Meditation for the soul… 14

Welcome to Day 14!

I want to thank you all for listening to my shared thoughts and education pieces in creating a mindful life. When we speak about mindfulness it actually entails; gratitude, self-compassion, compassion, love, hope, and joy. These are all strategies to begin building a positive mindset… as our world has created a negative mindset. I am not saying the world is not full of positivities, as it is but it is not generally on TV!

Here is a thought: have you ever really paid attention to the movies we have watched since being a child… probably not from an analytical mindset. Many Disney movies have a parent that dies, a child that has to grow up quickly and violence (Lion King, Beauty & The Beast, Snow White, and Sleeping beauty). Let’s look at all the Avengers movies and then into Hollywood movies. It truly is full of sexual connotation and violence, which creates us to be desensitized or develop anxiety! Let’s take this a little deeper: look at todays children and youth… they have increased depression and anxiety that is the consistent exposure to negative context! The internet has so many negative contexts and social media pressures, on young minds which is creating so much chaos!

I really suggest to you all to have less TV, social media and movies. It would be better for you to create a blog, get a hobby, read a book/magazines/read a blog, get creative, build a lego set, paint… YOU GET IT… RIGHT! You would never realize that all of the things we have consumed ourselves with is actually not healthy for our minds. Ponder on what I have shared with you and pay attention to the context you fill yourself with, on a daily basis.

What are compassion Mantras:

“A mantra is a sacred sound, vibration, word, or group of words, uttered in Sanskrit and believed to have spiritual and psychological powers. Mantra is the basis of all wisdom traditions, prayers, and scriptures.

Spoken, chanted, or recited mentally, mantras can help alter subconscious impulses, habits, and afflictions, and are also used to enter a deep state of meditation. Mantras should be practiced on a regular basis in order for their desired effects to take place.

A “Compassion Mantra” is one which is used to express compassion, peace, gratitude, and devotion. Famous for its powers of healing, protection, and purification, The great Compassion Mantra is one of the most popular mantras chanted by buddhists around the world.”

Task for your Journal:

  • What brings you the most joy?
  • How do you feel this joy in your everyday life and in your current work?
  • How can you approach a life full of joy, by living your compassionate life?

Try to complete this by Sunday morning! I will have your next meditation posted by tomorrow night!

Enjoy this day, noticing the generous gifts of the world that surround us, seek us, and ask us to notice and accept them. Seek, find, accept and give thanks for each of them. At the end of the day, write down at least three paths / sources through which abundance has come to you today. Even if it was something very small.

Have a beautiful day my friends,


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