June Love Letters Needed:💌

HELLO Lovely Humans,

Here is this months love letters needed, I really hope you will join me in writing as so many people need the help.

Just through sharing a letter you can save a life! Grab your pens & paper and write with me!


Emily is an amazing friend going through a challenging time. Her best friend shared some of her story with us.

“Emily always knows the right things to say, she’s witty, and so creative. She loves all things pink and kawaii and all she wants is to spread cuteness and happy vibes to everyone.

Emily is dealing with ongoing health challenges, including a severe physical challenge that forces her to eat a highly restrictive diet, and ongoing agoraphobia that has been compounded by the pandemic. Additionally, she is going through a divorce and is forced, for the time being, to live in less than ideal circumstances. She tends to think that others don’t care about her as much as she cares about them.”

Join us as we write some caring words to Emily.


Emily’s bundle
℅ Melissa Q. 
46 Fanwood Drive
Sayreville, NJ 08872



“Meg is the kind of person who will always find a way to make you feel like the most important person alive. The questions she asks leave you wanting to know yourself better. While she’s with you, you look at her eyes and you can see she cares so so so much. Every single word, every single detail. She is a gentle breeze and a fierce wave crashing over you. She will leave a BIG impression when you first meet her and her light shines brightest when she gets to love you exactly where you are at, the good and the bad.”

These words were written by Meg’s twin sister, Erin, as she petitioned with family, friends, and even complete strangers to pray for her sister’s recovery just five days after Meg and her husband, Isaiah (Zay), were in a devastating car crash. 

Both were rushed to the ER via ambulance, where Isaiah was treated for minor injuries to his face and a broken ankle, and Meg was rushed into emergency surgery to address the swelling and bleeding in her brain, as well as her multiple broken bones and heart complications. Isaiah was soon discharged with a walking boot after receiving surgery on his ankle, but Meg remained in the ICU in critical condition for many months, where, due to COVID restrictions,  she was only able to be visited by her husband. After six and a half weeks in a coma, Meg woke up!!! But their journey was only just beginning. Meg would spend several more weeks in the hospital receiving intensive physical, occupational, speech, and neurological therapies before being able to be discharged home for outpatient care.

As of late February, Meg is officially home! The couple has now moved from their old home into a new handicap accessible apartment and Isaiah has made the transition from not only being Meg’s husband, but now also, her full time caregiver. Meg is improving greatly in her strength and ability to control her body but continues to need extensive therapy and rehab as her body continues to heal.

While her body is still healing, Meg is just as much of a fighter on the inside as ever! Her smile hasn’t faded and Isaiah reports “It is so good to have her home. While it’s not easy, it has already been filled with so many beautiful moments. She has even been encouraging me as I care for her, showing she is still the same incredibly strong, kind, selfless, loving woman she has always been.”

Meg and Isaiah are dutiful servants of God (having both served as international missionaries), lovers of art, and world travelers. Any prayers, poems, favorite song recommendations, encouragements in their faith, or other outlets of comfort and general words of support are eagerly welcomed.”

Meg’s story is not over. Join us in writing to this amazing person.


Meg’s bundle
℅ Hannah G. 
6610 Bonanza Trail
Gainesville, GA 30506



Josylnn is a graduating senior who is celebrating her birthday this month! Along with the celebrations comes a lot of change. Her mother shared this:

“As the pandemic rolled out and affected our globe and all the families and individuals in it, our family has been blessed during this time. However, a little encouragement could go a long way for my daughter who became an adult during this time. She paused her life to self isolate until we were vaccinated because I am high risk. At a time when her life should have been full of excitement and beginnings, her world stopped for our family. She is now working at a job that supports Marine Corp recruits, our military, and their families – and will be taking the agility test to get into firefighter training and from there she desires to become an EMT. Joslynn wants to help other people and shine a light in the community. She needs a little encouragement to boost her confidence that she can do this. I am asking that her 19th birthday (that is June 14th) be brought in with a little light of encouragement to help guide her way to the next step she is on.”

Time to get writing and celebrate Josylnn!


Joslynn’s bundle
℅ Amandea T. 
P.O. Box 781
Port Royal, SC 29935



Shana’s friend reached out to share Shana’s story with us:

“Shana is the most incredible person I know. She is gorgeous, silly, kind, generous, wild spirited and loving. She has two great kids, who she would give her life for. She has spent the last 10+ years homeschooling and homemaking, two of the most selfless jobs there are. She has been in a toxic marriage for the last few years, her husband controls her financially, although he hasn’t had a steady job in years. This doesn’t keep her down though, she spends her free time hand making cards and tutoring other homeschool kids to make sure her family has what they need. Even through all of that, I have seen her drop what she’s doing to give someone a ride to the airport or watch someone’s animal because they went on vacation. She is so generous with her time, and would give you anything she has if you only asked. I think she could use some words of encouragement. Just a reminder that she is incredibly worthy of good things and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Let’s grab our pens and share some encouragement with Shana.


Shana’s bundle
℅ Kasse H. 
9124 Clovis Road
Mesilla Park, NM 88047


With Love,


Gratitude: Day 11: Floral Magick

ETSY: journeywithspirit72

Hello Friends,

I am writing about floral magic which ties into my ETSY shop that focuses on healing, manifesting positive intentions, and creating a magical space to battle the war on our spirituality.

I am a spiritual individual who is connected with flowers, nature and water. I love being by water and hearing its sounds. It will calm my internal vibration instantly. I have always loved flowers because of their vibrate colours and its magical power to instantly change the ambience of a room. It brings smiles, joys and fills a room with so much love.

We are surrounded by healing properties that can uplift our souls, bring us smiles and heal us. I am going to share with you about flower essence and how you can make your own. Flowers have healing energies that can be captured in water. Flower essence helps with the emotional part of the body where as essential oils treat the physical body, it’s a huge difference.

Floral Magick

Flower essences are ingested by the body through the mouth with two to three drops once a day. You can also drop a few drops on linens, pillow case and baths. You can also directly apply it on your wrist & temples. It is pretty magical that we have these medicine plants that many know nothing about.

I am going to share with you a simple recipe that you can do on your own.

Gather together: handful of freshly picked flowers specifically the malady you are treating, 6 pints (2.8 litres) of fresh or distilled water, organic brandy or vodka at least at 40%, large glass mixing bowl, tweezers, cheesecloth, large pitcher, green or blue sealable glass bottle.

  • If you can begin in the early morning, picking your choose flowers by 9am the latest as you will still have 3 hours of sunlight just before noon.
  • Put the water in a large glass bowl. To avoid touching the flowers use tweezers to gently place them on top of the water. You place the flowers until you can not see the surface and then you will leave them under the sun for 3 hours.
  • Now remove the flowers, gently, and please do not touch the water. Strain the flower essence water through the cheesecloth into the large pitcher. Half fill the green/blue jar with the flower essence and top it up with brandy or vodka ( this will extend the shelf life of your flower essence unto 3 months store in a dark place.
  • This becomes your mother tincture, label with date and flowers used.
  • Use the rest of the flower water to water plants and complete a gratitude prayer for their beauty and healing power.
  • To make a stock bottle from your other tincture fill 1oz (30ml) dropper bottle, 3/4 full of brandy then fill with spring water and add 4 drops of the mother tincture. You take 3 to 4 drops on your tongue for the day.

Floral that can be used:

  • Chamomile: calms the mind, soothes, and relaxes
  • Rose: brings in joy, love and peace
  • Passion Flower: connects us to our higher self
  • Lemon Blossom: clears away mental fog, adds focus and brings in clarity
  • Hibiscus: awakens chakra points and is good for sexual healing
  • Lavender: calms the mind, soothes over thinking
  • Nasturtium: creates a sense of roundness, stops over thinking & worry
  • Grape Hyacinth: releases past trauma and emotional wombs & reduces stress

I have embraced all of the universes medicine and herbs to help bring calmness in my life with all the changes that continue to happen in Canada.

Questions for you:

What strategies are you using to be calm?

What ways are you connecting with nature? If not why? When will you begin to implement this in your life/

How has your stress been? Are you feeling more anxious?

I want you to adjust anything this blog evoked and make some small changes so that you fill at peace with yourself and more at ease.

Mantra: Dearest goddess of us all, Mother, May this essence bring brightness like no other, Nature’s purest healing synergy, will bring to us positive new energy. Blessings to all. Blessed be me. Thank you Mother Nature.

I am grateful for mother nature and the magic she provides to us that we do not even know is there for you. I am grateful for all the beauty she provides through waterfalls, sunlight, moonlight, animals and the songs of the birds. This brings me joy everyday.

Thank you,


Gratitude: Day 10: Personal Story

I wanted to take this moment to thank you all for paying attention to my blog and engaging with me. It is always appreciated! I am active on Instagram as; journeywithspirit2020. I post about my shop, stories and quotes. It’s a positive space that welcomes everyone as who they are! I am grateful for all of my experiences in life because it evokes your spirit to be humble always. My share is in sharing where my humbleness was created and where my critical thinking was evoked. I want anyone that reads this entry to know this is my experiences and my views/ideas.

I often in my own life journey I get caught on the waves, in figuring am I always doing the right thing! In this world of so much love and hate at the same breath, staying true to who you are is challenging.

Recently, there have been many challenges around race. I am a European woman who immigrated here from Portugal. I am educated in colonialism from many different perspectives, in fact I learned this when I lived in Portugal as a teen. This is part of their curriculum to understand the oppressive systems and corruption of governments in so many different eras. 

I also cannot change my skin colour that North America states is white and in recent classes speaking on anti-black racism it joins all whites as one race. When in fact a person from England is completely different than a person from Spain. I find that to be so generic and insulting. I would state saying someone is black or brown is generic as well as someone from Nigeria is very different from someone coming from Jamaica. I also cannot change history but have always been aware of the damage history causes, the manipulation in Hollywood, corrupted systems, and the power that elites have in this world. I agree with none of this and try to not participate in wanting to engage in racism of any kind. In this life on Earth all we do is judge one another for race, colour, culture, religion, medical differences, beauty, weight, relationship, a woman who stays home as a care giver, and it just goes on. Unfortunately, I can say every one of you has been racist, has judged and so forth. I am definitely trying to evoke critical thinking that is not taught through indoctrination but through experiences. 

I will say through the 60’s/70’s many Irish, Italian and Portuguese moved to North America as it was advertising life to be better here, which in fact in the end it really is not for Europeans. Also, North America was specifically wanting Europeans here for work in construction, which is why many of these cultures today own many construction companies. Though I will say this job is extremely damaging to the body and leaves a disconnect with families as these individuals work long hours and arrive home too tired. 

I will tell you every immigrate that has left their country suffered just like those of today. I will also state no one gave us a dollar and nor did we know about any of these services today. 

My family got out of poverty by hard work. My parents, my dad came from a successful business-oriented family and my mom came from farming. My grandfather owned lots of land, cultivated olives into olive oil and ran a farm, back in Portugal. My parents, came from different life styles which was not really accepted by my father’s family as they would want to develop more successes. My father loved my mother who was actually his guardian of war, as my dad at the age of 18 years old had to go into the army as this is mandatory in Europe (not in all countries today). Here we are again with how our systems control humanity for their greed of power.

I want to give a light background as we enter the story of my arrival to Canada. When it comes from the experience of being seen as an immigrate, we have all experienced racism. My parents struggled to make the life they have today and they worked damn hard. My parents worked a full-time job, a part-time job and then picked buckets of worms on the weekends, when it rained. They managed a home, attended all jobs and raising me with no help from anyone. My little sister arrived 10 years later and things were better established by then. 

I clearly remember the turbulence my parents had in finally settling in Toronto and calling Canada their home. We arrived in Edmonton first as that was where my mom’s family had established their home. The dynamic of being with family can be challenging for someone on the outskirts, which in this case would be my dad. There were some discourses which led my dad to travel to Vancouver on his own; for work and then he came back to get us (my mom and me). We settled there with no help and trying to manage a different life style. My dad spoke a bit of English but my mom none. They had full-time jobs in factories and their studies not acknowledged. My mom was an amazing seamstress but unaware how to establish that in Toronto.

My dad then landed a job with Canada-Wire which paid a great salary so we moved to Toronto into an Italian community. This was different for me as I was from Portugal and during this time in the eighties, Italians disliked Portuguese people. I was bullied up until grade 5 and I had the boys on my street teach me how to fight as nothing else was working. This is how I ended being bullied…during these moments I was made fun of having a big bum, made fun of eating fish, having an accent, euro-girls are whores, made fun of my clothes, shopping at Knob-hills farms (many immigrates shopped here in the 80’s) and so forth. During this era, you would not bug your parents about these situations as you did not want to stress them out. Also, anyone that was Portuguese in the 80’s you had to help out. I cooked, cleaned, organized and shopped with my mother. We worked as a family and did everything together. We did not speak of our issues outside of the house. Where in Canada again there is CAS (Children’s Aid society) who informs you how you raise your children, other countries do not have a system like this. I get conflicted by this as in working in this field and having seen certain situations that children have been placed in, should have a safe place but not where the state tells you how to raise your children and the consent at 12 years old, which means the schools do not need to inform their parents if their child is seeking counseling/getting medical attention or engaged in sex. My blog is opening our views in the relatable issues of immigrating from another country, different experiences, and similarities.

My family, my home in my heart and my nationality is Portuguese 💕

Here is an interesting bit of history that we do not touch on: 

I also want to speak about what we do not embrace in the study of cultures/wars/politics. Let’s speak of England, which was a very primitive culture, lack of reading & writing, and used fear to get control over their people. We do not speak about the political part of slavery where you will discovery that Europeans enslaved Europeans, the Chinese enslaved the Chinese and finally the Africans enslaved Africans. We allow schools to control what they are now willing to educate and we are always eliminating the entire stories. The entire world encompassed slaves at one time or another, this was not just a North American story. If only we could be honest in educating all truths about slavery, corruption and systems. This world, unfortunately is at the hands of corrupted, greedy leaders. We, civilians from each era suffer at their hands consistently each time.

I am grateful to continue to embrace an open mind and accept all differences but still encompassing what I believe in. I will not own past history mistakes or allow a system to suppress my truth as long as it is challenged respectfully. I send you all lots of light & love always.🤍🤍🤍🕯🕯🕯

With Kindness,



MAY love letters: sharing inspiration with others around the world…

Hello Everyone,

I am truly trying to get caught up so I can begin writing a few blogs this week as I have not been posting as consistent!!! I am sharing those who need letters of hope for this month! If you have the opportunity to write a letter that would be fantastic! Just keep in mind these need to be neutral and reframe of politics, religion and negativity. It is writing an uplifting letter to those in need of hope! 💕💕


Talisa’s story has not been one of smooth sailing, especially concerning this past year. Her mother is requesting letters of encouragement and kindness. She wrote:

“Talisa is one of the greatest joys in my life. She was my rock when I was a single mother for a while, being patient and kind when we were struggling. When I remarried, Talisa faced all the challenges of being a military child that most military children face–moving away from friends and family every few years, living in other countries, and not having those roots one would ordinarily have growing up on in one place.

Talisa graduated from nursing school with honors, passed the nursing boards, and responded as a COVID-19 crisis traveling nurse in the Neuro-ICU, the intensive care unit devoted to the care of patients with immediately life-threatening neurological problems. She is now in a transitional part of her life, experiencing life changes in an uncertain world. But Talisa is such a sensitive soul, and I fear she feels these changes deeply. It would be a blessing for her to receive letters of encouragement and inspiration from others, as she is feeling very alone at the moment. Any kind words would definitely lift her gentle spirit.”

Join us as we share with Talisa all the hope & encouragement we have to offer. 


Talisa’s bundle
℅  Gina L.
P.O. Box 44
Berrien Springs, MI 49103



Mary Ann has been struggling with her mental health during this past year. Her granddaughter is requesting a bundle of letters for her so that she might be encouraged. She wrote to us:

“My Grandma, Mary Ann, has spent her entire life devoted to her family and she makes everyone feel incredibly loved. She is a light in the world and is always looking for ways to help others. She teaches sign language to children, knits baby clothes for expectant mothers, and despite living far from us, she and my Grandpa consistently made the three hour drive to see myself and my sisters. When I told her I wanted to be an author, she found a story that I had written and turned it into a handmade book that she decorated and bound together, then she gave it to me and told me that I had written a book. 

Before COVID, Mary Ann was very social and active, but in the past year she has had some health issues that require her to take a medication that leaves her feeling nauseous. She has a hard time moving around her house or even sending emails to family and friends. The nausea, coupled with the social isolation, has left her deflated. When we talk to her on the phone, she sounds extremely depressed and discouraged. My grandma is such a loving and encouraging person, I just think she needs some encouragement of her own.”

Let’s send that encouragement to Mary Ann!


Mary Ann’s bundle
℅ Catherine A. 
25 Considine Ave
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2N 5K1



Caylee’s mother reached out to us and asked us to provide some support for her as she faces some medical challenges. She shared:

“Caylee is eleven years old and faces many health issues, including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome–a condition that affects connective tissues in the body–and a heart condition called dilated ascending aorta. She is currently in occupational and physical therapy to help with walking, as she struggles with dislocated knees and ankles, frequently falling, and her feet turning in. Along with these challenges, Caylee suffers from scoliosis, chronic pain, asthma, ADHD, and a sensory processing disorder. 

If you look at Caylee, she looks like a typical child, but this little girl goes through a lot. She has faced many battles in her short life, including several surgeries, multiple hospital stays, and lots of tests. She is extremely strong and she finds a lot of joy in Finch, her service Golden Retriever. Caylee loves receiving mail and would benefit from support during her health journey!”

Grab your pens + join us as we write to Caylee letters of encouragement and hope!


Caylee’s bundle
c/o Danelle M.
2954 Oak Hill Ct
Madison, IN 47250



Nisali is struggling with her mental health and needs some encouragement. Her partner shared with us:

“Nisali is currently experiencing a severe depressive episode and has been struggling with depression and anxiety for the past six years. She went through university during the pandemic, alone in a foreign country, graduated with flying colours, and is now back in Sri Lanka. She is one of the most resilient people I know, and she fights everyday to recover. However, the current episode she is experiencing is one of the worst she has ever had. It is very debilitating and she is struggling with feeling understood in her home, where her family can sometimes be invalidating. I want Nisali to feel loved, cared for, and most importantly, I want her to know that she is not alone. She needs all the love she can get.”

Let’s extend to Nisali all the love & support that we can!


Nisali’s bundle
℅ Nivendra U. 
166/1, Rampart Road
Ethul Kotte, 10100
Sri Lanka



Melissa is a kind, selfless, and loving individual. Part of her story is as follows, shared by her niece:

“My aunt is in need of some love and appreciation. She is the most selfless person and hardest worker I’ve ever known. She gives and gives, and she never once asks or expects anything in return. She and my uncle took my daughter and I in when we had nowhere else to go, and she recently helped us get reliable transportation. Not only does she do loving, kind, and selfless acts for her family and friends, but she would do anything for a stranger, too. Shortly after her grandmother passed, Melissa’s dad and her best friend passed away as well. Even while experiencing an extreme amount of loss in a short amount of time, she has continued to help others as she always has. But I know she’s hurting from her losses, despite her incredible strength.

I truly believe that this world would be a much better place if we all acted a little more like Melissa. I admire her so much, and I look up to her in so many ways. I will never be able to repay her or say a proper thank you for all she’s done for me and my daughter, so I was hoping y’all could help me out with that by writing to her. Will you?”

Let’s join Skylar in her quest to thank Melissa!


Melissa’s bundle 
℅ Skylar J. 
813 Park Street 
Pryor, OK 74361


With Love,


Gratitude Practices: Humanities Truth beyond a System: Day 9💕💕🧿


💕I hope you are all feeling good! In Canada we are starting to have things open up but not everything. Our gyms/movies are still closed, but winter is finally on its way out. It is such a great feeling to have spring around the corner… it gets everyone outside and more interactive. Though, since this pandemic started I notice, today…. people are not as friendly, not giving eye contact and looking down more than ever.

💕I have many friends now state they are anxious and not feeling great. I don’t have any answers at this point. What I do know is that humanity seeks approval and through this you see majorities joining a movement, listening completely to the news or new agendas. Meanwhile, how often are individuals actually doing research and obtaining information for themselves? People are just accepting the herd mentality and follow that path. We are much more labelled, manipulated, segmenting ourselves in a dogma modern era. With this ever so changing world it is really hard to keep up and stay true to your being.

💕We have very black and white thinking today. Meanwhile life is grey and there truly is no black/white form of living. Today it’s this or that, woke or asleep, low vibration or high vibration and guided by politics, religion, race, gender and culture. When do you get to represent yourself and be who you truly are meant to be. How can anyone be a true ally to anybody with all these expectations?

💕This is capitalism, judgement, ego and the game of separation. Each of us will pick a box that is not actually meant for any of us. These are mind control tactics through religion, politicians, spiritual elites, and activism which only destroys our entity as a human experience. We make alignments that doesn’t even resonate with us but feel so much pressure.

💕I definitely no longer fit in this modern world and unfortunately for me most of the people around me, as they don’t think logically, critically and make their own judgements.

💕I have been following an indigenous spiritual human who is beyond gifted in words and expresses the needs of humanity so authentically. I only wish and manifest to attract those types of individuals into the core of my life.

💕I am not a label of any kind, I will not accept what any system or group states that I am. I am Lucy a person who has always believed in humanity, oneness and equality. Above all I am me, a women, from Portugal who immigrated to Canada. I am my own truth, my own belief and will always be true to me. I will not stand with people that put me in a box any longer. I will only pretend to comply to the systems that I work for, for now.

💕I will always be kind, loving and do my best to not be judgemental. That is a decision I made after reading a page from bounty warrior as I resonated deeply with her words!

🧿My gratitude is being true to my core, myself and from there we will see where this journey takes me.

💕I encourage you to truly do some reflecting away from curriculum, politicians, spiritual elites, news, culture, race, or religion to deeply understand who you are. Research, but from more than one source and than come to your conclusion. Also education is an institution that teaches why the new ideas/mental slavery will be. As this is a warfare on humanities mind.

🧿Below is a link to an indigenous flute playing meditation….. enjoy!


💕Don’t follow the herd, as that is essentially what most do. Simple explanation: if you follow ever hallmark day than you follow a herd. That’s a true story as we all have and breaking free from that is important for your spiritual soul. It is detrimental to think objectively, and critically which today a quarter of the population does not. Lastly, stating the term “she is a Karen” is no better and we aren’t creating change just targeting another race. The herd mentality as I have stated!!! Think logically beautiful humans and be kind in your actions. Choose love first! Gratitude for critical thinking, being logical and thinking outside the box!

🧿Lots of light & love to you all always!


March love letters: 💕

Sharing love through packing and personal notes🧿💕

Hello Everyone!

I will be posting a few blogs this week but starting with March’s love letters first! Let’s get our pencils out and start creating beautiful cards to be shared with others!

It’s a moment to share love with a stranger instead of getting upset with a stranger!!!! When you write these letters please do not speak of health, religion, politics or race. These letters should be neutral and uplifting. Share a bit of yourself, hobbies & interests. I speak about gratitude, share quotes and share a little about who I am! I make it happy, and cheerful, so they have something that is positive to look forward too.


Skylar has faced some serious circumstances recently. Her friend shared this with us:

“Skylar is your greatest cheerleader and advocate, even if she hardly knows you. She is loyal, sensitive, and hilarious. 

Skylar ended up in a toxic relationship during college and shortly after found herself pregnant. We are several years removed from college and Skylar finds herself in a lonely season, raising her precious 3-year-old daughter by herself in less than ideal circumstances while trying to also heal from the trauma she has experienced. Skylar has not been dealt an ‘easy hand’ from the start and has endured a lot of difficult circumstances that leave her feeling discouraged, lonely, and isolated.”

Let’s rally together + send some love and encouragement to Skylar!


Skylar’s bundle
℅ Chelsea V. 
6631 E 124th St. S. 
Bixby, OK 74008



Marie-Pier has been working hard this past year and has an important exam coming soon on top of life. Her friend shared part of Marie-Pier’s story with us:

“Marie-Pier is the hardest working person I know. She is a resident in the emergency room. Ever since the Covid pandemic hit and we have been on lockdown, she can hardly see her friends and family, most importantly because of her contact with patients.

She lives alone, and when she is not working, she spends all of her time studying for the most important exam of her career, which will take place in April.

She is truly committed to her work and her patients, and I have never seen anyone so focused to meet their goals. She stays motivated despite the current circumstances, but I know she feels lonely sometimes. Despite all of this, she is always there for her friends.”

Let’s gather our words of encouragement + gratitude for Marie-Pier!

*Letters are welcome in English and French*


Marie-Pier’s bundle
℅ Laurence B.
255 rue Pasteur
Repentigny, QC
J6A 7L9



Summiya’s life has been one that can be described as magical but has recently faced some dark chapters. Her sister shared part of her story:

“If you can imagine a world where fairies sit on brooks and unicorns take flight then you’ll have a glimpse of how magical my sister’s personality and presence are. Summiya is an incredible mother, wife, daughter, sister, and entrepreneur. On July 17th, 2020 she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Unfortunately, he was born at just 24 weeks, weighing 1 pound and 2.5 ounces (which is considered a micro-preemie baby). Summiya had an emergency C- section due to pregnancy complications and my precious nephew, Sujud, was born into critical condition and spent the first 6 months of his life in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU). Summiya and her husband have been beautiful pillars of support for each other, but it’s been an uphill climb making sure their children are safe and healthy.

Sujud is home now and has grown so much and has come a long way, but still requires an oxygen tank to help with his breathing. He has to take medications, requires a sterile home environment, and continued doctor appointments and observation as he continues to grow and develop. This is on top of being a mom to a beautiful 2-year-old girl, and running a jewelry business named after her and her daughter, all in addition to just navigating life’s obstacles. Summiya consistently shows up with faith and love for her family. She still exudes magic even when it’s hard.” 

Let’s grab our stationary + send some hope and love to Summiya!


Summiya’s bundle
℅ Maryam AK 
4205 Falls Road
Apt. 2
Baltimore, MD 21211



Laurie’s birthday is coming up and her daughter shared this with us:

“My mother is the definition of selflessness, compassion, and love. She has devoted her life to raising her family. My sister, who is now 36, has special needs, and both of my parents have always been her biggest advocate and support. Growing up, I have witnessed firsthand my parents’ sacrifice— especially my mother’s. 

She stayed at home to care for my sister and me. Always there for when the school called her, driving her 7 days a week to appointments (some out of state), the emergency room when needed, making daily visits when she was in a mental health crisis center with her favorite homemade meals each time (which was quite often) and so much more. My mother is amazing. Now that I am 32 and reflect on her life, I’ve realized that she sacrificed friendships for her family. I am so proud to be her daughter.”

Grab your stationary + let’s wish Laurie a very happy birthday!


Laurie’s bundle
℅ Emily Q. 
P.O. Box 691376
Orlando, FL 32869


Light & Love,


Create a handmade card!

February Love Letters: 💕

Hello Lovely People,

Here we begin again writing letters to those who need some extra love from our universe! Join me in writing letters!!!!


Chelsea has been facing a series of challenging, wonderful circumstances. Her friend shared part of her story with us:

“My best friend Chelsea had her first baby in February of 2020. Her baby, Grace, was born just two weeks before we went into our first lockdown. Ever since then, Chelsea has been at home taking care of Grace, every single day. Although Chelsea receives support from her parents and her husband, she has been taking care of Grace largely alone. She has not been able to do the normal activities a new mom and baby might take part in: no mommy & me classes, no moms & tots swimming lessons, no perusing the grocery store or the mall with a baby in a stroller. Those activities make up a huge part of a new mom’s social life but Chelsea and Grace have not had the chance to do any of them. This has left Chelsea feeling so isolated and lonely. 

Since I live a thousand miles away in another province, I cannot visit her either. But I am so proud of this woman for being an amazing mother and for providing Grace with as much fun, love, and stimulus as she can. I’m hoping we could all send Chelsea love and appreciation as this first year of being a new mom comes to a close.”

Let’s send Chelsea heaps of celebration + encouragement!

**letters are welcome in English and French


Chelsea’s bundle
℅ Emalie H. 
282 Ryan St.
Moncton, NB
E1G 2W3



Heidi’s best friend reached out with the story of her current challenges. She wrote to us:

“Heidi is one of the most caring and loving individuals I have ever known. She has dedicated her life to serving the public as a paramedic. She gives so much of herself to take care of others in need. 

Recently, Heidi was diagnosed with cancer. In the face of this, she is trying to be strong and continue to encourage others. I really believe that words of encouragement would be life changing for her and would give her strength to keep fighting. She is an absolute blessing in my life, as well as many others. I couldn’t imagine a life where she isn’t.”

Grab your pens and join us in sharing hope + encouragement with Heidi.


Heidi’s bundle
℅ Heather B. 
3111 Swan Place
Lynchburg, VA 24501



A friend of Josena has shared a bit of her story from 2020 and asked us to rally around her friend. She wrote: 

“Josena has been my best friend since we met at sixth form and she giddily commented that we had the same initials in a slightly different order. At the start of 2020, she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and she’s been on medication since. In August, just after her birthday, her tiny Yorkshire terrier was hit by a car and passed away right in front of her. Josena has been there for her family as a carer all her life, and even more this year where her mum has been working with covid patients and staff as an essential worker. Her mum has recently been told she may have cancer, and her dad had his second seizure a few weeks ago – we’re not sure what’s caused them and all the scans and tests came back clear again. Additionally, Josena lost her job right before Christmas. Despite all she’s faced over the last year, she’s still the same caring and sweet friend she’s always been to me. She still helps me any time I feel down, and I know she supports many, many others too.

Josena loves letters so much! It’s one thing she gets super excited about receiving and showing to other people. I’ve seen so many of the letters she sends to people and how happy she becomes when she tells me she got another letter. After everything she’s been through this year and after all she’s done for me over the years, I would really like to deliver a special smile to her.”

Pick out some fun stationery + unite with us in sending Josena a smile. 

**Josena’s primary language is English, but loves to see and learn more about other languages. Feel free to include some words and phrases in your favorite language!


Josena’s bundle
℅ Anne Marie J. 
69 Homestead Road
S5 0NA
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom



Lisa lives life in an incredibly sacrificial way, and is facing difficult circumstances. Her friend shared with us:

“Lisa is the MOST giving person in the entire universe. She works tirelessly on the front lines in NYC for the ASPCA saving animals daily. Not just a few, I’m talking about hundred and hundreds during animal abuse raids, hoarding cases, dog fighting rings, animals left as a result of owners dying from COVID, the list just goes on and on. She has a Master’s degree in art therapy and is also a reiki master. Lisa is in her early 40’s and has already beaten cancer once. She has once again been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma and is facing another tumor removal surgery along with radiation treatments and blood clotting vein surgery. She lives alone in Brooklyn in a 4th floor apartment with no elevator. She has no one near her to help her with doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry, literally no one. Her mother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and Lisa – even though she is battling cancer herself, regularly drives hours to go and assist her. She lost her father at the young age of 8. She works day and night, helping the animals – but doesn’t have a close team of support to help her. She has been my best friend for 30 years; and with me through so many difficult times in my life….she never gives up. She needs a gift of kindness in the most beautiful way possible.”

Join us in sending Lisa encouragement through this trying season.


Lisa’s bundle
℅ Jessamy B. 
2252 Stonehedge Drive, Apt F
East Lansing, MI 48823


With Love,


Gratitude Day 8: Crafting

Ola Amigos!

I am going to begin with gratitude: I am grateful for having a home that is warm and provides me with shelter. As many do not have this option and I manifest to the universe to help these individuals struggling at this time.

My heart breaks to see people suffering and I do what I can and as often as I can. As my belief is we should be all helping our communities all year round and I hope that each of you can offer that at some point!

I have been crafting in my home…. which is my favourite part of the day! It saved my mind and soul as it gives me a purpose. I create products that are manifested and with positive intentions which, in turn has introduced me to a whole new community.

A world of crafters taking on so many different forms of a new age world. A long time along new age was seen as evil but it is not. It is based on abundance, manifestations, positive intentions and building a ritual that signifies with you through spirituality. I love it as I am exploring and learning new interesting fun things.

This makes me get through a world that has changed in so many ways. Many of us have become use to the isolations that hardly anyone actually talks.

Everyone is busy with Netflix, movies, staying inside and the internet. It is something I have accepted and surround myself with those that have made the efforts to stay connected! My arts have made me tap into a hidden talent and it keeps me happy and occupied!

This is mindfulness!!! The world of writing, activities, moving and crafting is what is now call mindfulness. It simulates our brains and all the good hormones to get activated!

It connects us to love, nature, earth and the universe! Find something that makes your heart sing!

Gratitude tasks for you: Gratitude isn’t an emotion that is reserved for those moments when you get what you want. After a negative event put things in perspective by remembering that every difficulty carries within it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit. When faced with adversity, ask yourself the following questions:

  • “What’s good about this?”
  • “What can I learn from this?”
  • “How can I benefit from this?”
  • “Is there something about this situation that I can be grateful for?”

Gratitude Journal. The practice of keeping a gratitude journal. Before going to bed each night, write a list of five things about that day for which you’re grateful. Some days you’ll have exciting things to write down, and some days you’ll be writing down simple joys.

Here is a video of my gratitude bundles that I make to give you an example!

A little about my life….

With Love,


Gratitude Day 7: Colours of your SOUL

Handmade Gratitude smudgebundles

Ola Amigos,

It has been a minute… my intentions had been to post daily but this did not happen! I got distracted with running a fun and therapeutic ESTY business. I started creating floral bundles with powerful herbs that can be used to smoke a persons home from negative energies. I also create handmade cards which, I love the idea of people writing letters in a vintage way! If you are interested in following my ESTY store is: journeywithspirit72 and my Instagram is: journeywithspirit2020.

So my theme is about colours as I started painting again. I am by far an artist but love using paint as it is a form of art that you can have fun with and be free to explore all dimensions.

When you look at colours your soul dances! Just sit back, better yet if you have markers/crayons look at all the different colours and see which makes you smile, excited or energetic. We walk through life not acknowledging all the colours around us that lighten up our planet.

Look at a tree for instances, let’s pick a spruce-pine tree. It’s shade of green can almost be seen to be a blue grey which, makes it stand apart from the rest of its cousins! It’s such a beauty when you take the time to observe and truly see. We are passing by the moments too quickly and not really seeing anything in front of us. We need to slow down and STOP. Take that whole minute and just observe….

I will share a secret 🤫…. advertisement uses colours to evoke you and get you to buy their products! Colours evokes emotions in all of us!

I am going to share a few of my favourite colours and the emotions they evoke in us!

  • Green Aura: love for outdoors, nature lover, concern for health, very grounded, logical and has a spotless home!
  • Orange Aura: love the spotlight, charismatic, funny, loud people, and are usually the life of the party. Ability to sense other’s emotions, and care deeply for how people feel.
  • Purple Aura: triggers psychic abilities, high sensitivity to emotions and energies. People with a purple aura are empaths and have beautiful souls!
  • Blue Aura: color aura is the rarest of them all, but it symbolizes strength in communication and a balanced persona. represents a calm, soothing nature, and so these people make wonderful peacemakers and solvers of problems.

I ask you all to pay attention to how colours evoke you, which you enjoy wearing and calms your soul.

I ask you to commit to some adult colouring as it’s therapeutic for your soul! It calms your mind and soothes your soul.

Paint with your hands as the paint on your fingertips actually triggers a fun sensation and brings out your inner childhood!

It’s so important to be fun, silly and just laugh! We get so serious when we get older and we forget to balance fun. Dance your heart out at home with loud music! Laugh so much that your belly hurts and stay in that moment! Make this month the goal of reconnecting with your inner child again…

Our souls need it… look at children and witness their carefree ways as that is a true gift that we all had!

Gratitude is witnessing the small miracles all around you. Absorbing the beauty in nature!

With Love,


Gratitude: Day 6: The community sharing with me…

Meditation Might Be the Cure for COVID-Related Stress

Hello my friends,

So this article was written by April who approached me and offered to write an article for my website! I love this is so much and that is what coming together as a community is all about. We do not know each other, she sent me an email and that is where this connection begun! So below is her article….

Stress is a pretty ubiquitous emotional state right now — and for many, it’s even an understatement. The pandemic has put a lot of anxiety on everyone’s shoulders. Even if you haven’t personally been sick or had any loved ones fall ill, living in a constant state of low-level threat for close to a year will wear on your mental health.

Unfortunately, poor mental health can cause poor physical health as well. When we feel low, we become less likely to take proper care of ourselves. Plus, the constant release of stress hormones can take a major toll on our bodies. This leaves us more susceptible to a wide variety of health issues. That’s why it’s so important to find a good method of stress relief, such as meditation.

This site is attuned to the substantial power meditation can have in a person’s life. Here’s your guide to getting started with your own meditation practice: 

Why Meditation Works 

Before you begin any new practice, it’s important to understand the power behind your actions. Meditation can have a big impact on how much stress a person experiences. This all comes down to how it helps you develop mindfulness. This is the act of being mentally present in the current moment. When we’re worried about getting sick or obsessively scanning through news sites, we’re not experiencing the current moment. Instead, we’re allowing our fears to take us into spiraling hypotheticals. 

When you regularly practice meditation, your mind learns how to calm down and focus on what’s around you. At first, this will be really challenging to do, but with time, it will become second nature, and the time you spend practicing will be a welcome respite from the worries of the world. Eventually, you’ll notice you’re more mindful even when you aren’t meditating — meaning you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying what’s actually happening around you. 

How to Get Started 

The first step you should take for starting a mindfulness practice is creating a welcoming meditative environment. Choose a quiet, private space in your home. Ideally, you want a room that’s a comfortable temperature and gets plenty of natural light. You should also make sure to tidy up the room you plan to use — mess creates stress, and you want your meditation space to have a positive, encouraging energy

To begin, sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor. If you like, you can turn on relaxing music or light a scented candle to help you enter a calm, contented mindset. Set a timer for one to five minutes (to start), and turn your attention toward your breath. Keep your attention on your breath, the physical sensations in your body, and the things you can see, smell, hear, and taste. 

If your mind begins to wander, don’t fret — this is perfectly normal. Simply recognize the thought or feeling your mind has turned toward, then gently bring your attention back to the present. If it helps, you can visualize your thoughts as clouds in the sky or leaves in a stream, gently floating into and out of your attention. 

Deepening Your Practice 

As you become more comfortable with meditation, you can try extending it to other areas of your life. For example, yoga is a wonderful meditative practice that also serves as a means to care for your body. You can also blend meditation into any spiritual or religious practice, or incorporate it into your list of coping tools for therapy. 

Meditation gives you the ability to release the thoughts and emotions that don’t serve you, and value those that do. In a time where so much of our lives are caught up in fear and stress, the ability to let go of those emotions rather than let them rule you can be absolutely invaluable. If you need more meditation guidance or elevate your practice, consider signing up for personalized coaching with Lucy.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Please check out April Meyers at hello@mindbodyhealthsolution.com

Thank so you much!!!

Love LucyLu

Peacefulness, relaxing and absorbing the beauty!!!
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