Gratitude: Day 10: Personal Story

I wanted to take this moment to thank you all for paying attention to my blog and engaging with me. It is always appreciated! I am active on Instagram as; journeywithspirit2020. I post about my shop, stories and quotes. It’s a positive space that welcomes everyone as who they are! I am grateful for all of my experiences in life because it evokes your spirit to be humble always. My share is in sharing where my humbleness was created and where my critical thinking was evoked. I want anyone that reads this entry to know this is my experiences and my views/ideas.

I often in my own life journey I get caught on the waves, in figuring am I always doing the right thing! In this world of so much love and hate at the same breath, staying true to who you are is challenging.

Recently, there have been many challenges around race. I am a European woman who immigrated here from Portugal. I am educated in colonialism from many different perspectives, in fact I learned this when I lived in Portugal as a teen. This is part of their curriculum to understand the oppressive systems and corruption of governments in so many different eras. 

I also cannot change my skin colour that North America states is white and in recent classes speaking on anti-black racism it joins all whites as one race. When in fact a person from England is completely different than a person from Spain. I find that to be so generic and insulting. I would state saying someone is black or brown is generic as well as someone from Nigeria is very different from someone coming from Jamaica. I also cannot change history but have always been aware of the damage history causes, the manipulation in Hollywood, corrupted systems, and the power that elites have in this world. I agree with none of this and try to not participate in wanting to engage in racism of any kind. In this life on Earth all we do is judge one another for race, colour, culture, religion, medical differences, beauty, weight, relationship, a woman who stays home as a care giver, and it just goes on. Unfortunately, I can say every one of you has been racist, has judged and so forth. I am definitely trying to evoke critical thinking that is not taught through indoctrination but through experiences. 

I will say through the 60’s/70’s many Irish, Italian and Portuguese moved to North America as it was advertising life to be better here, which in fact in the end it really is not for Europeans. Also, North America was specifically wanting Europeans here for work in construction, which is why many of these cultures today own many construction companies. Though I will say this job is extremely damaging to the body and leaves a disconnect with families as these individuals work long hours and arrive home too tired. 

I will tell you every immigrate that has left their country suffered just like those of today. I will also state no one gave us a dollar and nor did we know about any of these services today. 

My family got out of poverty by hard work. My parents, my dad came from a successful business-oriented family and my mom came from farming. My grandfather owned lots of land, cultivated olives into olive oil and ran a farm, back in Portugal. My parents, came from different life styles which was not really accepted by my father’s family as they would want to develop more successes. My father loved my mother who was actually his guardian of war, as my dad at the age of 18 years old had to go into the army as this is mandatory in Europe (not in all countries today). Here we are again with how our systems control humanity for their greed of power.

I want to give a light background as we enter the story of my arrival to Canada. When it comes from the experience of being seen as an immigrate, we have all experienced racism. My parents struggled to make the life they have today and they worked damn hard. My parents worked a full-time job, a part-time job and then picked buckets of worms on the weekends, when it rained. They managed a home, attended all jobs and raising me with no help from anyone. My little sister arrived 10 years later and things were better established by then. 

I clearly remember the turbulence my parents had in finally settling in Toronto and calling Canada their home. We arrived in Edmonton first as that was where my mom’s family had established their home. The dynamic of being with family can be challenging for someone on the outskirts, which in this case would be my dad. There were some discourses which led my dad to travel to Vancouver on his own; for work and then he came back to get us (my mom and me). We settled there with no help and trying to manage a different life style. My dad spoke a bit of English but my mom none. They had full-time jobs in factories and their studies not acknowledged. My mom was an amazing seamstress but unaware how to establish that in Toronto.

My dad then landed a job with Canada-Wire which paid a great salary so we moved to Toronto into an Italian community. This was different for me as I was from Portugal and during this time in the eighties, Italians disliked Portuguese people. I was bullied up until grade 5 and I had the boys on my street teach me how to fight as nothing else was working. This is how I ended being bullied…during these moments I was made fun of having a big bum, made fun of eating fish, having an accent, euro-girls are whores, made fun of my clothes, shopping at Knob-hills farms (many immigrates shopped here in the 80’s) and so forth. During this era, you would not bug your parents about these situations as you did not want to stress them out. Also, anyone that was Portuguese in the 80’s you had to help out. I cooked, cleaned, organized and shopped with my mother. We worked as a family and did everything together. We did not speak of our issues outside of the house. Where in Canada again there is CAS (Children’s Aid society) who informs you how you raise your children, other countries do not have a system like this. I get conflicted by this as in working in this field and having seen certain situations that children have been placed in, should have a safe place but not where the state tells you how to raise your children and the consent at 12 years old, which means the schools do not need to inform their parents if their child is seeking counseling/getting medical attention or engaged in sex. My blog is opening our views in the relatable issues of immigrating from another country, different experiences, and similarities.

My family, my home in my heart and my nationality is Portuguese 💕

Here is an interesting bit of history that we do not touch on: 

I also want to speak about what we do not embrace in the study of cultures/wars/politics. Let’s speak of England, which was a very primitive culture, lack of reading & writing, and used fear to get control over their people. We do not speak about the political part of slavery where you will discovery that Europeans enslaved Europeans, the Chinese enslaved the Chinese and finally the Africans enslaved Africans. We allow schools to control what they are now willing to educate and we are always eliminating the entire stories. The entire world encompassed slaves at one time or another, this was not just a North American story. If only we could be honest in educating all truths about slavery, corruption and systems. This world, unfortunately is at the hands of corrupted, greedy leaders. We, civilians from each era suffer at their hands consistently each time.

I am grateful to continue to embrace an open mind and accept all differences but still encompassing what I believe in. I will not own past history mistakes or allow a system to suppress my truth as long as it is challenged respectfully. I send you all lots of light & love always.🤍🤍🤍🕯🕯🕯

With Kindness,



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