June Love Letters Needed:💌

HELLO Lovely Humans,

Here is this months love letters needed, I really hope you will join me in writing as so many people need the help.

Just through sharing a letter you can save a life! Grab your pens & paper and write with me!


Emily is an amazing friend going through a challenging time. Her best friend shared some of her story with us.

“Emily always knows the right things to say, she’s witty, and so creative. She loves all things pink and kawaii and all she wants is to spread cuteness and happy vibes to everyone.

Emily is dealing with ongoing health challenges, including a severe physical challenge that forces her to eat a highly restrictive diet, and ongoing agoraphobia that has been compounded by the pandemic. Additionally, she is going through a divorce and is forced, for the time being, to live in less than ideal circumstances. She tends to think that others don’t care about her as much as she cares about them.”

Join us as we write some caring words to Emily.


Emily’s bundle
℅ Melissa Q. 
46 Fanwood Drive
Sayreville, NJ 08872



“Meg is the kind of person who will always find a way to make you feel like the most important person alive. The questions she asks leave you wanting to know yourself better. While she’s with you, you look at her eyes and you can see she cares so so so much. Every single word, every single detail. She is a gentle breeze and a fierce wave crashing over you. She will leave a BIG impression when you first meet her and her light shines brightest when she gets to love you exactly where you are at, the good and the bad.”

These words were written by Meg’s twin sister, Erin, as she petitioned with family, friends, and even complete strangers to pray for her sister’s recovery just five days after Meg and her husband, Isaiah (Zay), were in a devastating car crash. 

Both were rushed to the ER via ambulance, where Isaiah was treated for minor injuries to his face and a broken ankle, and Meg was rushed into emergency surgery to address the swelling and bleeding in her brain, as well as her multiple broken bones and heart complications. Isaiah was soon discharged with a walking boot after receiving surgery on his ankle, but Meg remained in the ICU in critical condition for many months, where, due to COVID restrictions,  she was only able to be visited by her husband. After six and a half weeks in a coma, Meg woke up!!! But their journey was only just beginning. Meg would spend several more weeks in the hospital receiving intensive physical, occupational, speech, and neurological therapies before being able to be discharged home for outpatient care.

As of late February, Meg is officially home! The couple has now moved from their old home into a new handicap accessible apartment and Isaiah has made the transition from not only being Meg’s husband, but now also, her full time caregiver. Meg is improving greatly in her strength and ability to control her body but continues to need extensive therapy and rehab as her body continues to heal.

While her body is still healing, Meg is just as much of a fighter on the inside as ever! Her smile hasn’t faded and Isaiah reports “It is so good to have her home. While it’s not easy, it has already been filled with so many beautiful moments. She has even been encouraging me as I care for her, showing she is still the same incredibly strong, kind, selfless, loving woman she has always been.”

Meg and Isaiah are dutiful servants of God (having both served as international missionaries), lovers of art, and world travelers. Any prayers, poems, favorite song recommendations, encouragements in their faith, or other outlets of comfort and general words of support are eagerly welcomed.”

Meg’s story is not over. Join us in writing to this amazing person.


Meg’s bundle
℅ Hannah G. 
6610 Bonanza Trail
Gainesville, GA 30506



Josylnn is a graduating senior who is celebrating her birthday this month! Along with the celebrations comes a lot of change. Her mother shared this:

“As the pandemic rolled out and affected our globe and all the families and individuals in it, our family has been blessed during this time. However, a little encouragement could go a long way for my daughter who became an adult during this time. She paused her life to self isolate until we were vaccinated because I am high risk. At a time when her life should have been full of excitement and beginnings, her world stopped for our family. She is now working at a job that supports Marine Corp recruits, our military, and their families – and will be taking the agility test to get into firefighter training and from there she desires to become an EMT. Joslynn wants to help other people and shine a light in the community. She needs a little encouragement to boost her confidence that she can do this. I am asking that her 19th birthday (that is June 14th) be brought in with a little light of encouragement to help guide her way to the next step she is on.”

Time to get writing and celebrate Josylnn!


Joslynn’s bundle
℅ Amandea T. 
P.O. Box 781
Port Royal, SC 29935



Shana’s friend reached out to share Shana’s story with us:

“Shana is the most incredible person I know. She is gorgeous, silly, kind, generous, wild spirited and loving. She has two great kids, who she would give her life for. She has spent the last 10+ years homeschooling and homemaking, two of the most selfless jobs there are. She has been in a toxic marriage for the last few years, her husband controls her financially, although he hasn’t had a steady job in years. This doesn’t keep her down though, she spends her free time hand making cards and tutoring other homeschool kids to make sure her family has what they need. Even through all of that, I have seen her drop what she’s doing to give someone a ride to the airport or watch someone’s animal because they went on vacation. She is so generous with her time, and would give you anything she has if you only asked. I think she could use some words of encouragement. Just a reminder that she is incredibly worthy of good things and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Let’s grab our pens and share some encouragement with Shana.


Shana’s bundle
℅ Kasse H. 
9124 Clovis Road
Mesilla Park, NM 88047


With Love,


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