February Love Letters: 💕

Hello Lovely People,

Here we begin again writing letters to those who need some extra love from our universe! Join me in writing letters!!!!


Chelsea has been facing a series of challenging, wonderful circumstances. Her friend shared part of her story with us:

“My best friend Chelsea had her first baby in February of 2020. Her baby, Grace, was born just two weeks before we went into our first lockdown. Ever since then, Chelsea has been at home taking care of Grace, every single day. Although Chelsea receives support from her parents and her husband, she has been taking care of Grace largely alone. She has not been able to do the normal activities a new mom and baby might take part in: no mommy & me classes, no moms & tots swimming lessons, no perusing the grocery store or the mall with a baby in a stroller. Those activities make up a huge part of a new mom’s social life but Chelsea and Grace have not had the chance to do any of them. This has left Chelsea feeling so isolated and lonely. 

Since I live a thousand miles away in another province, I cannot visit her either. But I am so proud of this woman for being an amazing mother and for providing Grace with as much fun, love, and stimulus as she can. I’m hoping we could all send Chelsea love and appreciation as this first year of being a new mom comes to a close.”

Let’s send Chelsea heaps of celebration + encouragement!

**letters are welcome in English and French


Chelsea’s bundle
℅ Emalie H. 
282 Ryan St.
Moncton, NB
E1G 2W3



Heidi’s best friend reached out with the story of her current challenges. She wrote to us:

“Heidi is one of the most caring and loving individuals I have ever known. She has dedicated her life to serving the public as a paramedic. She gives so much of herself to take care of others in need. 

Recently, Heidi was diagnosed with cancer. In the face of this, she is trying to be strong and continue to encourage others. I really believe that words of encouragement would be life changing for her and would give her strength to keep fighting. She is an absolute blessing in my life, as well as many others. I couldn’t imagine a life where she isn’t.”

Grab your pens and join us in sharing hope + encouragement with Heidi.


Heidi’s bundle
℅ Heather B. 
3111 Swan Place
Lynchburg, VA 24501



A friend of Josena has shared a bit of her story from 2020 and asked us to rally around her friend. She wrote: 

“Josena has been my best friend since we met at sixth form and she giddily commented that we had the same initials in a slightly different order. At the start of 2020, she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and she’s been on medication since. In August, just after her birthday, her tiny Yorkshire terrier was hit by a car and passed away right in front of her. Josena has been there for her family as a carer all her life, and even more this year where her mum has been working with covid patients and staff as an essential worker. Her mum has recently been told she may have cancer, and her dad had his second seizure a few weeks ago – we’re not sure what’s caused them and all the scans and tests came back clear again. Additionally, Josena lost her job right before Christmas. Despite all she’s faced over the last year, she’s still the same caring and sweet friend she’s always been to me. She still helps me any time I feel down, and I know she supports many, many others too.

Josena loves letters so much! It’s one thing she gets super excited about receiving and showing to other people. I’ve seen so many of the letters she sends to people and how happy she becomes when she tells me she got another letter. After everything she’s been through this year and after all she’s done for me over the years, I would really like to deliver a special smile to her.”

Pick out some fun stationery + unite with us in sending Josena a smile. 

**Josena’s primary language is English, but loves to see and learn more about other languages. Feel free to include some words and phrases in your favorite language!


Josena’s bundle
℅ Anne Marie J. 
69 Homestead Road
S5 0NA
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom



Lisa lives life in an incredibly sacrificial way, and is facing difficult circumstances. Her friend shared with us:

“Lisa is the MOST giving person in the entire universe. She works tirelessly on the front lines in NYC for the ASPCA saving animals daily. Not just a few, I’m talking about hundred and hundreds during animal abuse raids, hoarding cases, dog fighting rings, animals left as a result of owners dying from COVID, the list just goes on and on. She has a Master’s degree in art therapy and is also a reiki master. Lisa is in her early 40’s and has already beaten cancer once. She has once again been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma and is facing another tumor removal surgery along with radiation treatments and blood clotting vein surgery. She lives alone in Brooklyn in a 4th floor apartment with no elevator. She has no one near her to help her with doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry, literally no one. Her mother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and Lisa – even though she is battling cancer herself, regularly drives hours to go and assist her. She lost her father at the young age of 8. She works day and night, helping the animals – but doesn’t have a close team of support to help her. She has been my best friend for 30 years; and with me through so many difficult times in my life….she never gives up. She needs a gift of kindness in the most beautiful way possible.”

Join us in sending Lisa encouragement through this trying season.


Lisa’s bundle
℅ Jessamy B. 
2252 Stonehedge Drive, Apt F
East Lansing, MI 48823


With Love,


2 thoughts on “February Love Letters: 💕

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely gift. I am so grateful for you because you have encouraged me to be mindful, grateful and to meditate… I got it!!
    I am enjoying the fragrance of my bundle, a cup of tea and listening to meditation music!
    ~Love & Peace Forever~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww my dear friend, i am so grateful that you have been able to create a place of tranquility, peace and love within as that is when we begin to truly heal and embrace who we are!!! Those are the most beautiful tools that we have but takes time to embrace! I love you dearly!!! Meditation music is so good for us, the world should embrace it!!!


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