Meditation for the soul… 16

Be kind always

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you were able to complete last nights meditation! I heard that things will begin to reopen up again and hope this will not create more anxiety for others!

Here are a few questions for your journal: How do you feel about this? Are there any concerns for you? How will you begin to feel comfortable again to be out and about? What can you do to ease your mind? What strategies can you create to keep yourself safe and others. Write down your thoughts and write down the strategies you plan to implement.

My heart goes out to all the seniors stuck in their homes, those who were abandoned by staff and those who no longer received care during this time. We had a few of those situations, here in Canada. The military did arrive to help out in managing the day to day tasks and being there for our seniors. The children of these families must have been so distraught and heart broken! My heart goes out to them and I have made a decision that I will actually volunteer my time at an old age home this summer!

My heart also goes out to those that have had a hard hit to their financial situation. I completely understand why businesses tried to open up when they could not. I can only imagine the stress they have felt through this closure. When you place all your hard earned money into a business you created, to almost lose it, is extremely heart breaking. I pass no judgement on anyone that challenged these circumstances or didn’t follow through with what was expected. It would have been much easier for those with their families at home and receiving their pay checks, as not much was effected there. In these situations staying at home was easy but this was not the case for many; with their loved ones in a senior home, working in hospitals, dealing with mental health or owned their own businesses! My heart goes out to those individuals!

Be kind with your words and do not pass judgement, as you share your experiences or head out and about!

Here are some new gratitude tasks to follow:

  • Cuddle up with a good book and a cozy blanket
  • Kick off the week with mindful movement — Calm Body, stretching, yoga, or anything!
  • Play the Daily Calm at work to share with your coworkers – maybe it’ll become a new office tradition!
  • Get creative — color, write, craft, draw or paint
  • Go for a long walk with a loved one
  • Try a loving kindness meditation today
  • Set the Mindfulness bells in 10-minute intervals for an hour. Each time you hear the bell, close your eyes, take a deep breath and grow a little taller.
  • When you take your shower, spend a few minutes just feeling the sensation of the water on your skin.
  • Find a quote or an affirmation to inspire and support you today
  • When you drink your coffee or tea, put away your phone and drink in silence. Be mindful of the taste, temperature and enjoy your morning.
  • Think of some people in the world that are suffering that you don’t know and do loving kindness meditation in dedication to their wellbeing.
  • Write a list of your beliefs that tell you it’s not okay to be loving with yourself. After writing your list take a moment to compassionately challenge each of these beliefs.
  • Listen to a loving kindness meditation today.

Mantra: I will embrace the differences in others and be open to their way of life.

I completed a podcast about what is being happy… well being happy is different from things that make you happy. WE have been exposed to thinking that our GENES and environments have moulded who we are and how happy we will be. GENES are related to how intelligent you will be, onset to depression, obesity and so forth but this does not solely space you. An example was that if you watched the news every morning that most people at the end of their day stated that they had a negative day. When individuals started their day with positivity their days ended as feeling positive. When you smile at someone… that smile actually realizes dopamine (neurotransmitter) which then creates a reaction of several individuals smiling. We live in a world that has a combination of negativity and positivity with a brain that functions in a mirror system… so you have to train your brain to begin creating a happy brain/mind! Happiness is not an individual choice. Happiness is an interconnected choice! The greatest change in life is seeing the world through a positive lens!

Two books I recommend: 1. Big Potential: How transforming the pursuit of success raises our achievement, happiness, and well-being 2. The Happiness Advantage: How a positive Brain fuels success in work and life.

These are two amazing books that helps you shift how to actually build a happy mind and understanding how your brain actually views the world and how it gets influenced. When your brain is positive you actually achieve more accomplishments and your body feels strong/healthier. When your brain feels stress/negative it actually exposes you to the flu, body aches and pain, back pain, and so forth. We will always be exposed to stress but teaching your brain how to manage this stress in a brain that knows to feel happy actually changes all the situations. I found these two books to be extremely helpful!

Have a beautiful week and feel the abundance all around you! Feel happy and do not relate happiness to your success! Enjoy getting out, enjoy the sun and look up to the night sky! Heal in love and share love!

Love Always,


8 thoughts on “Meditation for the soul… 16

  1. I love this so much! Best of luck to you volunteering at the old age home. I did that myself a year or so ago. You will definitely create some memories! Keep writing and spreading positivity to the world!

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    1. Thank you, I am extremely happy to hear the energy came through in the email! I have been keeping busy with work, blogging, writing letters and meditation! Meditation has done so much good for me and walking a lot. I try to get outside once a day, especially today was such a beautiful day! I hope you have ben good and was able to enjoy the day!

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