Beginning 28 days of Gratitude… Day 1

Hello my Friends: I have decided to start a new quest! We will embark on a 28 days of gratitude together! I embraced mediation, gratitude routines and mindfulness during a time I was lost in my desire to have children. I was no longer able to see the beauty in life and I felt the world had abandoned me. I was so angry, victimized in my own pity, and so sad. I know I didn’t understand what the future would look like without of children. I was stuck in a system… that taught us value comes from falling in love, getting married and creating a family… prior to anything else, this was the world I grew up in. When I arrived into my 30’s the main questions were: When are you getting married & it is time for you to make a family!

Well, imagine… my relationship at the time falls apart! I was engaged but pressured to get married. In my heart none of this felt right… with this man. I knew I was making a choice based on what should happen. I could not go through with it for many reasons, he was not a genuine, good hearted man and we were so different. I knew in my mind & soul once I walked away I would now be at risk for possibly not having children.

I made the choice to choose me versus the pressure of culture & customs. I am not married but live with my significant partner. I was not able to have children but am surrounded by many children & youth.

This leads me into my true intention of this blog entry… I started on a self love discovery with myself! I did meet someone new who does compliment my personality and whom I get to embrace… who I am at all times. I am very independent and need my own space to be creative in my world. During these last 10 years I was able to travel to India and volunteer in Calcutta, which was a surreal experience and I will write about that trip in later blog! I took a trip alone to Turkey, England & Scotland, which I recommend everyone to explore at some time in this life time. I also travelled to a yoga retreat in Italy, by myself and met some unbelievable people on this solo trip! I spent some days in Rome and explored the history of this city on my own time.

More recently, last year I created this blog all on my own through reading and exploring what this all entails! I learned about SEO’s, marketing, HTML, uploading, editing, being a photographer…. I learned so much! These last few months: I have created my own ESTY store and have become an ESTY seller! You all have come to know me for writing letters around the world… well I now sell my handcrafted cards online, handcrafted ornaments and magical smoke bundles to cleanse your home with an intention!

This was all created through my journey of healing, accepting gratitude into my life and learning to use mindfulness activities to manage emotions. I have found gratitude to be more effective than therapy, as it comes from within me and I do the work that is needed for healing. I have challenged myself and found a life that is just as fulfilling as in having had children. I still get sad days but it is just a sad day now. I know no one will ever understand what it feels to be empty in a life with no children and I also know it’s not their story!

There is life after a loss, break-up, death, disappointment, and so forth. It is unfortunate but this life journey comes with many challenges and having a strong self helps you to always appreciate what is in your life at this moment!

So I have not written as many blog entries due to building my ESTY store which actually takes a lot of therapeutic work! I want to help you create a gratitude life through tasks, journey entries, guided questions and guided videos! KINDA similar to the 21 days of meditation! This means you will get to engage with me more daily!

Gratitude: This is a selfless act to show you appreciate someone. It is a feeling of appreciation and meaningful to act-of-kindness. Gratitude makes your life fill enough as you begin to appreciate all that is in your life.

Here are a few simple tasks:

  1. First, think of someone who has done something important and wonderful for you, yet who you feel you have not properly thanked.
  2. Next, reflect on the benefits you received from this person, and write a letter expressing your gratitude.
  3. Finally, arrange to deliver the letter personally, and spend some time with this person talking about what you wrote…. or you can mail the letter to them but inform them you have done this and why!!!!

I encourage you all to participate and take the risks to share kindness with all those around us!

Also each morning open your door or window and breath in the fresh air. Stare into the sky and take a moment to see the ripples in the sky. She the shapes of the clouds, the different shades of white and blue. Truly pay attention to something that is there everyday when you wake up and appreciate that beauty.

We will begin here and please do not hesitate to begin a journal… this can be a 5 min entry, or just your moment of thought but not something to stress about! The moment you fill you should write then begin!

Here is a gratitude video to begin your day with:

Please do not hesitate to share with me your routines, coping strategies, what would you like to learn from me and what would be beneficial for YOU!

I will see you all soon, again Wednesday!

Love Always,


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