Gratitude Day 8: Crafting

Ola Amigos!

I am going to begin with gratitude: I am grateful for having a home that is warm and provides me with shelter. As many do not have this option and I manifest to the universe to help these individuals struggling at this time.

My heart breaks to see people suffering and I do what I can and as often as I can. As my belief is we should be all helping our communities all year round and I hope that each of you can offer that at some point!

I have been crafting in my home…. which is my favourite part of the day! It saved my mind and soul as it gives me a purpose. I create products that are manifested and with positive intentions which, in turn has introduced me to a whole new community.

A world of crafters taking on so many different forms of a new age world. A long time along new age was seen as evil but it is not. It is based on abundance, manifestations, positive intentions and building a ritual that signifies with you through spirituality. I love it as I am exploring and learning new interesting fun things.

This makes me get through a world that has changed in so many ways. Many of us have become use to the isolations that hardly anyone actually talks.

Everyone is busy with Netflix, movies, staying inside and the internet. It is something I have accepted and surround myself with those that have made the efforts to stay connected! My arts have made me tap into a hidden talent and it keeps me happy and occupied!

This is mindfulness!!! The world of writing, activities, moving and crafting is what is now call mindfulness. It simulates our brains and all the good hormones to get activated!

It connects us to love, nature, earth and the universe! Find something that makes your heart sing!

Gratitude tasks for you: Gratitude isn’t an emotion that is reserved for those moments when you get what you want. After a negative event put things in perspective by remembering that every difficulty carries within it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit. When faced with adversity, ask yourself the following questions:

  • “What’s good about this?”
  • “What can I learn from this?”
  • “How can I benefit from this?”
  • “Is there something about this situation that I can be grateful for?”

Gratitude Journal. The practice of keeping a gratitude journal. Before going to bed each night, write a list of five things about that day for which you’re grateful. Some days you’ll have exciting things to write down, and some days you’ll be writing down simple joys.

Here is a video of my gratitude bundles that I make to give you an example!

A little about my life….

With Love,


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  1. Great post! The four questions to ask when facing adversity are questions we all need to ask. They give us time to pause and objectively assess the situation. Thanks for posting!

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