Meditation for the soul… 15

Love conquers always Hi Everyone! I hope you all are well and safe! I have given you all amply of time to complete all tasks and meditations! Today, I would like to touch on trauma... as this impacts many individuals. I will touch on childhood traumas. Though, some individuals can be remarkably resilient others are … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 15

When life throws you 🍋’s ….

Hi everyone I am actually going to share a personal story with you all... a bit melancholy, heavy hearted but with a peaceful ending! Since I was a child I dreamed of getting married and having 4 children, YES, 4 children! Well I conceived NONE! At the beginning of my 20’s: I entered into the … Continue reading When life throws you 🍋’s ….

Being a teen….. how misunderstood we are

Well, I vividly remember being a teen and it feels like this was yesterday. The teen years are so complicated, confusing and frustrating! Teens are discovering their identity, creativity, political views, moral stands, exploring their character and so much more! And then... they have a full time job, which is school, where they now meet … Continue reading Being a teen….. how misunderstood we are