Meditation for the soul… 15

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are well and safe! I have given you all amply of time to complete all tasks and meditations!

Today, I would like to touch on trauma… as this impacts many individuals. I will touch on childhood traumas. Though, some individuals can be remarkably resilient others are much more vulnerable to the effects of trauma. I would like my audience to acknowledge when interacting with others to be sensitive to the idea of what could be happening for this person… as many expect individuals to just function. WHICH… is not realistic at all! Some individuals you find to be “ASSHOLES” have undergone a traumatic childhood and yes sometimes we should try to understand others walk of life. I personally… do not stare at someone in public having a difficult time, I actually try to not make them uncomfortable. I see many people just react, make faces and actually make the situation worse. WHY not think… what could be going on with this individual and decide… to act in kindness instead!!! You will change an individuals day or week even!

Trauma is a wide topic but something I have found interesting is about the hormone OXYTOCIN, (how many of you are aware of this hormone) this is actually the hormone that regulates your social interactions, empathy and attachment. It also plays a role in sexual reproduction, childbirth and helps with the bonding of the baby. Oxytocin can be damaged through childhood maltreatment and abuse!

It is truly unfortunate but many parents did not come with the tools to be the best effective parent. I will say most parents have made more mistakes, some damage to their children… than they would be willing to admit. You have to imagine a small child and then wonder what could any of them really do to deserve any mistreatment! In my opinion many children are scolded due to the adults impatience and their own stresses. You must take the time to step back as a child did not ask to come into your world of stress… they are here to discovery who they are! They are not your possessions to be guided to fulfill your wants but to become their own individuals! I have always thought to be a parent must be really planned… carefully and must be something you have time for. Many create a family through their own selfishness and then we end up with so many children damaged. They become these angry adults that; murder, create mass shootings, join gangs, develop low self esteem, attempt suicide… this list goes on! Yes… many of us manage and create beautiful lives for ourselves. Many are able to seek therapy but that is not many of us! I want you all to be sensitive to this as many will come out of this isolation in fragile states, exposed to extreme abuse, increased anxiety and so much more. When you see someone distressed take a moment and show patience/kindness… is my message today.

If this is something you have struggled with, getting counselling that is specialized in childhood trauma would be your best option but creating a life of gratitude can help heal your emotional charged soul! Looking at self help books, which there are many, if you need recommendations… send me an email!

So my friends during your time at home think of anyone that could use a gratitude letter and send them one! If you could create a hand written letter, or text or email would be a way to promote kindness and awareness!

Here are some gratitude tasks for a few days a week:

  • Look for the humour in a frustrating situation or connect with someone who makes you laugh. Notice how laughter impacts your mood.
  • Take 3 short mindful stretch breaks throughout the day.
  • Listen more than you talk today
  • Notice what you do when you’re waiting
  • Eat your breakfast mindfully
  • Plan the week ahead to prioritize your self-care. Schedule in rest, meditation, baths and stretches
  • Make somedays day better
  • Explore where you are today. Get curious and look for beauty.
  • Give yourself extra space to move slow
  • Take a day off from social media (I did that, deleted it all off my phone!)
  • Massage your face and notice where you hold tension. It’s amazing how much stress we can hold, often without awareness in the muscles around our faces
  • Check in with your energy levels and plan your day in a way that honours how you’re feeling

Mantra during your meditation:

“As I live in present moment awareness I live the magic of synchro-destiny” “The core of my being is the ultimate reality, the root and ground of the universe, the source of all that exists.”

Let your day be filled with joy, happiness and bright events !!! 😊

May miracles appear more often in your life!!! 😇

Have a wonderful day and meditation!

Love Always,


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  1. These are some really good points. A very informative blog you have here!!! Definitely going to write love letters for my loved ones soon.

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