Summer love letters: July

Hello All,

Here are the July love letters! Share your love with those in need and change someones life around just by sharing a card!! Here we begin:


Kaia’s friend says, “Kaia is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She is a super funny, hardworking, high-achieving eighteen-year-old girl.

“Unfortunately, about ten years ago, Kaia’s mom passed away from cancer. A few years later she and her dad moved all the way from Vegas to a small town in Minnesota. She was able to build a little community of friends for herself in Minnesota but wanted to go out of state and explore for college. Everyone who has met Kaia at school (including me!) loves her. 

Recently, Kaia moved out of her college town to California for the summer. She’s working her first-ever job and managing bills for the first time, all while being away from most of her friends and family. I know she is enjoying herself and learning a lot of great life lessons, but I also know she feels guilty about growing up and not being able to be with her dad for the summer. 

Kaia’s birthday is this month and I think it would be amazing for her to have some extra love and support in her life during this transition into adulthood. I know this would be a huge thing for her. She is so humble and really thrives on words of affirmation; I really feel like she deserves the world. 

Kaia loves Harry Potter, baking, and her magnet collection.”

Send some love to Kaia today!


Kaia’s bundle

℅ Shay C.

1067 Fourth Ave

Apartment #416

Chula Vista, CA 91911


Please drop all letters in the mail by July 31, 2022


Justin’s sister shares this about her brother,

“Justin is an amazing individual who works with children and spends his time making board games for kids of all ages to enjoy. He’s done so well and has fully developed two games that are on the market right now. 

However, in late 2021 and early 2022, he started feeling unwell and couldn’t shake his symptoms. He went to the doctor’s office and things were much worse than he, or the rest of the family, anticipated. Justin was diagnosed with colorectal cancer which was moving at an aggressive rate. 

In a matter of months, he has been in the hospital on numerous occasions, has undergone surgery, and has started his chemotherapy treatments. Throughout it all, he is doing his best to stay “ruthlessly optimistic” but, he could definitely use encouragement and help during this trying time. We are so grateful for him and just want to help bring a smile to his face as he spends all of his time bringing smiles to others.”

Grab your stationary and share the smiles.


Justin’s bundle

℅ Jessica G. 

299 Smithson Lane 

Unit B

Clarksville, TN 37040


Please drop all letters in the mail by July 31, 2022


“My dear friend Amanda (known as Moo) is an amazing woman. She is one of the bravest, most generous and loving people I know. There is no BS with her! I love her realness, quirkiness, and huge heart. She is such a loyal friend, caring and thoughtful.” shares Amanda’s friend. 

“She is open about her struggles with mental health and has inspired me and many others to reach out for help when I am low or anxious. She is a survivor, a warrior, and a hero to me – though she would never say those things about herself! Moo is an unassuming person, who doesn’t make a fuss about her own achievements. 

Moo works as a cleaner in a shopping centre, and though she loves the work itself, she often is abused by customers where she works and has to deal with the at times difficult politics in the workplace. 

She adores her little cat Nixi (Phoenix); and also loves plants, music, thrift shopping, Wes Anderson films, writing poetry, road trips and camping, colouring and embroidery, and especially foxes! 

I would love for her to be inundated with love for her birthday – she is turning 40 this year in early September, and I would love her to feel appreciated, loved, acknowledged and seen. For her to be reminded and assured that it is wonderful that she is with us and that her presence matters. That she is amazing!”

Time to write some love to the amazing Moo.


Moo’s bundle

℅ Moira K

32a Squires Crescent

Coledale NSW



Please drop all letters in the mail by July 31, 2022


Ashley’s aunt loves her niece and shares this with us, “I’m nominating my niece, Ashley, as she has recently experienced the tragic loss of her husband of four years. 

Ashley and Cameron were married in 2018. One year later their first gift Hunter was born and the following year brought Carson to their young family. The next year Cameron received the tragic diagnosis of bile duct cancer. He fought hard for 14 long months before he succumbed to cancer. Ashley fought side by side with Cameron and supported him throughout the process while juggling work and the young children. 

Ashley now faces the monumental task of managing the grief of the loss of Cameron and at the same time caring for her young family as a full-time working single mother. 

It would be amazing if this community could send words of encouragement and support to Ashley and her family as they navigate through this incredible journey. Help them get to the other side of this tragic loss while bringing her some comfort and peace.

Please wrap your loving arms around Ashley and her family.”


Ashley’s bundle

℅ Adriana L.

420 West El Paso Street

Broken Arrow, OK 74012


Please drop all letters in the mail by July 31, 2022

With Love,


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