The month of LOVE: February

Hello my friends,

I am submitting lover letter requests for this month! I plan to write a gratitude blog, some info on anxiety and a personal share! I want to get in the habit of posting at least twice a month! I hope you all have been soaking up gratitude and self love!♥️


“Tiffany is an incredible woman, who has overcome so much adversity in her life,” shares her friend. Here is more of the story.

“Tiffany raised really incredible children. She is a generous, caring woman, and mother. She raised an incredible daughter who tragically passed away in April of 2021.

Her daughter Marizza was a first lieutenant in the Army. Like her mother, she faced extreme adversity throughout her life but was still an incredible light in this world. 

I’m nominating Tiffany because these last ten months have been the hardest of her life. She loved her daughter more than life itself. They were best friends, the closest that a mother and daughter get.

Tiffany’s daughter loved writing letters. The letters that she used to write to her loved ones have been some of the only things many of us have left of her. 

These love letters would be so meaningful to this mourning mother in these extremely dark times. I’m a long-time writer of love letters on this website, but a first-time nominator, and I’ve never known someone who deserved and needed this more than she does right now.”

Let’s send some love over to Tiffany.


Tiffany’s bundle

℅ Merissa-Elise M.

7 Gerry Rd

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


Please drop all letters in the mail by February 28, 2022


“Marissa is a bright shining light,” said her best friend’s mom. Here is Marissa’s story.

“We met Marissa four years ago at cheer. This beautiful young lady became fast friends with my daughter and opened her heart to “the new kid” with no questions asked. 

Two years ago, Marissa was at the receiving end of a tumbling accident that was a catalyst in the end of her cheer journey. This initial injury led to a diagnosis of Gorham Stout syndrome or “vanishing bone disease”. This disease is so rare that there is almost no real information on it. Her prognosis is unfortunately terminal, with the only treatments available being a form of chemo and an additional infusion to help “slow” bone loss. 

As one can imagine this is a LOT for a young girl to have to accept. This has turned her entire world upside down. She is no longer able to cheer, or really participate in any sport that could put her at risk for breaking a bone, has had to leave traditional school and switch to 100% home school, and really just change everything in her life. Through it all, she has kept such a positive attitude. I can’t imagine knowing that I can never again do my passion again, and she’s only 12! 

She has handled this news and upheaval with so much grace. She maintains a positive outlook through it all, even with her life being turned upside down. She has lost friends over this because she is not able to participate in many activities as they are now deemed unsafe. I just want Marissa to know how much of an inspiration she is to all of us, every single day. 

If you could find it in your heart to just send her a little love note to help brighten her day so that she is reminded how special she is to all of us and that we all want to support her as she adjusts to this very new “normal”.”


Marissa’s bundle

℅ Jess C. 

649 Del Giorno Street

Las Vegas, NV 89138


Please drop all letters in the mail by February 28, 2022


Charity recently went through an unexpected divorce, leaving her a single mom. Her friend shares Charity’s story.

“She had to pivot her life, raising her two boys, going back into the workforce, and going back to school. She is an exceptionally kind and thoughtful person who loves to write herself and even works part-time at the library.

She is an avid reader, a lover of books and writing, and a creative soul. With two young boys to raise, work, and school, she is finding new strengths and accomplishments but doesn’t have the time to focus on herself and her creativity as much as her soul would like.”

Grab your pens and help Charity know how strong and loved she is.


Charity’s bundle

℅ Lesley C. 

2856 Alamo Ave

Chico, CA 95973


Please drop all letters in the mail by February 28, 2022


Mary’s granddaughter reached out on behalf of her Nana and shared about this loving woman.

“My Nana, Mary, is nearing her 80th birthday and her husband (my grandpa) passed away in recent years. She sort of “gave up” after he died. She stopped cooking, cleaning, eating, showering, and basically taking care of herself. 

I am one of her caretakers, and one of the many things I do for her is I write her letters on a weekly basis because I know how lonely she feels in an empty house without the love of her life. At her current age and stage of life, she believes that going through the mail and reading everything (be it an advertisement, magazine, flyer, bill, etc.) is her full-time job. This is why I try to give her happy, colorful, cute, and sometimes amusing letters to open so that she feels she “had a good day at work.” 

If she were chosen, I hope that she may receive a variety of letters about not giving up when she has a large and wonderful family that loves her, taking care of herself because you should treat your body with respect and kindness, and/or any funny stories that might make her laugh. Thank you for this opportunity to make her smile.”

Time to spread some joy! Grab your favorite colorful stationery or a birthday card and share a smile today.


Mary’s bundle

℅ Jaclyn T. 

4840 Iowa Drive

Warren, MI. 48092


Please drop all letters in the mail by February 28, 2022


“Frida deserves a bundle of love letters because she’s a sensitive young woman trying to find her way in life. She is the 17-year-old introverted, pensive sunrise watcher, dreamy and emotional, but she also is the sunrise itself. The incredibly bright sunrise which unfortunately is hiding behind foggy clouds too often.

She has the unique quality to not take herself too seriously and when she feels good, she dances to poppy Christmas songs. She’s the lovely girl every child likes and the one taking you moonlight swimming in the channel on a summer night. 

Frida is a person with strong values and political opinions but fears raising her voice in front of others. She’s the one to philosophize passionately with when you should actually sleep.

It’s hardly possible to dislike her colorful personality, but these foggy clouds dimming her shine are her massive social fears and insecurities. That’s why she hasn’t got an easy time going to technical secondary design school and getting an internship. It pulls her into depressive phases. 

In these phases she – the lively blabbermouth – seldom speaks a word, she – the motivated planner -struggles to leave her room and she – the one with the most beautiful laugh – barely shows any expression at all. 

I am her sister; I know her, and I love her just the way she is. All I want for her is to be happy because I know she deserves all and every love that exists. She is an open-minded butterfly scared to fly to flowers she doesn’t know and that’s why I would like a few flowers to fly to her as love letters.

Find your words and fly a few flowers to Frida.

Letters are welcome in English, Spanish and German.


Frida’s bundle

℅ K. Köwing

Hertzstraße 1

30163 Hannover


Please drop all letters in the mail by February 28, 2022

Much Love,


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