December: 12 days of letters: Spirituality

Hello Friends,

I wanted to explore spirituality as this topic has always been something that individuals are passionate about from all directions!

My spiritual cultivation practice that I hold deep in my heart is through my daily practice and way of life. I turn to my creator for guidance, answers and direction in all that I do in my daily life. I trust in my creator to protect me and allow me to be of service. I embrace in the natural medicine that our creator has placed among mother nature through our universe.

I am dedicated through mantras, chants and prayers that will protect me through my journey of life. I trust in the creator to protect my well-being and health through the herbal medicine that has been provided to us all. In the creator who is the ultimate force in navigating our beings in the path that we were chosen to complete until our time is set to travel into a new energy form. 

I have meditation to calm my spirit and become open to the messages given to us through the creator. I smoke cleanse my space and self to receive messages, repel negative energies and replace them with the energy forces such as; our sun, moon, stars, herbs, flowers, mother nature, animals and water.

Our healing is recharged through the forest, animals and connecting with the land. Our water forces are here to sooth our spirit & soul. It is through the creator that I have chosen the career that I do to help guide others in the direction they are meant to access. This is performed within the systems to access holistic changes.

The creator has given us our bodies, energic forces, spirit and mind to be able to heal ourselves. I am not here to manipulate death but to live a fulfilled life journey. I can no longer believe in organized religion as it contradicts itself through dismissing ones teaching & learning. I do not find it genuine or soothing. Through my own discovery of spirituality I was able to create a deep connection through the earth which to me is the being of all creations and here for you to witness!

The journey of spirituality has to resonate with you, your spirit and soul. We are influenced by so many things but your energy will guide you always! Trust in you and that is enough! Now onto our letter writing!!!

Who in your world needs a love letter?

Welcome to the weekend of letter writing!

We’re shaking things up a bit this year and doing something we’ve NEVER done before.

We call this our “Community Cause” Weekend. Typically, we pick a nonprofit or specific group of people to write love letters. BUT the mission for this year is close to home… literally.

We challenge you to write to people you KNOW throughout this weekend. People in your community who are doing great work and are rarely being thanked.

Some suggestions include:

  • Write a letter to a postal worker
  • Thank a teacher with a note
  • Leave a few notes of encouragement around your community
  • Write a sweet note to your spouse or child
  • Slip a letter of encouragement in the mailbox for your best friend
  • Script words to essential workers at your local hospital
  • Write that letter you’ve needed to write for a long time (you know the one).

There is no limit to the good you can spread. Join us in loving close to the home this year. We want to know who you write to this weekend so please, please, please share online and report back to us!

If we all join in, we can spread some mega love across the world this weekend.

It’s never too late to spread the word and get your framily (friends and family) involved with writing love letters this season. We cannot wait to see the hundreds (and thousands) of letters that arrive in people’s mailboxes this year. We 10/10 recommend inviting a bestie to a favorite coffee shop and spending some time together laughing, catching up, and writing letters! OH WHAT FUN to be connected to one another this year.

What are you waiting for? The 5th day of love letter writing is in full swing!


“Danielle is an incredible younger sister. Over the last couple of years, we’ve become closer and she is more like my best friend than my sister. Danielle graduated from college in May with her bachelor’s in exercise science and is applying for physician’s assistant school. Danielle started as a nurse tech in the local emergency room during her junior year in college. She works two-night shifts a week – on Friday and Saturday nights, typically the busiest nights in the ER. Danielle is a hard worker and almost every weekend she has to cover for another tech that doesn’t come in. She always puts her best foot forward and wants to do her job to her best and build relationships with all of those around her.

Recently, in her quest to get into PA school, Danielle did not pass the GRE the first time she took it. Danielle was incredibly disappointed in herself, even though she did her best. She also did not get into one of the first schools that she applied to. Again, she was sad and disappointed in herself – thinking that she could have done better, even though she had already given 100%.  I think that Danielle would really benefit from a love letter bundle to have so many reminders that she is doing her best and that she is as great as I think that she is. She has worked so hard and deserves the world.”

Important Notes: 

  • Danielle celebrates Christmas.


Danielle’s bundle

℅ Christina F.

202 Nottingham Ave.

Wise, VA 24293


With Kindness,

LucyLu (journeywithspirit72)

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