OCTOBER love letters are here🦋🤍🦋🤍🦋🤍🦋🤍🦋🤍

Hello All,

I am hoping I am able to gather a writing crew to distribute out letters to those who need some extra love!!! I am also looking at moving my blog to another platform! I am not sure where yet as I want more movement! Any suggestions please let me know!!!

I wish you all much light & love in this journey of yours! I hope things are manifesting as you have imagined and remember keep your light bright💗💗💗


One of Abbi’s family members reached out and shared this with us:

“Abbi, is a gift. As of a month ago I didn’t know Abbi, she was simply my cousin’s wife. After spending some time with her and then having to leave and fly across the country back home, I’ve realized Abbi is much, much more than just “simply my cousin’s wife.” Abbi is a beautiful soul. She has the ability to make anyone feel at home. I found on my recent travels, home is much much more than a place. Abbi is a part of home, and from now on she always will be. 

This beautiful soul has been struggling with health issues since she was young. She’s only in her 20’s now and I think she deserves to live them to the fullest. She’s gone from doctor to doctor searching for answers, to no prevail. Recently she did something I find amazing, she was completely vulnerable and let the world know. She let everyone know she’s not ok. She recently quit her job because she felt like she wasn’t going to be good enough for her team, Abbi’s struggling, and she’s still fighting after over many years. I know you could all give Abbi some hope and a smile like the one she would give to all of you.”

Grab your stationary and send a smile to Abbi.

Please send all letters to:

Abbi’s bundle
℅ Johnny S. 
32 Lyndale Ave
Gloucester, MA 01930

Please mail all letters by October 31, 2021


Sophia is a wonderful person who feels alone right now. Her mother shared part of her story with us:

“My daughter Sophia is a beautiful soul, always taking care of others and making beautiful things. She’ll make waffles for the whole family just to cheer herself up. She loves to throw parties for her friends. We live in Thailand and she’s had a really hard year. She turned 14 in a pandemic under severe lock down. Her friend group is already quite small due to language barriers and living in a small town. Due to travel restrictions, it’s been over two years since she’s seen one of her closest friends. Her older brother left a few months ago after graduating to start life in the US. Then her aunt and uncle also moved. Many of her key safe people are gone, and she has been struggling with severe depression and feeling alone, even though she still has siblings here with her. Our town has been in lockdown again and she hasn’t seen anyone outside her family, or our house, in two months.

Getting mail lights her up. She loves it. She sends beautiful letters to those few friends who keep up a correspondence. She spends weeks on them, makes her own stickers, painting little watercolor pictures, and decorating the envelopes. She’s like a kid again on the days when she gets a letter, and spends days agonizing over whether her friend got a letter yet and when they will reply.

A Love Letter Bundle might make her year. At the least it will tell her she is not alone in a season where she feels very much alone.”

Get your stamps ready to send some love Sophia’s way!

Please send all letters to:

Sophia’s bundle
℅ Carrien B.
Shade Tree Foundation
31/25 Soi Ruam Reang, Intharakhiree Road,
Mae Sot, Tak 63110

Please mail all letters by October 31, 2021

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Al is an amazing husband and father who has gone through a terrible loss. His daughter shared this with us:

“My dad was one of the happiest guys I have ever known. He rarely did anything without smiling. He spent his life helping others and being an inspiration to me for how I wanted to parent and be a decent human. He and my mom were inseparable and had the kind of marriage that people wish they had. 

He and my mom moved to their dream home ten years ago and planned to spend the rest of their lives in retirement, enjoying life on their farm. However, my mother had a series of health problems over the last three years, especially in the last nine months. When my mom was in the hospital and then in a rehab facility, he drove every single day, an hour and a half each way, to be with her. She appeared to be improving after many months, but one day, she had a catastrophic stroke that left her unconscious for five days until she passed away. During the time she was unconscious, he slept by her side and held her hand. 

My mother was the most amazing, wonderful woman. Her loss has left a huge hole in our hearts and our family – but especially for my dad. She has been gone 3 months now, and my dad is still a shattered shell of a man. The happy-go-lucky guy I knew was lost when he lost his best friend and partner. My dad is enveloped in such deep sorrow that he doesn’t want to live. He sees no purpose without my mother. 

My father is a man of few words. He is a simple farmer who wanted to enjoy life with his wife as they grew old, and he feels robbed of that blessing in life. Their love was so beautiful. I never realized how magical it was and how much they were two parts to a whole heart – until my mother passed away. He is completely and utterly broken and lost without her and doesn’t know how to go on. He feels very alone. Cards or brief letters of encouragement, to let him know that there are people in the world who care, would be much appreciated. This has been a very tough time for our family, but especially for my wonderful dad.”

Now is the time to gather around Al and show how loved he is.

Please send all letters to:

Al’s bundle
℅ Heather D. 
110 Hickory Drive
Mount Horeb, WI 53572

Please mail all letters by October 31, 2021

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A friend of Linda’s shared this amazing woman’s story.

“Linda is a great friend I’ve known for about 19 years. We were housemates in university and she has always made me laugh. In 2019, Linda was in a car accident and was critically injured. She was rushed to hospital, where she spent 3 months. Right after she was released from hospital, the pandemic hit. 

Linda is still recovering from her injuries, which were quite severe. Since the accident, she has been unable to work as a nurse or to volunteer as a nurse in her beloved overseas missions. She volunteered countless hours on ships and on land, providing regular and emergency medical care for disaster teams. Being a nurse and volunteering as one are her two passions, and not being able to do either of these things has been very difficult for her.

Linda lives alone. As you can imagine, she has been feeling very isolated. Three months in the hospital followed by social isolation due to the pandemic has not been easy. I send text messages to her on a daily basis; however, we live about 500 kilometres away from each other, so seeing her in person is not always an option. I would love to brighten her day with a package of letters, to let her know people are thinking of her.”

Add some light to Linda’s life by writing some letters.

Please send all letters to:

Linda’s bundle
℅ Mariana A. 
928 Killarney Crescent
Kingston ON
K7M 8E1

Please mail all letters by October 31, 2021


Kelly’s life has not been easy. Her friend reached out and shared part of her story:

“Kelly has been my best friend for almost 50 years. She has always been bubbly, happy, full of life, talkative, and my go-to for a spontaneous, “Hey, you want to go…”, with a resounding, “Yes!” response. Unfortunately, her life hasn’t always been smooth, but she still amazingly held onto her happy-go-lucky attitude. 

Several years ago, Kelly’s husband made the decision to leave her for another man, leaving her to move back home, and raise her autistic son alone, which was always a huge challenge. A few years later, her mom, who she was very close to, passed away unexpectedly. Her father soon became very distant, not easy to deal with, and had taken to drinking excessively, not taking care of his health, etc. and subsequently passed away a couple years later. He left a large debt behind and the family home that Kelly was living in, was given to her father’s girlfriend who left it in disarray. Kelly continued to carry on, with a smile on her face, although I know she was struggling with all she had gone through. 

Fast forward to now, Kelly is struggling with her weight, has knee problems, as well as other health problems, which has resulted in her being very fearful, during this time of COVID, a trait that is not typical for her. We haven’t been able to get together and she keeps to herself quite a bit, not wanting to expose herself to COVID, her son is doing well, but with autism, he doesn’t provide much emotional support, however, does take care of a few chores around the house. I encourage Kelly through texts and occasional letters. She would be greatly encouraged by letters of love and support, as she plugs away through this life.”

Wrap your arms around Kelly and send some love her way.

Please send all letters to:

Kelly’s bundle
℅ Terri D.
149 Wilson Drive
East Syracuse, NY 13057

Please mail all letters by October 31, 2021

With so much love,


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