when you made someone else smile. When you invest in negative moods; you are irritable, sad, moody and can’t think of any way to fix or come up with a solution for that issue.
  • It helps deal with depression; when we write down positives about others and ourselves, it helps our vibrations rise which in turn helps us feel better. When you listen to negative music it triggers aggression or watching the news triggers anxiety. Important to balance with activities that are positive.
  • It helps us develop a trusting group of friends. An individual who is able to shine through positivity and help you witness gratitude is someone you enjoy to be around.
  • It can inspire altruism as it has been stated when you journal gratitude that it can lead to generosity.
  • So when you practise gratitude in your relationships it builds a strong foundation. Creating acts of kindness and positive deeds in a relationship balances your heart charka.
  • When you meditate acts of gratitude it helps you to sleep better and longer.
  • If you engage in writing a letter of gratitude every two weeks this will increase your happiness all around you!

I promise you if you implemented all of the above you would see a shift in your life, relationships, friendships and what you are willing to engage in. You will be less invested in that debate or having to be right. You will have learned how to communicate, let things go and feel more at peace.

I am a great example of this, when I practise gratitude, I notice a light bounce to my walk and people around me smile everywhere I go. I will tell you I am Portuguese and can be very spicy. Our homes have a lot of activity and communications skills is not our most talented trait! The Portuguese do have many strengths but that is not one of them! Gratitude helped me to lower my anxiety, enjoy everyone in my life and let past grudges go. I do not get this right all the time but I keep trying. I noticed when I complete meditation daily, gratitude activities and listen to mediation music as I sleep… that week is amazing with all the chaos. I learn to acknowledge, deal with what I can and not take things so personally! RIGHT now in completing this for you all I am smiling and I am feeling GOOD! I thank you for showing interest and I made sure to show up each day!

I am so proud of you. It’s not easy to make time when so many things require your attention, so congratulations!

TASK: Write this in your journal, I hope you have done so with the last meditation blog! So when you have those tough days you can return to your thoughts and remember!

  • What are five things you love about yourself?
  • How do these qualities impact your life?
  • What do you want people to remember about you?
  • What are three adventures you would like to take in the next 5 years?
  • Which one will be the first that you will place into action?
  • Which 5 people make you smile?
  • What 5 activities make you enjoy your time?
  • What mindfulness activities do you practise?

Please remember, the more attention and reflection you give to these simple tasks, the greater the return.

OPTIONAL – Write the answers to the questions below in your notebook or simply answer them yourself.

QUESTION #1: What does it mean to you to be immersed in pure consciousness?

QUESTION #2: How can you bring this awareness into your everyday life?

QUESTION #3: How has the practice of meditation helped you connect with your pure consciousness?

WOW… I have given you much to think about! You have till Sunday at midnight to complete all of the above, but the meditation you should do before you go off to start your day! This is one of my favourite meditations as it has so many I am… I hope you enjoyed it!

” Constant rushing is our mandate these last few years, but not only are we getting less done, we are putting our bodies and brains into overdrive, which is threatening our mental and physical health” Stacy Baker

Love Always,


4 thoughts on “Meditation for the soul… 4

  1. This is a great series Lucy. Just what is needed! I’m a bit behind but I’m going to go back to day one and follow the suggestions. Thank you for raising people’s spirits.

    1. I am so glad and happy that you are enjoying and participating! It will at least help our energies/vibrations to rise while we keep being bombarded with so much fear!

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