Gratitude Day 7: Colours of your SOUL

Ola Amigos,

It has been a minute… my intentions had been to post daily but this did not happen! I got distracted with running a fun and therapeutic ESTY business. I started creating floral bundles with powerful herbs that can be used to smoke a persons home from negative energies. I also create handmade cards which, I love the idea of people writing letters in a vintage way! If you are interested in following my ESTY store is: journeywithspirit72 and my Instagram is: journeywithspirit2020.

So my theme is about colours as I started painting again. I am by far an artist but love using paint as it is a form of art that you can have fun with and be free to explore all dimensions.

When you look at colours your soul dances! Just sit back, better yet if you have markers/crayons look at all the different colours and see which makes you smile, excited or energetic. We walk through life not acknowledging all the colours around us that lighten up our planet.

Look at a tree for instances, let’s pick a spruce-pine tree. It’s shade of green can almost be seen to be a blue grey which, makes it stand apart from the rest of its cousins! It’s such a beauty when you take the time to observe and truly see. We are passing by the moments too quickly and not really seeing anything in front of us. We need to slow down and STOP. Take that whole minute and just observe….

I will share a secret 🤫…. advertisement uses colours to evoke you and get you to buy their products! Colours evokes emotions in all of us!

I am going to share a few of my favourite colours and the emotions they evoke in us!

  • Green Aura: love for outdoors, nature lover, concern for health, very grounded, logical and has a spotless home!
  • Orange Aura: love the spotlight, charismatic, funny, loud people, and are usually the life of the party. Ability to sense other’s emotions, and care deeply for how people feel.
  • Purple Aura: triggers psychic abilities, high sensitivity to emotions and energies. People with a purple aura are empaths and have beautiful souls!
  • Blue Aura: color aura is the rarest of them all, but it symbolizes strength in communication and a balanced persona. represents a calm, soothing nature, and so these people make wonderful peacemakers and solvers of problems.

I ask you all to pay attention to how colours evoke you, which you enjoy wearing and calms your soul.

I ask you to commit to some adult colouring as it’s therapeutic for your soul! It calms your mind and soothes your soul.

Paint with your hands as the paint on your fingertips actually triggers a fun sensation and brings out your inner childhood!

It’s so important to be fun, silly and just laugh! We get so serious when we get older and we forget to balance fun. Dance your heart out at home with loud music! Laugh so much that your belly hurts and stay in that moment! Make this month the goal of reconnecting with your inner child again…

Our souls need it… look at children and witness their carefree ways as that is a true gift that we all had!

Gratitude is witnessing the small miracles all around you. Absorbing the beauty in nature!

With Love,


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