DECEMBER: Gratitude with writing letters… 12 days

Hi Friends,

I am writing letters for the month of December and the requests come in daily for this month. I am hoping many of you will take this challenge with me! I would ask if you could share your letter writing on Instagram and we can even write to each other! Snail-mail is such a heart warming way of sharing with community and building therapeutic connections.

I have seen the many are so disconnected today and we need to invest in our communities. We need to stop fighting each other and find what is common in each of us. We need to accept the differences and not plaque each other. The news, health officials and governments keep pivoting people against each other, we should not. There is so much division and violence today and we need to stop and think before we react.

I am grateful always for humanity and more so for those walking everyday shoes not those in the limelight as those individuals do not move me. It is the firefighters, the cashier, the counsellor, the nurse, the employment counsellor and so forth! Those are the individuals that warm my heart.

I always stop to acknowledge those living on the streets, I offer them some food/blankets or gift cards. As they are humans that need that warmth, smile and love! We must stop being mean to civilians as we are in the frontlines and we need each other!


The holiday campaign we wait for all year long is finally, finally upon us. Welcome to the 1st day of the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing! It’s bound to be a wild and fun marathon of letter writing. Over the next 12 days, we invite you to read the daily story, jot down the address, and script a letter of love and encouragement to a stranger who needs an extra dose of joy to end the year. Please make sure to drop all letters in the mailbox by December 20! 

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to the first story of the season:


Eva has endured a lot of hardships over the last two years. Her daughter nominated her to receive love letters and wrote in:

“Due to COVID, I have been unable to travel home for two years. My mother has had to navigate a pandemic, the isolation that came with that, health concerns unrelated to COVID, retirement, and so much more. She has had to step out and advocate for herself in situations where I would have done so. The increase in violence in our area has been frightening, but she has planned her life around the chaos and continued moving forward. I am incredibly proud of her and her willingness to keep growing, learning, and trying.”

Important Notes:

  • Eva celebrates Christmas and 3 Kings Day. 
  • Letters are welcome in English, French, and Spanish.


Eva’s bundle

℅ La L.

955 Evergreen Avenue 808

Bronx, NY 10473-4522



What fun beverage do you like to pour up when you’re writing love letters strangers? We’re Team Cozy Cup of Tea this time of year but we are in full support of your second cup of coffee… or sparkling water… or a delicious mug of cocoa (with marshmallows). We’d love to know what you’re sipping on as we charge into the second day of love letter writing!


“My dad is an amazing guy but his health is failing and it is causing him to become more and more isolated. At 15, my parents divorced and I lived with my dad because we were so close. He was a civil servant for 38 years and always worked hard (lots of overtime) to care for me. When I was 28, I relocated to Texas and started having a family. I am an only child so that was hard on my dad. He would come to visit and eventually, once he retired, he too relocated to Texas to be near me and my family. Before the one-year anniversary of his move, my dad had a heart attack and had to have quadruple bypass surgery. He hasn’t been the same since. He lost a lot of confidence during that time. He wouldn’t come over as frequently or accept our invitations to dinner as often. My boys love him like crazy. He would care for them any time I asked him to in their younger years. He is always very intentional about buying us birthday cards and spoiling us on holidays but he is lonely. He is single and does not want to socialize much. The doctors have discovered another blockage in one of his arteries and I know he is scared. He lives in chronic pain because of peripheral artery disease. He won’t go out and about much because his lower legs hurt too much to walk far. We go and visit him regularly (he lives three miles away), but he just seems so lonely and sad. He has done so much for me over my lifetime that I would love to shower him with tons of cards and letters to remind him that he makes a difference in this world. He certainly makes a difference in my world.”

Important Notes:

  • Russ celebrates Christmas.


Russ’s bundle

Tricia G. 

6418 Mill Valley Dr

Midlothian, TX 76065


Thank you for joining me through this journey of life to make it a better place!

With love,


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