July Love Letters are here:

Love always first!

Hi Everyone! Here are July’s lover letter requests! If you have a friend that needs a love letter please send me an email and we will arrange a team to write them letters!!!

I hope you all have been well, seems like a long time! Have a wonderful week full of sun, fun and love! A few meditation blogs coming this week!! Yeah!! Enjoy all💕💕


Elizabeth’s friend reached out to us requesting some extra love during a busy season. Her friend wrote:

“Elizabeth is one of the most empathetic people I have ever met. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is not afraid to give that shirt to anyone in need. She works in healthcare and has been tasked with incredible demands during this unprecedented time.  She continues to organize fundraisers to support BLM efforts and facilitates activities to keep our gym community connected while distanced (she coaches as a second job!). While doing all of this she and her husband dealt with an unexpected blow, finding out her sweet two-year old daughter has a learning disability.  Between work schedules, covid restrictions, and finances, Elizabeth is a trooper but I can see that she is in serious need of some love!”

Let’s gather around Elizabeth in the same way she works to gather around
other people!


Elizabeth’s bundle
℅ Julianne M. 
17351 E Mansfield Ave 432L
Aurora, CO 80013



Charles is in need of some encouragement + love. His story is as follows:

“Charles is deaf and needs some encouragement about fatherhood and adulthood. It has been hard for him since he lost his father several years ago, and he  feels like he doesn’t know how to be father to his son, Andrien, who is three years old. Charles doesn’t have confidence in what he wants for his future. I have been helping him to feel confident in the things he can do, like playing with his son, talking with him by using American Sign Language, and figuring out how to find jobs with benefits.

I have been living with Charles and his mother for seven years now, and I thought that talking about the future would help him move forward, but it hasn’t. Please help Charles find some confidence in himself as a parent and an adult. I just want him to know that he can do it. He knows my feelings, but needs to hear from others. I want him to focus on the future for me and Andrien, for us all!”

Please join us in sending encouragement + hope to Charles!


Charles’s bundle
℅ Mylene M.
2316 Monte Vista Drive
Pinole, CA 94564



Abbey is facing challenges and could use some encouragement.
Her mother wrote to us:

“My daughter Abbey has struggled with her health for most of her life, but the last three years have been particularly difficult. She has basically been confined to her bed due to a spinal tumor and numerous infections. Abbey had to leave college six weeks prior to her graduation and has watched from the sidelines while all her friends have continued to move on with their lives and careers. On top of these disappointments, having a chronic medical condition that isn’t well understood by the traditional medical community has been extremely difficult for her. Abbey has been working extremely hard to try and redefine her life, but could use a little love
and moral support!”

Join us in sending Abbey all the joy + hope that we are capable of sharing.


Abbey’s bundle
℅ Sandra F.
57 Eastfield Drive
Rolling Hills, CA 90274



A friend of Henry’s is requesting a bundle of letters for him as she struggles to love himself. They shared with us:

“Henry is the most giving and passionate person that I have ever met. Anything he sets his mind to, he gives it his all. He just finished his freshman year of college, and he really struggled during that time. Henry felt like he couldn’t find his place and thought about transferring schools or even dropping out. Towards the end of the year though, he seemed like he was enjoying it more and things were looking up for him.

However, Henry has recently started battling depression and tells me frequently that he is struggling with self-love. He went to an out-patient rehab program for his mental health, but is still struggling. I am nominating Henry to receive some love letters because he would do anything for anyone and I want him to know how special he is and how much this world needs him in it!”

Let’s show Henry all the love by penning him all the encouragement!


Henry’s bundle
℅ Emma C. 
5844 Whitebark Pine Trail
Dublin, OH 43016



Sylvia’s daughter reached out to More Love Letters and requested a bundle for her mother as she faces challenging circumstances during the pandemic. She shared:

“My mom has been stuck at her independent living facility since mid-March, and although she is a very positive person she has been getting depressed lately because she is cut off from everyone she loves. She will be turning ninety-eight on July 22nd and she said all she has to look forward to is getting mail from others. I thought it would be fun for her to receive a lot of mail to get her spirits back up again!”

Grab your pens and join us as we wish Sylvia a happy birthday + remind her of her of her value!


Sylvia’s bundle
℅ Leah K. 
807 Kersey Road
Silver Spring, MD 20902


With love 💕,

Lucy Lu💗💗

13 Comments on “July Love Letters are here:

  1. I wish, I could personally meet these beautiful souls, if I was in America maybe I could arrange something. I will pray for them. Hope they found there courage back and live life with positivity.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Oh okay, yes you are quite a distant away! I was in India 8 years ago… I was in Calcutta working at an orphanage.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hey! My experience was very humbling and I am grateful for the experience. There were moments in India as a female that we didn’t always feel safe but we were always aware and were able to make quick decisions. I spent some time in Dakhar… where most of the rice fields are located. I worked in a medical centre for the community, to help weight new borns and give formula. We worked in what India calls the slums of Mumbai… which was so heart breaking! I completed some time in the orphanage of Calcutta. The children were such a joy, always smiling and laughing. That was my most favourite. I loved the night time markets, all the fabric shops, and I love how alive the nighttime becomes. The markets have everything, even live chickens running around!! I did some travelling… I went to Agra and I got some amazing carpets, brass and marble which I shipped home!! I seen the Taj Mahal, gardens and there is monkeys everywhere!!! One almost got to take my purse!! I seen the Gandhi river not really the place to drink water from!! It’s a very condensed country. I found how creative and imaginative ways people look to create money. Lots of children shuffle through the garbage fills and make so many crafty things. What broke my heart was all the homeless children and a shortage of housing. The economics is not fair in India. You know there is so many issues in India. In the slums people are maltreated, have lack of resources to schools and healthcare. So many girl children are abandoned. I was helping many children to get into schools so they could get out of being sexually exploited but often they would run back.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know the reality here and it’s pain me to see all this, in High school we did used to got to old age home and help out them. After that I got in college and I got busy with that, now all the corona stuff is going on, so I am not going outside that much. But yeah, I always hope I could do more, but for that I have to become a successful guy. And I am working on my dream as a writer. So I could help out through my words and work. I hope you visit India again.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you and I hope that you will be successful in your writing career! I wish all of the goodness in our universe to surround you always!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me. I hope you help out everyone like you did before. It’s my pleasure that I got to talk to you.

        Liked by 1 person

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