Meditation for the soul… 17

Hi Everyone! I hope you have all been well! I have been busy with work, hobbies and sorting out my many thoughts. Here are my thoughts for all of you lovely people!

Today’s message: May all the good I create, generate more good, circulate and return to me. We should all try to live in unity. In today’s meditation, we will talk about unity, as the basic truth of all that exists.
As individuals, we are not alike.  We have different lifestyles, beliefs and perceptions. However, these differences exist only in the physical plane. Whereas at the molecular and spiritual level, we are all one and are connected with the universal primary source.

When we begin to fully understand this concept of life in unity, the idea of a personal “I” gives way to the image of a universal “I”. The concept of rivalry and competition disappears. This relationship contributes to deep love and empathy for everyone who surrounds us. We often get caught up in our differences but in the end we all have more similarities than differences.

We often get stuck on what we believe in and what we were taught. I would like to speak about the many difficulties among the white and black community. I will always encourage people to look at their privileges…. this does not mean you did not have life struggles as we all have a story and that story can not be taken away from each of us. I challenge you to look at your privilege in colour among a racist system, as it is just that. We often become defensive but instead…. walk in the shoes of an individual enslaved. The angry will arise within you, it is so unfortunate colonization occurred but it did. We have a broken system of so many young black men in a for profit jail system…. and as a nation we do not fight enough against this. I believe as a white community we should be standing up and fighting for those who are judged just by the colour of their skin. If this topic makes you uncomfortable than I challenge you to look at your biases. It is easier to look away and harder to challenge who we are…. truly.

We can’t no longer state we live in a fair system as that is not true. When you look at child services, jail systems, court systems, educational systems and many others….that is when you see the injustice. As a WHITE person we travel through this walk of life…. not understanding what it feels like to not getting a job due to the colour of your skin, comments about your hair, getting charged unfairly, being carded unfairly, being consistently judged, afraid of the police…. these are all true stories. When we speak of UNITY….well these are the topics we must challenge ourselves on: anti-black racism, anti-Islamophobia, Indigenous Rights and Truth & Reconciliation, gender identity, anti-Semitism, and feminism. I truly recommend you to read this book but with an open mind…. WHITE FRAGILITY: Why it’s so hard for WHITE people to talk about racism.

Well I will leave this topic there for all of us to ponder, reflect and challenge our own belief systems.


  • Remember that all of your feelings are valid and appropriate. Write everything that arises.
  • Write a letter to your country of origin. In this letter, express all your feelings about it.

Journal entry:

  • How do you define unity?
  • How do you view diversity?
  • In what ways has meditation brought you closer to living in unity?

“I celebrate my unity with all life knowing we are all one.”

Write down the phrase of the day in your notebook and keep your attention on it throughout the day.

“I see the others in myself and myself in others.”

Love always,


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  1. Another great post with an inspiring message! Love the concept of the universal “I”. That idea promotes unity and has great potential for bringing people together. Thanks!

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