September Love Letters: Get your’s out ASAP!!!

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been some time. It has not been so easy to get back to my writing. This is something I hope to dedicate too. I hope you all have well and continue to write your inspirations! These letters can still be sent even though they may leave after September 30, 2021! I have not yet written my letters but will be doing so this weekend!

All pictures are my own handmade cards and if your are interested in these they are for sale at ETSY: journeywithspirit72


A sweet friend has asked us to help cheer on Lan during a challenging season. They wrote: “On Aug. 8th, Lan gave birth to her first child, a son named Ty. The birth had some minor complications, but overall mom and baby were healthy and discharged per usual a few days later. Upon arriving home, Lan’s husband Tim started feeling sick. The symptoms started at the hospital and intensified at home. Unfortunately, he tested positive for COVID and had to isolate in the home and focus on recovery given his diagnosis. To make matters worse, while Lan was recovering from birth, she also started exhibiting symptoms and a few days later tested positive for COVID.  Their baby was given to her mother-in-law to be cared for as both she and her husband managed their COVID symptoms and quarantined. Needless to say, the experience of a first-time birth can be traumatic and challenging on it’s own, add to that the fact she can’t hold her baby right now. 

Recently, Lan’s oxygen levels have dropped below normal. She went to the hospital where she was told she would need to be intubated. She is currently intubated and fighting for her life. 

Lan is a giving, loving person.  She’s the kind of person that will go above and beyond to help anyone and is extremely charitable. She’s got a huge heart!  She’s doing what she can to stay focused on the most important thing right now which is her son and getting over COVID. Well wishes, thoughts and prayers for her and her family’s speedy recovery would be so appreciated.”

Pick out some cheerful stationery and join us in loads of love and strength to Lan!

Please send all letters to:

Lan’s bundle
℅ A. D. 
948 Hugo Cir
Deltona, FL 32738

Please mail all letters by September 30, 2021


John has had an incredible life, but is currently going through a hard time. His wife reached out with part of his story:

“My husband is an amazing United States Air Force Veteran that has given so much for his country and that heroism continues as he supports me. The impact on his health from the combat experiences have been so overwhelming and lately has been compounded upon while trying to take care of me as I have my own veteran issues. I had to go into the VA mental health system to work on some difficulties that were stronger than I could handle. John’s support while dealing with his health care and trying to support me continues to amaze me.

The problem is that he is very overwhelmed. I haven’t been away from home more than a couple of days and now it is some months. He has forgotten his strength and dedication as he is trying to do everything. Granted, feeding the cat zoo, we have four,  to not lose a limb is important, but this amazing cat dad is forgetting to take care of himself too. 

Any support and motivation to help him would be amazing. I have told him how amazing he is but I feel like he has forgotten to believe in himself. I need to stay where I am to deal with my difficulties so I can be a better person, but I want him to feel love. He is truly an amazing, funny, strong, and brilliant man. I just want him to feel that way again.

Send John some love and gratitude this month so that he can remember how amazing he is.

Please send all letters to:

John’s bundle
℅ Katelyn K. 
PO Box 294
Tomah, WI 54660

Please mail all letters by September 30, 2021


“Sarraounia is creative, open hearted, and so driven.” a family member wrote to us. 

“Sarraounia is a single mum to 3-year-old twins and is living in temporary council accommodation. She has been moved three times with a week’s notice and despite many challenges, she makes each accommodation into a comforting home for her children. 

She’s also a recovering alcoholic. She quit drinking when she got pregnant. I think she is so strong and takes everything in stride. Through COVID she has opened a charity, and is providing free swimming lessons to disadvantaged kids in the community who wouldn’t access the facilities otherwise. Making swimming more diverse.

She is an inspiration, having helped me for the past two years through raising my child and even helped me birth my son at home! She doesn’t stop giving and loving whilst having very little support. This woman is fierce. She is passionate. She deserves more praise, thanks, and admiration than she receives.”

Join us in sending loads of love to this extraordinary woman.

Please send all letters to:

Sarraounia’s bundle
℅ Mali R. 
110 Fortunegate rd
United Kingdom
NW10 9RG

Please mail all letters by September 30, 2021


Kay is an amazing mother whose daughter reached out to share the difficult time her mom has been going through.

“Almost 5 years ago, my mother was in a devastating car accident that left her in a coma for over a month, and with a traumatic brain injury. She woke from the coma and began her journey to recovery. However, her healing has not really improved in the last 2 years due to COVID restrictions and the inability to meet with therapists. This has resulted in her losing a lot of progress she had made – like losing most of her speech and the ability to do small things such as feeding herself. She cannot move on her own and spends her days relegated to her bed and wheelchair. I believe she is losing hope of ever getting better. 

She is such a wonderful mom to me and my four brothers. She was a single mom, and worked tirelessly to provide for us. We never had much growing up, but she taught us that family was the most important thing in the world – and we always had a great time together. She made Friday night “popcorn and milkshake night” and on weekends or holidays we would play cards for hours. She has always been so loving and selfless. Even at 70 years old as a nurse practitioner caring for older women in nursing homes, she often took their laundry home to do herself and return to them. If they did not have family to visit she would also always love on them. Whether it was an encouraging note or a bundt cake, she has always had kindness and a smile for others. Being around people has always been one of her favorite things, and gave her life energy and meaning. I would love it if the More Love Letters family would help her to understand that she is valuable and loved, no matter the circumstances. That she is not a burden, but a cherished mom and friend. I would love to see her hope again.”

Grab your pens and stationary and show Kay that she is so loved.

Please send all letters to:

Kay’s bundle
Kathleen C. 
3258 Johanna Ware West
Wixom, MI 48393

Please mail all letters by September 30, 2021


Price’s friend reached out to share part of this amazing person’s story.

“Since I first met Price, I have been amazed at just how open, kind, and positive he is. As someone who was born with Cerebral Palsy, life has not been easy for him. Although he is able to walk with a cane, he is very restricted mobility wise. He went to school and received his Master’s in Divinity when he was younger, but was turned down by many employers due to concerns about his mobility. This has caused Price a lot of difficulty through the years as he hasn’t felt the purpose that a job can offer and has been marked by his disability.

During the pandemic things have been especially challenging for Price as his church, and main source of community, was shut down. In addition to this, Price lives in an apartment complex for the elderly and disabled, so he was not able to have visitors during the entirety of the pandemic. As he just underwent a heart surgery, I want to send some encouragement his way. He has truly been a gift in my life both as a friend and a mentor, and so if nothing else I want to remind Price that he has lived a life of great purpose even if that means just having made a difference in my own life.”

Time to send some encouragement Price’s way!

Please send all letters to:

Price’s bundle
℅ Josh S. 
7604 North Emerald Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

Please mail all letters by September 30, 2021

Enjoy sharing love and soon we will have letters for OCTOBER! Lots of light & love to you all!

Kindest regards,


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