October Love letters: Samhain celebration

Hello All,

I am sending out the new letters needed around the world! Join me in writing these as soon as you can!


Bailey is an amazing kid who is going through some trials. His mother shares, “My son is really struggling at the moment. He is 10 years old with Autism and ADHD. He has the most beautiful heart; he is so kind, and caring and has been so helpful towards his brother and me in such a difficult year. 

Lately, he has started to talk about how he has no friends, that he feels so lonely, and that he never receives cards or invitations to anything. This is made harder by the fact his only brother (three years old) has been sick, needing treatment and multiple surgeries for most of this year. Bailey has missed a lot of school and has been isolated while we have been away for medical needs. He has also been unable to join any social groups, and a lot in our small region have closed after COVID. 

I would love for him to get a letter just so he could have the excitement of seeing his name on an envelope and a written message of encouragement. School can be such a difficult place for someone who doesn’t fit in the standard box and I would love him to know that as he gets older he will find people that will accept him for who he is without needing to change. He loves Minecraft, Lego, and Pokemon. He is also obsessed with watching a few of his favorite YouTubers— Mr Beast, Preston, Brianna, ZHC, Unspeakable, and LoverFella!

Write some light into Bailey’s life to show how much he is loved just the way he is.


Bailey’s bundle

℅ Lindsey B.

C/- 4 Martin Crescent

Junction Hill NSW 2460


Please drop all letters in the mail by October 31, 2022


“Rosalie is one of the most loving people I have ever known and has always been one of my biggest supporters,” says her grandchild. “She grew up in a very poor family in the small town of Eureka, Utah where her father worked as a miner. She later grew up and married Richard Brown, my grandpa. They worked hard to make ends meet and provide a better life for their children (my mother included) than what they had growing up. However, when my mom was only 16 years old, my grandpa died from a heart attack, leaving my grandma Rosalie with 6 young kids to take care of by herself. Now, nearly 47 years later, my grandma is 89 years old and lives alone. She receives visits often from her family and we all love her very much, but that doesn’t do much to combat the immense loneliness that she feels spending so much time by herself. 

As she has gotten older she has become increasingly frail and struggles to be able to take care of herself the way that she used to. She is proud and highly independent, but it is evident that she has been struggling. Recently when I went to visit her, she told me to pray for her to be able to return to heaven soon so she can be with my Grandpa Brown. She seems like she is quickly losing the strength and will to live, and her loneliness only gets deeper each day. Rosalie has lived a hard life characterized by the love which she has always given to those around her, and I believe that she deserves a lot of love now in return.”

Let’s surround Rosalie with love by writing to her today


Rosalie’s bundle

℅ Braxton A.

507 E Oak Lane

Elk Ridge, UT 84651


Please drop all letters in the mail by October 31, 2022


Neeraj’s wife sings praises of her husband who has been struggling recently.

“Neeraj is an incredible and uplifting husband to me. We have been married for five years, but those years have not been the easiest for either of us. Earlier in our marriage, I had lost my father and my family experienced a house fire that took away the majority of what we owned. Through this, Neeraj helped me find my footing by putting a hold on his passion for music and focusing on working to bring stability to our family and assisting me with my mental health.

In addition, throughout his life, Neeraj never felt comfortable being his own person, while always feeling like he needed to meet others’ expectations to be accepted. I found out later in the marriage how much he felt afraid to be his own person and how much he had done within our own relationship, and other relationships to be accepted.

While I am continuing to encourage him and show my appreciation for all of the sacrifices he has made to create stability for our marriage and in his life, I want him to know just how incredibly important his music means not only to me but to the rest of the world, and how important it is for him to be comfortable in his own skin. I believe hearing it from more people will give him the confidence and love he needs to step into his own as a musician and an individual.  

Neeraj is an extremely caring, loving, talented, intelligent, and generous husband, son, brother, friend, uncle, and human being. He is so passionate about music, and I do not want him to feel guilty about pursuing his dreams and journey in life just because we went through some major life changes. I want him to know how important it is to realize his own potential and I know it would mean the world if he received love letters from you.”

Help Neeraj feel inspired to follow his heart and passions!


Neeraj’s bundle

℅ Preeti S. 

100 Barron Circle

Apt 1106

Somerset, NJ 08873


Please drop all letters in the mail by October 31, 2022


“For the past several years, Beth has been struggling with her self-worth,” says her sister. “She is a multitalented baker and artist, extremely creative, quick-witted, and has the biggest heart for those around her. She is the oldest girl in our family and always took it upon herself to be the caretaker, the fixer. Throughout her childhood she was the go-between with our parents, talking them through arguments and trying to protect me and our little sister from the fire. She grew up too fast in some ways, and in others, she remained a frightened child who felt unworthy of love. 

We came from a very sheltered home, which made it difficult once it was time for her to spread her wings. Being adventurous though, she took the leap, only to end up feeling lost and rejected after a broken engagement in college. To be honest, I don’t think she’s ever really come back from that moment. This was seven years ago now. Since that time, Beth has kept her head low and her self-worth has plummeted. For a while, she hid away from the world only doing what she needed to survive. 

A few years ago I invited her to come live with me and thought we could move forward in life together, encouraging each other and loving on each other through the trials of early adulting. For a little while, she seemed like she might be coming into a place of hope. She began engaging more with the world and dated a little bit. But each time she was faced with a new challenge in life, she questioned her value and lost faith that anyone could care about her, even God.

All through this, she’s held onto her belief in God, which was more than I could say for myself. She reached for me through a very dark season of my own life and held on tightly until I could finally see the light again. Now that I can better see outside of myself, my heart is broken for the sister who gives so much yet sees herself so little. 

Recently Beth took on a job at a popular donut shop where she was absolutely thriving. Within a year she moved up to supervisor and then to night manager of the kitchen. She pours everything she has into her team, taking on more responsibility than she can handle just to see them thrive. It seemed that things might be beginning to turn up for her until her inner demons took on the face of anxiety and insomnia. She struggles to get more than a few hours of sleep each day, and with working nights she’s become more isolated than she ever anticipated. The lack of sleep has darkened her perspective and has brought on a deeper feeling of hopelessness. She’s unable to see what a beautiful person she is or how much she is loved and wanted. 

This year Beth turned 30 and it hit hard. She’s always dreamed of being a wife and mother, but she feels that dream keeps slipping through her fingers. She’s begun to question whether or not God even sees her or what’s anything good for her. 

It is my deepest wish that Beth be shown in some big, ridiculous way that she is seen and beloved. That there are others out there who understand exactly what she’s going through, who can help lift up her spirit through this tough season. That she is worthy in the process and the waiting.”

Write and show Beth that she is seen and beloved.


Beth’s bundle

℅ Berea B.

3202 Park Village Court

Fairview, TN 37062


Please drop all letters in the mail by October 31, 2022

With Love,


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