JULY: Love letters💕💕

Hello All, It has been a while since I have written!! I plan to write a few entries this month! First I will post the many letters needed, some inspiration is truly needed this month! LOGAN Logan is a kind and generous person who is celebrating her 20th birthday on August 1st! Her foster mom … Continue reading JULY: Love letters💕💕

June Love Letters Needed:💌

HELLO Lovely Humans, Here is this months love letters needed, I really hope you will join me in writing as so many people need the help. Just through sharing a letter you can save a life! Grab your pens & paper and write with me! EMILY Emily is an amazing friend going through a challenging … Continue reading June Love Letters Needed:💌

Gratitude: Day 11: Floral Magick

ETSY: journeywithspirit72 Hello Friends, I am writing about floral magic which ties into my ETSY shop that focuses on healing, manifesting positive intentions, and creating a magical space to battle the war on our spirituality. I am a spiritual individual who is connected with flowers, nature and water. I love being by water and hearing … Continue reading Gratitude: Day 11: Floral Magick

Gratitude: Day 10: Personal Story

I wanted to take this moment to thank you all for paying attention to my blog and engaging with me. It is always appreciated! I am active on Instagram as; journeywithspirit2020. I post about my shop, stories and quotes. It’s a positive space that welcomes everyone as who they are! I am grateful for all … Continue reading Gratitude: Day 10: Personal Story

MAY love letters: sharing inspiration with others around the world…

Hello Everyone, I am truly trying to get caught up so I can begin writing a few blogs this week as I have not been posting as consistent!!! I am sharing those who need letters of hope for this month! If you have the opportunity to write a letter that would be fantastic! Just keep … Continue reading MAY love letters: sharing inspiration with others around the world…