Meditation for the soul… bonus day!

Hello Beautiful Humans! I want to discuss the gift of being humble first before anything else. Humility is something that many people in the trends of self promotion tend to cast spells on success on Instagram! When you look at what people would call old fashion values but understand that being humble is not to … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… bonus day!

Meditation for the soul… 18

Hello Everyone, A moment I am grateful for... able to be playful with others! How is everyone doing? How have you been occupying your time? Is there anything different about you during this time at home? How did this experience make you feel? I am writing a letter to you all through my blog. I … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 18

Meditation for the soul… 16

Be kind always Good afternoon everyone! I hope you were able to complete last nights meditation! I heard that things will begin to reopen up again and hope this will not create more anxiety for others! Here are a few questions for your journal: How do you feel about this? Are there any concerns for … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 16

Meditation for our souls…

Hi everyone with all that has been going on... to help create some peace, calm our spirits and to continue to find gratitude, where we can: I am going to be sharing 21 days of Gratitude/Abundance... ⭐ Day 1 ⭐ Here we go! I highly recommend doing the meditation and the task at the beginning of … Continue reading Meditation for our souls…

When life throws you 🍋’s ….

Hi everyone I am actually going to share a personal story with you all... a bit melancholy, heavy hearted but with a peaceful ending! Since I was a child I dreamed of getting married and having 4 children, YES, 4 children! Well I conceived NONE! At the beginning of my 20’s: I entered into the … Continue reading When life throws you 🍋’s ….