June love letters: Gratitude is sharing love with others

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Jodie’s cousin reached out to share about this loving woman. She said,

“Jodie has had a rough couple of years which caused her mental health to decline.  She stepped up and ran a massive fundraiser by herself for the bushfires back in early 2020. She recently separated from her fiancé due to domestic violence and had to start all over again, as he took everything. She is struggling to go back to her calling as a nurse because the perpetrator is at her workplace. She is an amazing nurse and it breaks my heart that she can’t do what she was placed on this earth to do. She has always put her patients first, even if that meant giving up dinner breaks to be with her patients. She would even stay well after her shift was finished when some of her patients that had no family and they were getting ready to pass. She didn’t want anyone to leave this earth alone. 

Jodie lost a couple of friends and family members in a 9 month period. One of her good mates was killed in a cycling accident. Another was her adoptive father – he passed away due to pancreatic cancer. Due to the borders being closed in Australia, she couldn’t fly interstate to say goodbye. But she just carried on and didn’t complain as she believed it was for the good of her country and its people. Additionally Jodie’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer on May 19, 2022.

Recently, Australia had some incredibly bad floods. Jodie’s apartment complex was flooded and she spent days assisting people in the cleanup. The destruction has further devastated her as there is so much suffering, and all she wants to do is absorb everyone else’s pain and make them feel better. 

Even after all of this, Jodie is still volunteering to assist military veterans and serving with their medical claims as she is a veteran herself. The problem is that she is trying to do it all by herself as she doesn’t want to bother anyone. Even to a point that she ends up in the emergency department physically unwell because she bottles up all of her sufferings so she can continue to assist others. 

I’m hoping we can send her some much-needed love down under and let her know she doesn’t have to do this on her own.”


Jodie’s bundle

℅ Jasmine S. 

6/34 McCord Street

Gordon Park.

QLD  4031


Please drop all letters in the mail by June 30, 2022


“Christine lost her dear husband of almost 10 years to depression, and ultimately suicide recently.  She is struggling with guilt, regret, and wondering if she made the right choices for him along the way. Her husband, Travis, had suffered from depression for 19 years. She was used to talking him down from his depressive episodes.  He loved his family; however, Christine doesn’t understand how they weren’t enough to make him stay in this world. Her friends have told her that depression is a mental illness, and it did not have to do with anything that his family or anyone did or didn’t do. The demons in his head told him daily that he wasn’t good enough, and he wanted to end his suffering in this world. 

I would love it if this community could help support and encourage Christine as she moves forward as a single mom to 3 beautiful children – a non-verbal 9-year-old daughter with special needs, a 6-year-old daughter, and a 4-year-old son.”

Please wrap your loving arms around Christine and her family.


Christine’s bundle

℅ Dawn T.

P.O. Box 957132

Hoffman Estates, IL 60169


Please drop all letters in the mail by June 30, 2022


Amílcar’s close friend shared this beautiful story. “Amílcar is an utterly inspiring human being for those who have the privilege to meet him.

He works as a psychiatrist and a researcher of human behaviour. Inexhaustible, he is a master, in the truest sense of the word, at providing mental health care to vulnerable people in need. He fights for justice and for the delivery of the best possible treatment to each person who arrives at his workplace. He gives others hope and resources to deal with the intricacies of our own minds.

Throughout his life, he has been wholeheartedly devoted to his profession. Today, he is striving to come to terms with his origins and to create more balance between each of the various domains of his life.

He got divorced several years ago, even though he works together with his previous wife to raise their child. And, at some point, he thought he would be able to go alone all the way. However, he carries the lack of a partner with whom he could create a future together. 

In the last couple of years, he has been nourishing the dream of starting a new chapter in his life, with someone he would love and that would love him back. He is currently in his forties, and he is becoming very much afraid that he will never have the opportunity to start anew and be a father again. He doesn’t seem like himself in the last months: he is imprisoned in an emotional turmoil, struggling with his deepest fears, with his own sense of self-worth. I am deeply afraid that he is starting to lose hope in the possibility of celebrating happiness with someone by his side.

I believe Amílcar deserves a love letter bundle to support him feeling brave in the pursuit of a new horizon. He’s a man of science, but also a passionate reader. I would like him to see, through our collective stories, that this experience of suffering is not the end of the road. That it can be something from which he will ultimately birth out if only he is capable to reignite his sense of wonder and believe in what he is looking for: love.”

Let’s send some love Amílcar’s way. Letters are welcome in English and Portuguese.


Amilcar’s bundle

℅ Diana V. 

Rua 1º de Maio nº 40, 3ºc

2700-679 Venteira, Amadora


Please drop all letters in the mail by June 30, 2022


Gary has a special birthday this year and his wife reached out to share the celebration.

“Gary is turning 60 on October 7, 2022. He is always there for anyone needing help and his kindness and generosity of time is taken for granted. He is a quiet guy who doesn’t like attention but he deserves a special way to be remembered on this upcoming birthday.

His hobbies include travel, Nebraska Cornhusker football, napping with our dogs, home projects, and building the ultimate ice cream sundae. 

It would bring a huge smile to his face to be remembered. He has a knack for making friends with anyone wearing a name tag. He makes sure people are seen and appreciated. Let’s give Gary a fun way to look forward to turning the big 6-0!”


Gary’s bundle

℅ Kathryn M

11571 RambleRidge Rd

Omaha NE  68164-1457


Please drop all letters in the mail by June 30, 2022

Creativity makes life full of life and brings in hope🦋🌙🌙

With love,


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