Gratitude day Two: seasons changing…

Hello My Friends:

The seasons are changing and we find ourselves with winter just around the corner! Before I dig into this topic… let’s find what we are grateful for… I am grateful for my hands that allow me to write my love letters to the world, the beautiful lines crafted throughout the palm of my hands, my fingernails that allow me to place dramatic colours💕💕💕 What are you grateful for today?

I 💕 to enjoy the beauty of all seasons as they each come with their own characteristics as we do!

The fall is stunning in its colours, birds flocking south, animals organizing their outside homes, farmers markets, farmers/people preserving… those are a few!!

Winter’s first snow fall is so beautiful and magical. Winter has so many different festivals and many countries light up their cities!

Spring is to me the season of love… everything is blooming! To witness flowers blooming, all of nature’s babies hatching, life forming, a bounce to humans steps, humans preparing their gardens, and patios! It’s a season where you see smiles, kindness and love everywhere!

Summer is my favourite season as I love the heat! I love the warmth of the sun, the warm wind, the running water through the lakes, all the flowers, the laughter of children carried with the wind and all the outdoor activities!

When you see the world through a grateful mind you can find beauty everywhere. My world is definitely not made of beautiful roses but the moment I entailed gratitude I was able to deal with the difficult patches! I encourage all to practice gratitude daily and it to be introduced the moment you wake up! We are heading into a glooming winter season with so many stuck at home and now with limited outdoor time. I worry about peoples wellbeing. It is no breaking news about the increase of anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, today there are many young people that are battling with anxiety and depression.

I do encourage parents to look at a botanical tincture that helps manage anxiety or depression. I recommend finding a Naturalpathic doctor that specializes in botanical tinctures. I can list two that I recommend for you: (The Herbal Clinic direct website)

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Everything in this life has a solution but we have to implement them and try!

Here are some calming activities:

  • Take a solo walk in a quiet, natural place when you’ve completed your morning tasks
  • Spend a few minutes alone to inhale calm and exhale tension
  • Practice tai chi, rhythmic dancing, or yoga in your own comfortable space, to release pent up energy.
  • Listen to music that you find calming and doesn’t disturb your mental stillness.
  • Stand barefoot on grass, soil, or sand to refresh and balance energy levels
  • Nurture a meaningful spiritual practice

A gratitude video for you:

My lovely peeps I will leave it at this for today! My intentions for you all today is to enjoy fun, silly moments with those around you or with yourself!! Also do not forget to write in your beautiful journal today!

Love 💕 LucyLu

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