Witches creating magick in our Hearth & home

Self-care: What does that mean?

We speak a lot about self care today. It is important to create a self care routine because it balances you as a human. It helps you to recognize your struggles and make changes needed. Self care is connected to our shadow work which, is always working on your SHIT, as there is no one person that walks this earth that is perfect. It is extremely important to understand you are still a part of the society you are growing up in and needing to adapt to that is as important to our whole being.

At times, I believe we confuse self care and self love with that we get to do whatever we want and its all about ourselves, NO, that is not true. We are among nature and mother earth, that alone tells you we are a community and rely on each other. I had a conversation with a young adult who stated to me, “North America is a toxic environment as people have no real connections. This is a melting pot with no culture or identity which tries to mold us all into one race. Anyone who thinks differently is outcasted or has addiction issues. “ They also stated that within the world of addiction it is not someone just craving substances but the community thats created as once you are sober you are majority of the time doing your own thing.

This is why I bring up the conversation of self care and the connection of community. We are here to make a better version of ourselves for those around us and for ourselves but not SOLELY just you… as that creates a narcissistic person. I see the excuse used, I can’t help others right now or be involved for community as I am working on myself or I have a family. I see through that and if we are honest with what we see around us, there is an increase of narcissism which is why many during these two years were left on their own. These two years, community was not created that is for sure but many of those protests that people bash definitely tried to do that! I ask you rethink about, “What is self care?”

Beginning the sessions of self care: “Home is where the heart is.” A place filled with people and possessions you love. But too often people hold onto stuff they do not need, use or cherish. So how are you going to change your home into your haven?

Looking through fresh eyes what would you need to change in your home to have it reflect your personality, interest and lifestyle. Do this without judgment and allow this to help you place some perspectives.

What would you change to make it the home you desire? Make a list…

Many people tend to hoard, and hold onto things that is unnecessary and clutter puts your mood in a discomfort. We are going into Beltane which always recommends a good spring cleaning. This also helps declutter your mind and creates a stable spirit. Write a mission statement, including the benefits of an uncluttered life, can be a great motivational tool.

Write done reasons to live a clutter free life: make a list and start here. This can be at times an overwhelming feeling. Focus on one category at a time and allow yourself to let go, its the beginning of decluttering our minds! Lets begin here!

I also recommend creating a spiritual cleanse within your home and self. This creates a positive ritual and connects you with our mother earth who will always protect your journey and make you grounded. We need to go back to our land and love the magick it brings us everyday. Sing or speak to your birds as they listen. Going into spring:

🕯Ostara, or the Spring Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere, is the first of the quarter days, which marks the second of the spring holidays (the mid-point between Imbolc and Beltane).
🕯Ostara is traditionally celebrated on the day of the Vernal Equinox, determined by when the Sun is directly over the earth’s equator (this date may range from March 19th through March 22nd each year depending on the Sun’s position).
🕯Modern Ostara celebrations stem from the contemporary Wheel of the Year, where Ostara is associated with.
🕯Spring Equinox and is celebrated as a time of new beginnings and the re-emergence of life after the depth of winter.
🕯This is a time to start new beginnings, bring in light & love into your hearth. To cleanse the old and bring the new, sense of renewal. Its a time to rebirth and balance your spirit in celebration of all that is green! Crystals to carry: rose quartz, amethyst, snd jaspers.

Create a nature altar through gathering all your greens and manifesting a wreath or walking among nature or spring cleaning & home blessing or embrace fresh honey! 🏹🖤🕯💜🕯💜

With Love,



Gratitude: All about floral magick

ETSY: journeywithspirit72

Hello Friends,

I am writing about floral magic which ties into my ETSY shop that focuses on healing, manifesting positive intentions, and creating a magical space to battle the war on our spirituality.

I am a spiritual individual who is connected with flowers, nature and water. I love being by water and hearing its sounds. It will calm my internal vibration instantly. I have always loved flowers because of their vibrate colours and its magical power to instantly change the ambience of a room. It brings smiles, joys and fills a room with so much love.

We are surrounded by healing properties that can uplift our souls, bring us smiles and heal us. I am going to share with you about flower essence and how you can make your own. Flowers have healing energies that can be captured in water. Flower essence helps with the emotional part of the body where as essential oils treat the physical body, it’s a huge difference.

Floral Magick

Flower essences are ingested by the body through the mouth with two to three drops once a day. You can also drop a few drops on linens, pillow case and baths. You can also directly apply it on your wrist & temples. It is pretty magical that we have these medicine plants that many know nothing about.

I am going to share with you a simple recipe that you can do on your own.

Gather together: handful of freshly picked flowers specifically the malady you are treating, 6 pints (2.8 litres) of fresh or distilled water, organic brandy or vodka at least at 40%, large glass mixing bowl, tweezers, cheesecloth, large pitcher, green or blue sealable glass bottle.

  • If you can begin in the early morning, picking your choose flowers by 9am the latest as you will still have 3 hours of sunlight just before noon.
  • Put the water in a large glass bowl. To avoid touching the flowers use tweezers to gently place them on top of the water. You place the flowers until you can not see the surface and then you will leave them under the sun for 3 hours.
  • Now remove the flowers, gently, and please do not touch the water. Strain the flower essence water through the cheesecloth into the large pitcher. Half fill the green/blue jar with the flower essence and top it up with brandy or vodka ( this will extend the shelf life of your flower essence unto 3 months store in a dark place.
  • This becomes your mother tincture, label with date and flowers used.
  • Use the rest of the flower water to water plants and complete a gratitude prayer for their beauty and healing power.
  • To make a stock bottle from your other tincture fill 1oz (30ml) dropper bottle, 3/4 full of brandy then fill with spring water and add 4 drops of the mother tincture. You take 3 to 4 drops on your tongue for the day.

Floral that can be used:

  • Chamomile: calms the mind, soothes, and relaxes
  • Rose: brings in joy, love and peace
  • Passion Flower: connects us to our higher self
  • Lemon Blossom: clears away mental fog, adds focus and brings in clarity
  • Hibiscus: awakens chakra points and is good for sexual healing
  • Lavender: calms the mind, soothes over thinking
  • Nasturtium: creates a sense of roundness, stops over thinking & worry
  • Grape Hyacinth: releases past trauma and emotional wombs & reduces stress

I have embraced all of the universes medicine and herbs to help bring calmness in my life with all the changes that continue to happen in Canada.

Questions for you:

What strategies are you using to be calm?

What ways are you connecting with nature? If not why? When will you begin to implement this in your life/

How has your stress been? Are you feeling more anxious?

I want you to adjust anything this blog evoked and make some small changes so that you fill at peace with yourself and more at ease.

Mantra: Dearest goddess of us all, Mother, May this essence bring brightness like no other, Nature’s purest healing synergy, will bring to us positive new energy. Blessings to all. Blessed be me. Thank you Mother Nature.

I am grateful for mother nature and the magic she provides to us that we do not even know is there for you. I am grateful for all the beauty she provides through waterfalls, sunlight, moonlight, animals and the songs of the birds. This brings me joy everyday.

Thank you,


Love Letters to the world

February Love Letters: 💕

Hello Lovely People,

Here we begin again writing letters to those who need some extra love from our universe! Join me in writing letters!!!!


Chelsea has been facing a series of challenging, wonderful circumstances. Her friend shared part of her story with us:

“My best friend Chelsea had her first baby in February of 2020. Her baby, Grace, was born just two weeks before we went into our first lockdown. Ever since then, Chelsea has been at home taking care of Grace, every single day. Although Chelsea receives support from her parents and her husband, she has been taking care of Grace largely alone. She has not been able to do the normal activities a new mom and baby might take part in: no mommy & me classes, no moms & tots swimming lessons, no perusing the grocery store or the mall with a baby in a stroller. Those activities make up a huge part of a new mom’s social life but Chelsea and Grace have not had the chance to do any of them. This has left Chelsea feeling so isolated and lonely. 

Since I live a thousand miles away in another province, I cannot visit her either. But I am so proud of this woman for being an amazing mother and for providing Grace with as much fun, love, and stimulus as she can. I’m hoping we could all send Chelsea love and appreciation as this first year of being a new mom comes to a close.”

Let’s send Chelsea heaps of celebration + encouragement!

**letters are welcome in English and French


Chelsea’s bundle
℅ Emalie H. 
282 Ryan St.
Moncton, NB
E1G 2W3



Heidi’s best friend reached out with the story of her current challenges. She wrote to us:

“Heidi is one of the most caring and loving individuals I have ever known. She has dedicated her life to serving the public as a paramedic. She gives so much of herself to take care of others in need. 

Recently, Heidi was diagnosed with cancer. In the face of this, she is trying to be strong and continue to encourage others. I really believe that words of encouragement would be life changing for her and would give her strength to keep fighting. She is an absolute blessing in my life, as well as many others. I couldn’t imagine a life where she isn’t.”

Grab your pens and join us in sharing hope + encouragement with Heidi.


Heidi’s bundle
℅ Heather B. 
3111 Swan Place
Lynchburg, VA 24501



A friend of Josena has shared a bit of her story from 2020 and asked us to rally around her friend. She wrote: 

“Josena has been my best friend since we met at sixth form and she giddily commented that we had the same initials in a slightly different order. At the start of 2020, she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and she’s been on medication since. In August, just after her birthday, her tiny Yorkshire terrier was hit by a car and passed away right in front of her. Josena has been there for her family as a carer all her life, and even more this year where her mum has been working with covid patients and staff as an essential worker. Her mum has recently been told she may have cancer, and her dad had his second seizure a few weeks ago – we’re not sure what’s caused them and all the scans and tests came back clear again. Additionally, Josena lost her job right before Christmas. Despite all she’s faced over the last year, she’s still the same caring and sweet friend she’s always been to me. She still helps me any time I feel down, and I know she supports many, many others too.

Josena loves letters so much! It’s one thing she gets super excited about receiving and showing to other people. I’ve seen so many of the letters she sends to people and how happy she becomes when she tells me she got another letter. After everything she’s been through this year and after all she’s done for me over the years, I would really like to deliver a special smile to her.”

Pick out some fun stationery + unite with us in sending Josena a smile. 

**Josena’s primary language is English, but loves to see and learn more about other languages. Feel free to include some words and phrases in your favorite language!


Josena’s bundle
℅ Anne Marie J. 
69 Homestead Road
S5 0NA
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom



Lisa lives life in an incredibly sacrificial way, and is facing difficult circumstances. Her friend shared with us:

“Lisa is the MOST giving person in the entire universe. She works tirelessly on the front lines in NYC for the ASPCA saving animals daily. Not just a few, I’m talking about hundred and hundreds during animal abuse raids, hoarding cases, dog fighting rings, animals left as a result of owners dying from COVID, the list just goes on and on. She has a Master’s degree in art therapy and is also a reiki master. Lisa is in her early 40’s and has already beaten cancer once. She has once again been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma and is facing another tumor removal surgery along with radiation treatments and blood clotting vein surgery. She lives alone in Brooklyn in a 4th floor apartment with no elevator. She has no one near her to help her with doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry, literally no one. Her mother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and Lisa – even though she is battling cancer herself, regularly drives hours to go and assist her. She lost her father at the young age of 8. She works day and night, helping the animals – but doesn’t have a close team of support to help her. She has been my best friend for 30 years; and with me through so many difficult times in my life….she never gives up. She needs a gift of kindness in the most beautiful way possible.”

Join us in sending Lisa encouragement through this trying season.


Lisa’s bundle
℅ Jessamy B. 
2252 Stonehedge Drive, Apt F
East Lansing, MI 48823


With Love,


anxiety, meditation

Meditation for our souls…

Hi everyone with all that has been going on… to help create some peace, calm our spirits and to continue to find gratitude, where we can: I am going to be sharing 21 days of Gratitude/Abundance…

⭐ Day 1 ⭐

Here we go! I highly recommend doing the meditation and the task at the beginning of the day, if possible. It changes the course of the day! But anytime is better than no time, so commit whatever works best for you.


In your new notebook, make a list of 10 people that have influenced your life and 10 things you are grateful for. Think of those who have helped shape you, added value to your life, guided you in any way, and shared sentiments with you. Have a look around your world… enjoy the night sky, feel the sun, enjoy watching the moon… What are you GRATEFUL FOR?

Complete this process slowly, calmly and take your time to gather your thoughts. Feel your thoughts and resonate with those feelings. Allow the positivity to enter into your souls and create a beautiful smile upon your cheeks!

I recommend putting the phone in airplane/do not disturb mode at this time so that no one will interfere with you (children and everyone around you too 🙂 – as much as it is realistic of course 👶🏽❤)


  • Today I behold the abundance that surrounds me

This should also be written in your notebook and remembered during the day as often as possible.


The meditation (found in the video following) can be done before or after the task. It’s up to you! 

This is the Mantra you will repeat during meditation:

So Hum


  1. Meditation: Listen to the video. Repeat the mantra.
  2. Write the phrase of the day in your notebook: 

“Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me.”

Remember it during the day.

  1. Complete the assignment above in a notebook
  2. All of this is due by the latest Wednesday at 12 am. (Highly recommend staying on top of each daily task if possible.)

Have a great and beautiful day tomorrow as we embark on this journey together! 🤗

“Come from a place of peace and you’ll find you can deal with anything”

Love Always,