Spring brings May and love letters: Let us start writting


“Iason is the sunshine in everyone’s life he ever meets.” His friend tells us. 

“He is a lifelong advocate for global justice and human rights, working in Sudan and in Lebanon with the United Nations, and now in preventing harmful applications of new technologies. Not only is he brilliant, he offers a labor of joy, genuine care, and immense integrity – even in environments where it is challenging to nurture.

He is the delight of all children in his life, playing and dancing with them, singing silly songs he invents on the fly. Even with the gravity of the work he does, and understanding of day to day injustices, Iason remains imaginative and attuned to the magic and essential goodness of the world.

He has just relocated from the UK to California to further his work. This was a big life decision full of risks and uncertainty, and he is feeling isolated, uprooted and homesick. His friends and family mean the world to him, often going beyond all expectations to support his friends. The distance from his family and friends, after already being separated by the pandemic, and various challenges of starting a new life, has dampened his spark and his purposeful relationship to the world. He also puts a lot of pressure on himself to make this opportunity count for the communities he cares about. 

This spring, we hope the contributions of kindness he has made to strangers in the world will return to him and refresh him, when he needs it most. The kindness he receives in the love letters is sure to be passed on. Iason in Greek means ‘healer’, and letters of encouragement and love will allow him to embody his namesake again.”

Gather up your writing supplies and send a note to Iason today to remind him of all the goodness in the world.


Iason’s bundle

℅ Marie P. 

67 Pleasant Street 

Cambridge, MA 02139


Please drop all letters in the mail by May 31, 2022


“Melissa is one of the most generous, loyal, ethical, fair, compassionate people I know.” Her friend told us when nominating her for a bundle of letters. 

Within the past few months Melissa and her husband Joel have moved back to Chicago after a decade in  Los Angeles to start a new job. One factor in her decision to take the job back in the midwest was to be closer to family. Then in March Melissa lost her father to his extended battle with cancer. He had survived well past his initial prognoses, but his passing was very sudden. Like so many, due to the Pandemic Melissa had only recently been able to visit her parents in person in Michigan.

She has been a volunteer for various crisis hotlines, worked for advocacy groups to empower women and other minority groups. She is the “steady” one for all those around her, and the person who shows up to your bedside at the hospital, your sofa after a hard day, and your off- off-off broadway play on a rainy night when the trains are running late. She is a rock for so many and deserves the kind of support she gives others. Melissa loves ghost stories, paranormal podcasts, British Murder Mysteries, and dogs. She is integrity personified and a clutch friend. She is exactly the kind of person who would not ask for this sort of love to show up in her life, but would be greatly moved by it. Caught in the undertow of grief, this could really be a life line for her. Thank you for reading about my incredible friend.” 

Join us in showering Melissa with love.


Melissa’s bundle

℅ Joel G.

3508 N. Sacramento Ave.

Apt. 2 N

Chicago, IL 60618


Please drop all letters in the mail by May 31, 2022


“Growing up, Amma G. never had the opportunity to have a birthday.  Unfortunately, her family does not have a record of her birthday. Therefore, it is unknown.

Life hasn’t always presented her with the opportunities to follow her dreams or have it easy. Although it may sound strange to some, it’s a reality that she has had to face with her circumstances. Born and currently residing in India, Amma G. has experienced various life-changing situations that put her in the role of being the caretaker of her household at a young age. This took away her opportunity to continue her education in her elementary years. She is not the type of woman to complain or even sit still when there is work to do. She has endured much, but yet still finds joy in the little things.

Just recently, Amma G. made a statement to her son (my friend) after seeing one of her relatives have the typical celebration. She mentioned how she has never had luck to have this type of thing happen to her. I know after 40+ years of life it is something she is accustomed to. But this year, her son and I desire to start a new tradition of honoring  her on a special day. On Mother’s Day, we are going to give her her very first birthday party and officially acknowledge that as her special day. 

She would most definitely appreciate some birthday wishes this year. Her face lights up when she receives letters. I feel like she would enjoy receiving unique birthday wishes, the true meaning of celebrating another year in life or an encouraging word to tell her how much she deserves to be celebrated for the beautiful soul she is.”

Grab your favorite birthday card supplies and join us in celebrating the many years of life for Amma G. both past and ahead!

Letters are welcome in English and Malayalam


Amma G’s bundle

℅ Amber C.

988 Sand Point Pond Lane

Henderson, NV 89002


Please drop all letters in the mail by May 31, 2022


“My son, Matthew is 12 1/2 yrs old and has done a lot of growing up in the past year.  The day after Matthew turned 12, his older brother Joshua who is 16 was admitted to the hospital for surgery and the first of his chemotherapy treatments for an aggressive bone cancer.  Since then his older brother has spent many days and weeks at the hospital and Matthew has held down the fort at home. He and his brother are best friends. With covid restrictions, Matthew is not allowed to visit his brother at the hospital. So they have learned to make due with FaceTime connections. Often Matthew will send little treats with either me or his father for when we go to the hospital to be with Joshua. It is hard to be apart for so long and when Joshua is home, he often does not feel well enough to do things with Matthew. Matthew will go sit in his older brother’s room to just keep him company. He has taken to sleeping on a small mattress on the floor in Joshua’s room instead of his own bedroom to just be with him when Joshua is home.  He takes breakfast upstairs to Joshua on weekends if his brother is not strong enough to come to the kitchen to eat. And at one point when Joshua’s appetite was very poor, Matthew contacted his brother’s friends and had them send in video clips telling Joshua to eat. He has found ways to play games with Joshua when he is home- often while Joshua is in bed.

Matthew is incredibly creative and has a huge heart. He is always giving little gifts to others, oftentimes something he has crafted or drawn or a gift he has purchased with a lot of thought as to what would bless the recipient. He loves to find ways to surprise people and make them laugh. Dogs are his passion – he draws and paints dogs, writes stories about dogs, does felting projects that are dog themed and many of his gifts to others are dog related. I am so blessed by my boys and Joshua has received a huge round of support and now I want to show Matthew how much we love him too and know this journey with Joshua has impacted him in a huge way.” Let’s cheer on Matthew for all the ways he is kind and thoughtful.


Matthew’s bundle

℅ Debra C.

6312 NE 54th St

Vancouver, WA 98661


Please drop all letters in the mail by May 31, 2022

With Love,


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