April showers brings.. love letters💕💕💕

Hi Everyone,

Join me this month to send out some love to those needing an extra boost to get through a moment in their lives. Let’s change our disconnect in the western part of the world and bring the uprise in communities. We need to build human connection and the connection with nature vs electronic. Many isolate in their brick homes more now then ever lets break this up and get your children involved as paying it forwards makes us kinder.

Let’s begin with a mantra: Mother nature, I thank you for the strength, And bounty of your stones and bones. Your beauty is reflected now and forever. Blessed be all, Blessed be thee💜💜💜


Stanley’s friend reached out to share his friend’s story:

“It has been quite a tough couple of years coping with this panorama of a pandemic. Stanley is surviving but also running on empty. He is a handsome man and he looks like he has it all together, but in reality, he’s been working hard to save his estranged marriage and being a good father while trying to start new businesses after leaving the law firm over a year ago. 

He has a deep-rooted passion for law but had to leave it because of office politics and the general toxicity of the industry. He’s still a hopeless romantic for the work that he gets to do and the people he helps, nonetheless. In the midst of it all, he’s been quietly suffering from depression and recovering from it. It pains me that he feels this way, but there is little that I can do within moral boundaries. 

I want to write him letters but I’m not great with words. So I plead for your help to pen him some love and encouragement.”


Stanley’s bundle

℅ Jessie K.

Block 326 Ubi Avenue 1


Singapore 400326

Please drop all letters in the mail by April 30, 2022


John and Barbara’s daughter reached out about her parents, she shares this with us:

“Covid has been very difficult and isolating for them. They are 80 years old and my dad has health issues that make him immunocompromised. They have always traveled and been involved in activities and have had to stay home way more than ever before. It has caused sadness, depression, and loneliness. My family is two and a half hours away and although it is relatively easy to visit, we have not been able to due to COVID concerns. Along with not seeing me or my adult children, they have been very sad not to see their two great-grandchildren (ages 4 and 9). We visited this past weekend and the joy was immeasurable. My dad laughed so much at the antics of the four-year-old. I think they would enjoy receiving letters and it would give them a boost that they really need.”

Grab your pens and share some joy today!


John & Barbara’s bundle

℅ Cheryl M.

11918 Mountain Laurel Dr.

North Chesterfield, VA 23236


Please drop all letters in the mail by April 30, 2022


Mikayla’s best friend requested a bundle saying: “Mikayla and I have been friends for almost a decade. When my family went through crisis after crisis our senior year of high school, she was there for me. Now, it’s time for me to step up and be there for her. 

Four years ago, her older sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Mikayla was terrified for her sister, but she didn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dreams. Mikayla became a missionary in the Far East and began to build a life that she loved there. When COVID came along, she stayed in her country as long as she was able, but by the end of April 2020, she was back in America. 

Living in America has been a hard transition for her; her heart and her adult life are all in another country. Shortly after she returned to America, her sister, Shaylee’s, health began to go downhill. Mikayla stepped up and became a nearly full-time caregiver for her sister while still holding a job and staying connected with her missions agency. Shaylee passed away after a long battle against her cancer this past November. It’s been hard to watch Mikayla fight to choose joy every day as she grieves the loss of her sister and the reality that she doesn’t know when she’ll get to return home. 

I want to show Mikayla that the hard work she’s doing is seen, to remind her that she’s loved, and to let her know that she’s not alone.”


Mikayla’s bundle

℅ Katlyn M.

437 W 7th Street

Lansdale, PA 19446


Please drop all letters in the mail by April 30, 2022


Anne’s daughter shares her mother’s story:

“My mom’s partner of close to 20 years was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago. It progressed slowly, with things getting significantly worse during the pandemic. My mom tried her best to care for him from home but eventually, she could no longer, and then came the difficulty of finding a safe long-term care facility during the pandemic. It has taken quite a bit of time and moving him in and out of several facilities that did not provide appropriate care, but she finally found a suitable place for him last year. It is over an hour’s drive away, and yet she visits frequently when she is not working, making sure he has what he needs and spending as much time with him as she can.

Over the past few months, her partner stopped recognizing her and is no longer verbal. My mom still visits diligently and tries to keep busy by working long hours. In many ways, she has lost the love of her life. I am hoping that she can realize that she needs to find time for the things she loves, rather than living to fulfill her partner’s needs or trying to numb her feelings with work.

Before her partner developed dementia, she was very active in the community, singing in choirs, volunteering with various groups, and spending time with friends. She has a love of music and singing, and also loves to spend time out in nature, either walking or kayaking. I hope that even though she is grieving the loss of her partner as she knew him, she realizes that she is still a vital and valued person that can live a fulfilled life. I know that hearing from others would be wonderful encouragement during this sad time.”

Open your heart and let the love shine through to Anne.


Anne’s bundle

℅ Coralee L.

14 Alexander Avenue

Peterborough ON Canada

K9J 6B4

Please drop all letters in the mail by April 30, 2022


Dorothy is a wonderful person who’s mom shared this with us:

“After a recent big family party, Dorothy told her father she often feels invisible. She lives in an age gap between her cousins and there isn’t anyone she really talks to in the family outside of adults. Due to her IEP, she has found it easier to not say much because she struggles to articulate her thoughts with friends at school. Over time she has adapted the “quiet girl” persona. 

She is a beautiful singer/piano player but like most kids does not possess the discipline to reap many rewards just yet. We are currently in the process of relocating, leaving lots of family and friends behind. She is our middle child, sandwiched between two very big outgoing personalities. 

She deeply values meaningful and encouraging words – that is her love language. She loves attention but feels overwhelmed when she receives it. We’re going to seek therapy for her once we move, but I hope that in the meantime she may receive words of kindness and encouragement from this community.”

Let’s show this beautiful soul how seen and loved she is.


Dorothy’s bundle

℅ Jessica M.

121 Church St.

Belford, NJ 07718


Please drop all letters in the mail by April 30, 2022

Thank you,


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