Meditation for the soul… 19

Hello! We are almost at the end of my meditation challenge and this has taken longer than I expected. Though maybe this turned out longer so I would commit to posting more frequently! We will have a few posts left dedicated to meditations! I will then venture back to sharing knowledge on mental health!

I myself have had a difficult time concentrating, and have not been able to really focus on anything for very long. In this COVID-19 isolation it has impacted my family by keeping us all separated. My parents are seniors and are extremely afraid. My sister who has Crohn’s and due to the medication she takes, it suppresses her immune. So I have not seen any of them since April which was from a distance. I respect their circumstances and understand each and everyone’s perspective… even though I am from a different mindset of thinking.

In these past few months I have spoken to only a few friends, and in our discussions we have realized that many feel they are connected to their friends through social media. Which we all know this does not have the same effects as person to person. With the digital era among us this will become the new world. I am unsure if I will be able to adapt. I know I will be fortunate in a few friendships… I have a few that will be on my journey in trying to stay away from a digital world. Isolation is a huge struggle for so many in this big but at times lonely world.

Then we come upon racism, protests and police brutality. I just want to remind everyone this is my blog with my thoughts/feelings. I had been following many podcasts and Instagram black leaders. There are many messages that relate to white people to being the devil, evil, and needing to pay for 400 years of living off a white supremacy system. I become extremely depressed and overwhelmed. As I can not change the colour of my skin, which represents the oppressor. In the same moment it dawned on me to understand a little better… what a person of colour goes through each day in dealing with racism. That uncomfortable feeling, needing to always defend where you come from, watching over your shoulder, not feeling understood , feeling hatred towards the colour of your skin… which has to be tiring, draining, exhausting, and fed up. With I am sure with many more emotions.

I have always read, and have since my 20’s known we live in a racist system with a corrupted government. I essentially have been having these conversations since I do work in social services. We still are having these conversations which truthfully we should not be. The government I feel is where the change has to be made and the protests against their policies, laws and injustices. In fighting against the police is a small part, as the fight has to be against governments. They essential keep laws and injustices that will suit them. Today we should have a fair economic system and affordable housing all over the world. There really is no excuse as governments are intelligent but choose what is in their benefits.

Our schools systems have to change where all cultures, race is recognized but this is where the government does its programming. When you pay attention to how leaders speak, how governments function and what our schools teach us is when you recognize they are not working for the common person. To live in a true multicultural nation means we are able to live in a space unified with all of our differences and similarities. Also having simulated into these differences but our government needs to be invested in that. North America is the land of freedom yet there is racism, inequalities, poverty, classism, sexism, homophobia, restriction on freedoms, lack of medical services and this list goes on but we are one of the riches continent’s… so how is this happening? Well, I will share just two examples: NFL highest paid player is making 35 million a year and a few music artists are making a billion a year! Where a nurse is making anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 or a teacher is making anywhere from 30,000 to 90,000. You tell me is this a country that offers equality for all?

Then my last thought is looking at our indigenous communities who as a continent is not even willing to acknowledge the land taken from them. Or the conditions they have been left on and the traumas placed upon their communities. Even in their hunger strike were ignored by many governments. So Canada is no better than the United States of America and we leave our home countries thinking this was going to be paradise. I know it’s not all bad as there is positives but I am touching on what is not for now. Something to make us go hmmm….

I have strongly depended on spirituality, meditation, sharing love and trying to understand the world from a kinder heart. I have embraced gratitude as often as I can and that makes an enormous difference! My goal in this world is to be open, to learn, to understand what is being an anti-racist, to being a woman, to continue building my spirituality and be one with the human race.

So that’s me and my thoughts… let’s begin our meditation!

Let’s make a list of things we are grateful for:

  • Make a list of those who love you
  • Friends you relate to
  • Remember to be grateful for your eyes that allows you to see the beauty around you everyday.
  • Appreciate the movement in your body that allows you to explore the world around you!
  • Be grateful for your ears as they allow you to hear nature’s sounds
  • Your nose that allows you to smell flowers, the grass, foods and so much more
  • Appreciate your taste buds that lets us enjoy the gods we eat.
  • Ability to talk and share our opinions/ideas.
  • Your neighbours who go out of your way to smile and chat with you!
  • Your lungs which are working hard as you read this
  • Today because you’ve been given it
  • Access to food
  • Having a steady pay cheque
  • Paying bills on time
  • Weekends that give you more time to spend on life

If you look around in the end there is so much to be grateful for even among so much change! I am so appreciative of my readers who give my blog their attention! Thank you so much!


“Today I remember to love everything and everyone I come into contact with”

existence, consciousness, bliss.

Have an abundant day! 💗💕

Love Always,


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