Meditation for the soul… 13

When you think something and it feels wrong, throw it out!

Well, it took me some time to get back to writing my blog… it was not my intention at all but life caught up with me! I hope you have all continued with meditating and finding a moment for yourselves! 🙏💗

I will share with you all an interesting concept of mine, I observe social media, it’s context and then I gather my 💭… this is when I ponder comments, context shared and all of sudden I have a lot to share… 🤗

Here it goes my friends… grab a cup of CALM… enjoy the ride! I will begin with sharing, what gratitude actually means when applied to your daily life! Something I need to make clear is that it is not about being grateful to having basic needs such as; clean water, air to breath, medical healthcare, food, shelter, and clothes. I have often heard the comment you should be grateful as others are starving…. well let me disappoint you… that is nothing to be grateful about as that should not be the case for anyone!!! What it should do is actually make you angry!

That has always left me speechless and wondering why do people say things like this. Being grateful is to become awaken to the things around you that is important to you, as what is of value to you may not be the case for me. It is not to be used to judge others and inform them of what they should be grateful for!

My gratefulness is often the earth/planet, for some it’s their god, family, children, animals, the sky, books, art and whatever fills their hearts! That is not our concerns as we need to just understand what we are grateful for… that is the purpose of gratitude, so it begins to shift your mindset to a more positive mind! This helps combat depression, low-self esteem, feel happier and to create a peaceful mindset, is the goal of implementing gratitude

Relating to today’s situation, someone needing to be grateful to obtain a ventilator for 5000 Euros, which then made him feel that he took air for granted… is not something we should feel grateful for as that is a need! That broke my heart! In these type of crisis brings out people’s need to control, judge and be super critical of others…

Meanwhile put that energy towards doing something positive like starting a volunteer project, gather donations, stop by the shelter to drop of clothes, make masks, write some love letters… please be kind with your words instead!

Today we have too much going on around us; the pandemic, fighting human trafficking, mandatory vaccinations, artificial intelligence, information overload, fake news, striped of freedoms, starvation and so much more! This is not the world I actually banked on, so we do not need anymore judgement but to UNITE even with those completely opposite from you!

People should not be grateful for their basic needs and all around the world that is what we should fight for people to have!!!! I will leave you all… with these thoughts to ponder and decide for yourselves! 💗💗

TASK: grab your journal, write questions below and journal your thoughts for each

  • Identify a judgment about yourself, someone else, or some situation
  • Describe your reasons for letting go of this judgment
  • Replace the judgments with descriptions of facts, consequences, and/or your preferences about this.
  • Practice accepting the nonjudgmental descriptions and letting go of the judgments. Identify any words, actions (e.g., relaxation), body postures, or imagery that helps you let go.
  • Remember not to judge your judging!
  • Describe any changes you noticed in your acceptance or your emotions as you practiced no

“Live, overflowing with an abundance of love, passion, creativity and significance, and then these symbols themselves will “chase” you.”

–Dr. David Simon, Co-Founder of the Chopra Center

“As I let go of the need to judge others, the Universe brings me love and peace ✌️

Love 💕 Always,


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  1. Everything was great about this post. Especially relevant was the line, “Be kind with your words.” So true in this chaotic time! Thanks for posting!

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