August LOVE letters: giving love is the greatest reward!🦋💕

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Hello Friends,

Here is this months love letter requests! I hope you all have been doing well and living your best life!🦋 #words

Join me if you are able, in sharing some of our light & love to others around the world!


A friend of Chelsea’s reached out to our community and asked for help in bringing hope + joy into her life. They shared:

“Chelsea was a healthy and active teenager who was just starting her degree at university until she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue (ME/CFS) and POTS. The main symptoms include irregular heart rate, blood pressure, sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness, and fatigue (which often worsens with activity, but doesn’t improve with rest). There’s no cure for these conditions, but it can be managed with diet and medications. 

Chelsea and I became friends when I started caring for her in 2019. My job was to help her save as much energy as possible, because most everyday tasks were too exhausting or overwhelming for her.

Chelsea, now 23 years old, is a sweet, caring, patient, and intelligent person. Even on her worst days she tries to maintain optimism and wears a smile. Lately though, Chelsea has been feeling worried about what the future holds and is afraid that her condition will worsen. 

I’m no longer Chelsea’s carer, but I will be forever her friend because she has a special place in my heart. I want Chelsea to receive all the love and care that she deserves to remind her that she is a fighter, that she is a bright and beautiful human, and that she will get through the darkness. These letters will give her light and encouragement to walk this path knowing that she is special and loved.”

Join us in encouraging Chelsea!


Chelsea’s bundle
℅ Simone B. 
25 Combermere St, Aberfeldie
VIC  3040
Melbourne, Australia



We received a nomination for Christian, who is in need of some encouragement and could use a reminder that he is not alone in life. One of this friends wrote to us:

“Christian is thirty two years old. He is a business owner, a handsome human, and has big plans for the future. Unfortunately, Christian has low self-esteem and suffers from extreme anxiety stemming from several issues–including a rare lung disorder. He often feels unloved, and worse yet, unlovable. He is getting help for his anxiety and is gaining some self-worth, but he still struggles with fear that gets in the way of his daily life. I know he often feels alone and abandoned. Letters from people who have dealt with anxiety or chronic illnesses would definitely help Christian.”

Grab your pens and join us in reassuring Christian of his value + loving him for who he is!


Christian’s bundle
℅ Michael D. 
1160 71 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11228



Heather’s daughter is requesting a bundle of letters for her as she navigates a time of the unknown. She shared with us:

“My mom is one of those people that can always bring the light out of others. She is so generous and supportive of others, but she has always struggled with her own self-esteem and mental health. She has had a hard life. She raised and supported two daughters almost entirely on her own and took care of her parents when they were sick and dying. She supported my father (her ex-husband) and numerous other friends when they were dealing with loved ones’ illnesses, passings, or other life struggles. She is now helping my sister through a tumultuous divorce and custody battle. 

In 2019, she was laid off from the company she had been with for over fifteen years. She has spent the last two years trying to find a new place to work. At her most recent job, she made a mistake during her probationary period which led to the termination of her employment and has significantly impacted her confidence and motivation. In addition, she continues to apply for jobs and has had many requests for interviews, but the roles that she is being offered are either less skilled than her previous jobs or way less money. My mother has also been dealing with physical health issues, which is only adding to her loss of self-worth. As the year drags on and her employment benefits are nearing their end, she is becoming increasingly stressed that she won’t find something and won’t be able to support herself, let alone retire. 

As she nears sixty years old, she is really struggling to find her place in the world. Lately, she has had many very low moments that have us worried about her. She doesn’t like to burden us (my sister and I) with her problems and feels like she has no friends to support her. I’m hoping that others sharing their stories of how they have overcome similar situations or advice for how to find your purpose later in life could help her see that she is capable, loved, and that this doesn’t have to be the end of her life as she knows it. I want so badly for her to be happy and confident in herself because she has done that for so many other people regardless of who they are or where they have come from, and she deserves that same support.”

Let’s send Heather all the love, support, & encouragement she deserves!


Heather’s bundle
℅ Ashley M. 
1211 New Brighton Park SE
Calgary, AB, T2Z 0X8



We received a touching request from a daughter for her mother. She shared with us:

“My mum Sayali, whom I call Aai, is a very hardworking and sincere lady. All my life I’ve seen her work hard to make ends meet, and I think she didn’t get the chance to enjoy her life to the fullest. I believe life is about colours, freedom, and happiness, but when someone is deeply involved in improving their life and working hard for their family, they don’t really get the chance to experience the beauty of life. I want my mom to experience this happiness which she perhaps missed due to responsibility and stress. 

My mother is a university professor and a mother to two kids, so life’s been difficult for her. Now that we’ve grown up, I really understand the sacrifices that she’s made for us and I’m so proud of her. I want to let her know that her sacrifices are not forgotten.

She likes singing, but never pursued it as she didn’t have time. I want to encourage her to sing again. She will only be turning fifty-one this year, but she seems to have lost hope in the time she has left. Whenever I tell her to join a new class or pick up a new hobby, she says she’s not going to live that much longer. This hurts me a lot. I want her to be happy and healthy. I want her to blossom!”

Please join us in celebrating the sacrifices Sayali has made + offering her hope in what is to come!


Sakshi Satish Pande,
Flat no 302, third floor, Shantiniketan Apartment
plot no 76, beside Ravindra sabhagruh, Ravindra Nagar
Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.
Pincode: 440022



Kaylan’s sweet friend is asking us to send some extra love to her during a season of loneliness. They wrote:

“Kaylan is my best friend, and she’s in a season where she needs encouragement. She is a wonderful, creative mom to a two year old girl and a baby boy, she’s a caring wife, and she’s been an answer to prayer as a friend to me for almost twenty years now. 

Kaylan recently lost her mother, suddenly and tragically, and she’s now faced with being a young mom to a toddler and a baby without the guidance and help of her mother. Kaylan and her family have recently moved overseas for her husband’s next military posting, so loneliness is something she fears in the next couple years. The country they’re moving to has strict Covid restrictions, so until things change, none of her friends and family will be allowed to visit them. I would love to help her settle into their new place with a big bundle of love and encouragement to read as she needs it. I want to remind Kaylan that she is seen, valued, loved, and not alone in this hard season” 

Join us in reminding Kaylan that even when she feels alone, there is love coming to her from all over the world!


Kaylan’s bundle
℅ Emily T. 
4075 Boles Creek Drive
Duluth, GA 30096


With Love,


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