Gratitude day Three: Hope

Hey Beautiful Humans:

Today, we heard the news of having lockdowns again… even the wording itself sounds so hopeless. There are so many words that can be used to describe what officials would like to happen. Also with more clarity around humans understanding the reasoning why certain things get closed versus others. In reality their reasoning has left many confused and pondering what is happening. An example; currently department stores, grocery stores, liquor/beer store, schools, take out for restaurants, gas stations, construction companies, TTC are allow to continue but no movies, dine-in’s, gyms, nails, tanning, hair stylists, and small clothing stores. When you actually see this list… does this really make sense?! There is something not right about this whole process… I hope you are all questioning and thinking for yourselves. One last point on this actual topic: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville received this shutdown but not Vaughn as their major wrote a letter begging that they not be shut down. The funny thing is we all travel outside of the cities that have been placed on a shutdown… it is a kinda… shutdown as we are all okay to go to work and continue paying our taxes. I am a believer that we need to adjust to this virus, people will die, but we are no longer equipped as a urban city to sustain shutdowns. Many many people will become effected with poverty, homelessness and job loss. Be grateful for your current situation if it happens to be better than many!

Look at local communities to donate your time, some food or clothing!

I am not impacted by these shutdowns but I am impacted emotionally by the way it has impacted people, the economy, poverty and such division among people. I have become adjusted to my solitude as during this pandemic many of us have been left on our own. I have friends but it has truly been limited in its efforts. Through this situation I have noticed how much fear impacts humans and many families have isolated to their own homes. This part is sad cause through these situations we should bond with family/friends and build a small community so you can help each other out but it is not been the case. Surprisedly, it has been individuals considered acquaintances that I have created such a strong bond with as they call/check in regularly!

What I am so grateful for is my strength and confidence in who I am.

Also having learned to love my own company and truly only needing my own company has become so liberating. I am not mad, sad nor even disappointed in humans. I just know this is the progress of this life journey. I still love all and my door is always open as I am not willing to ever allow any circumstances to change my core aura and soul!

I continue to share love through letters, meeting up, or calling! I have created a similar community through my ESTY business and have been meeting like minded people. There are so many people with my interest and creating such true kindness around the world. I love IT!!! I have been embracing the world of witches which entails creating smoulder sticks/ cleansing bundles, good intentionally dried flower bundles, herbal smokes, handmade crafts/cards, ornaments and so much more. These women are so inspiring with such goodness, genuineness, kindness and it has filled my heart.

Through this experience I am fully supportive of small businesses and buy items through local small shops, I may pay a little more but I am not invested in large corporations. I want to embrace individuality, uniqueness and return to basics.

I hope in reading some of this that you all will return to basics and support your local businesses. Make the efforts to build your gardens, home cooked meals, find local farms, grow your flowers and build a small indoor garden as well!

Here is the fun stuff… I need you all to grab your journals and here are a set of guided of questions I would love for you to think about and write when you feel it in your heart. I also would love for the friends reading, new people, instagram followers to share your thoughts, engage with me… only if you feel it within your SOUL!

Gratitude list:

  • In this experience: do not rush to write down the first thing that comes to your mind. Take time to truly think about what you are grateful for. Feel your passion, your love and positive intentions.
  • Write about a valuable lesson you learned: what did you get from this lesson, what changes happened, and what are you grateful for.
  • Write about something beautiful you seen today.

Experience in gratitude sensory:

  • The moment you wake up, get out of bed, and go out onto your balcony/backyard… step onto the cold floor and look up to the sky. Feel the coldness on your feet, the sensation, the senses running up your legs into your stomach and just embrace the adjustment to the coldness of the floor.
  • Then notice the sky, the colour, the brightness, the ripples in the sky, the shapes of the clouds and document what you see and do this for a week. You will notice that the sky changes everyday and so does the colour.
  • Then get your morning coffee/tea and really enjoy it. Smell it and sit with that smell for a moment and then take your first sip. Feel the sensations of the taste of your beverage, how your tongue feels and what tastes you are enjoying. Feel the sensations it does within your body, mind and soul. How does your day begin when you start with this routine. I would suggest to have meditation music playing as you flow into this morning routine.
  • Go to bed a little earlier so that you have enough time to wake up and experience this for the week! I will ask you on Wednesday to share your experience’s!

Gratitude Video:

Love Always,


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  1. Great post about so many things-hope, enjoying quality time alone, supporting small businesses. You reminded us of so many things to appreciate during these crazy times. Thanks for posting Lucy!

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