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Letter writing in my favourite room

Hi lovely humans,

Here are the two new requests! I am hoping there are many joining this journey as this year many are struggling! I have been trying to balance all the sad stories I have been hearing and trying to get whatever I can for these families. We may not see or notice how much these last two years have impacted so many people!

Here are some sites that are grass rooted that you can share & donate!

Here in Canada, I truly encourage you to get food to the food banks, donate grocery gift cards to shelters, TDSB, youth programs, and so forth. I will make sure to post some direct services you could support!!

We’ve hit Hump Day and we’re definitely getting into the swing of things over here! We’re blasting the holiday tunes and singing at the top of our lungs. Feel like joining us? We’ve created a fun holiday playlist for all your future letter writing.

Gratitude video done by me🎄

Onto day 3 of love letter writing!


“My dear friend Kirby is 75 years old. Earlier this year her husband, Tony, her “Sax Man” died. They both love music, jazz in particular. I met them at the local jazz jams. Tony played the saxophone and Kirby sings. She calls herself the “Satin Mockingbird”. 

Right after Tony died, the relative from whom they were renting a house told Kirby he was increasing the rent. Kirby could not afford to pay more rent. She was sad to leave behind her chickens, ducks, and other animals, but she and her dog and cat packed up and moved to the city. She has had nothing but a positive attitude through all of this sudden upheaval. 

She has some physical challenges. She recently had major oral surgery from which she is still recovering. She’s able to eat only soft foods, so she laughs about putting her meals in the blender so she can drink them. Even when she’s in pain, if there’s live music, she presses through. She is a very vocal supporter of other artists and encourages all of the musicians in our circle to support each other. 

She is generous with her very limited resources. If she has food, you’re invited over to eat. She often has small gifts for people. She sends out prayers, blessings, and encouraging text messages every single day. 

When she’s onstage, she dazzles audiences with her sparkling personality and her heartfelt performances. Even though the Satin Mockingbird always has a song and a smile for us, I know her heart is still sad and she is lonely without her Tony.”

Important Notes: 

  • Kirby is Muslim and does not celebrate any holidays at the end of the calendar year. 


Kirby’s bundle

℅ Angela B. 

PO Box 5932

Huntsville AL 35814-5932


Regardless of whether the weather outside is frightful, there’s always a good reason to cozy up and write a few love letters. Remember: you don’t have to write to every single person. We don’t want you to burn out. Find the stories that touch your heart and enjoy this process. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Keep having fun– every day of the campaign!

It’s time to roll into the 4th day of love letter writing!


Nick deserves a bundle of love letters because he is a young guy who stepped in to do a father’s job.

I am a single mother of a delightful 16-year-old girl named Madeline. Her father has chosen to have no involvement in Madeline’s life 

Madeline attends a high school with a longstanding tradition of an annual Father-Daughter dance. We had to find a man that could step in and escort Madeline to the dance. That’s when we thought of our friend Nick. 

I shared with Nick the terrible sadness that Madeline was feeling and that there was no one to take her to the Father-Daughter dance. Nick stepped in and said he would take Madeline and treat her the way a father would treat his daughter. 

On the evening of the dance, Nick showed up in a blue suit and tie, with a bouquet of flowers for Madeline. He opened the door like a gentleman and took her to the dance. Madeline introduced Nick to her teachers, her friends, and the other dads. It was a proud moment for Madeline and Nick was the father figure she needed. At the end of the evening, I met them for dinner and heard all about it. It was wonderful. 

Nick deserves a bundle of love letters because what he did was so special. I want people to know those good guys exist and sometimes they are in your backyard and they are the quiet ones in your life, just waiting for the chance to do the right thing. I want Nick to feel the love of this community because he is one of the really good guys.

Important Notes: 

  • Nick celebrates Christmas and would love some good wishes and holiday cheer!


Nick’s bundle

℅ Deborah L.

1900 Richard Jones Road


Nashville, TN 37215


Handmade cards made by me

Thank you all!🗝🦋🗝🦋

With Love,


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