Gratitude Day 5: Mindfulness

These are my own smoke bundles used for cleansing out space! Great for mediation and creating calmness!

Hello All,

Since my last post I have been practicing more mindfulness so I am able to balance all the information coming at us on a daily basis.💕💕

Can you imagine everyday we get bombarded by the news on new numbers, new rules, new fines and so much more. It does not end here cause then social media bombards you with all of your interests and opinions, on their platforms! 😊

It becomes overwhelming and confusing, so balance is definitely needed! It is important to know what is happening as too much is changing…🙏

For my myself I need to know and understand these vaccinations so completely breaking free is not yet possible! As I most likely will refuse getting vaccinated and am gather legal information so I can fight! I have secured a lawyer, as for some reason this time around you can lose your job if you refuse the vaccinations. I won’t get into this as I can not understand the logic around this one… my life my choice… once people are vaccinated who needs to worry about those who are not… ah… so many unknowns! So we will get into all the good things for our minds!

Mindfulness is so important for balancing our souls in today’s world. As each of us is battling our own ideas, opinions, political stance and so forth. 💕

Here are mindfulness activities:

  • Light your favorite candle, sit comfortably, and watch the flame sway and flicker. “This is actually a form of meditation. Gaze at the candle for five to 10 minutes and let your mind wander. Observe your thoughts. Let them pass without judgement.
  • Have a cup of tea and drink it slowly. Draw your attentions to the sensations, smells, & sounds you observe as you begin your tea.
  • Pay attention to the colour, the sound of the kettle, the shape of your mug, the scent, it’s taste, and how it feels in your body.
  • Pay attention to your thoughts and quiet them. Keep noticing the changes of your tea, the calm feeling, the texture and air with that for a few minutes.

Mindfulness is knowing what you are doing, how it feels and being in that moment. It sounds simple but it is not… as we wander often in our minds. You need to teach your mind to focus, be in the moment and not wander off. It takes a daily practice. Today, many are not only on their phones but watching a show at the same time and having a conversation. That is a lot of activity for the mind and we have trained the mind to be scattered. This has huge impacts on calmness, organization, memory, and health.

Being by water is calming for the mind

Training your brain:

  • Doing breath awareness meditation
  • Performing mindful stretches (such as yoga)
  • Taking a meditative nature walk

The brain benefits come from consistency of practice, so make this a daily ritual, a designated time for self-care, even if it is just 10 minutes each day.

Love Always,


Gratitude Day 4: Freedom

Hello Everyone,

I do not even know where I should begin… this week there has been so much that has happened. Many of you, that have been following me, are aware I am a strong advocate about freedom & rights. This week in Toronto, there has been many protests around the lockdowns and small businesses not being able to make it. Sometimes people have to look into all the different windows that gives you a glimpse of their actual life. What I think many people are not understanding is that these lockdowns have impacted many young women and women in abusive relationships. I will inform you that domestic violence has increased by 75%, human trafficking has lost special attention and accessing housing for these young people has been complicated. Many agencies that house many of these young women are not accepting anyone at this time due to COVID-19. Many people that were in a shelter are now living in tents and the city of Toronto has allowed Tent cities. That is what many service providers believe is the best decision due to the advice of the ministry. There has been an increase in suicide due to being isolated and mental health has worsen for many. We have an increase in anxiety & depression due to lockdowns, unlawful decisions, loss of jobs, and finance restraints.

We then arrive at discussing small businesses that for some reason have taken the biggest hit, which is uncalled for. They maintain clean areas, never have many people in the store and are so compassionate. Governments seem to believe they are keeping people safe by allowing stores such as; Walmart, McDonalds, Costco, department stores, LCBO & the Beer store…. so you get the idea. To me these places attract large amount of people and they are corporations that will not go under. I can not fathom how this is something that people believe makes sense….

Many agree with what I will share but many do not. Let me point out this for a quick moment… actual drug dealers get less penalties, rapists that get off, and even murders until convicted get to go home. We are aware that we have an unfair system but the situation happening right now is a form of passive Communism. We have Adam who owns a restaurant and decided he would open his shop. His shop opened up three days in a row during the new set of rules. His business is not allowed to serve alcohol after 9pm and must be closed by 11pm. He is able to provide take out but no dine in. He went against all of those government expectations. Many news reporters and police were at his place of business. As well as many supporting protestors, by the 3rd day things turned into a communism country. There were so many police lined in front of Adam’s store, in police cars, on horses and standing. Adam got arrested, his store got boarded up by the ministry of health, locks were changed, he spent a day in jail, bail set at 50, 000 and many different fines. He has never committed a crime, paid taxes, created a business through hard work but due to the pandemic he has to lose his livelihood. To me this makes no sense and I am very distressed by the amount of people suffering & losing their hard earned money. Some people want a pay check from the government. I never want a penny from the government as I can earn my own money.

Lastly, North America’s law men, governments have been involved in destroying the First Nation people and were involved in a genocide that they still celebrate as Thanksgiving Day. We then speak of slavery that went on for a century. THE PEOPLE believe that this government that places a hard working man in jail is about our safety & security? I wish I was wrong but the vaccine is not going to be the answer, as Trudeau stated we still need to implement lockdowns, wear masks, limit contact even after this vaccinations as we will not be certain how this will react… interesting as we have yet to even find a cure for cancer & aids but COVID-19 has a vaccine within less then a year.

I don’t know… but I will leave this here and get to what we need to be grateful for: WE NEED to be GRATEFUL for EACH other! Even if we are on different sides: be kind, and not aggressive. When you feel the need to ask someone why they are not wearing a mask, be human & kind. Understand all the windows we live through and try to take a glimpse for a moment!


  • Gratitude practice is to actively notice things you are grateful for throughout your regular day.
  • Nurture the friendships you have, good friends don’t come along everyday. Send them a letter, send them a text, call them and whenever you think of them inform them.
  • Do you experience the good things in your life in true proportion to the bad things? Or do the bad things receive a disproportionate amount of your attention, such that you have a distorted sense of your life?
  • Smile as often as you can

My Manifestation for you all:

With gratitude I remember the people, animals, plants, insects, creatures of the sky and sea, air and water, fire and earth, all whose joyful exertion blesses my life every day.
With gratitude I remember the care and labor of a thousand generations of elders and ancestors who came before me.I offer my gratitude for the blessing of this earth I have been given.
I offer my gratitude for the measure of health I have been given.
I offer my gratitude for the family and friends I have been given.
I offer my gratitude for the community I have been given.
I offer my gratitude for the teachings and lessons I have been given.

I appreciate you all always and thank you for being a part of my journey with you all. Thanks you for reading my views based on a humanity perspective through a compassion lenses.
I offer my gratitude for the life I have been given.
This blog settled my heart, energy and vibration!

Love Always,


Gratitude day Three: Hope

Hey Beautiful Humans:

Today, we heard the news of having lockdowns again… even the wording itself sounds so hopeless. There are so many words that can be used to describe what officials would like to happen. Also with more clarity around humans understanding the reasoning why certain things get closed versus others. In reality their reasoning has left many confused and pondering what is happening. An example; currently department stores, grocery stores, liquor/beer store, schools, take out for restaurants, gas stations, construction companies, TTC are allow to continue but no movies, dine-in’s, gyms, nails, tanning, hair stylists, and small clothing stores. When you actually see this list… does this really make sense?! There is something not right about this whole process… I hope you are all questioning and thinking for yourselves. One last point on this actual topic: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville received this shutdown but not Vaughn as their major wrote a letter begging that they not be shut down. The funny thing is we all travel outside of the cities that have been placed on a shutdown… it is a kinda… shutdown as we are all okay to go to work and continue paying our taxes. I am a believer that we need to adjust to this virus, people will die, but we are no longer equipped as a urban city to sustain shutdowns. Many many people will become effected with poverty, homelessness and job loss. Be grateful for your current situation if it happens to be better than many!

Look at local communities to donate your time, some food or clothing!

I am not impacted by these shutdowns but I am impacted emotionally by the way it has impacted people, the economy, poverty and such division among people. I have become adjusted to my solitude as during this pandemic many of us have been left on our own. I have friends but it has truly been limited in its efforts. Through this situation I have noticed how much fear impacts humans and many families have isolated to their own homes. This part is sad cause through these situations we should bond with family/friends and build a small community so you can help each other out but it is not been the case. Surprisedly, it has been individuals considered acquaintances that I have created such a strong bond with as they call/check in regularly!

What I am so grateful for is my strength and confidence in who I am.

Also having learned to love my own company and truly only needing my own company has become so liberating. I am not mad, sad nor even disappointed in humans. I just know this is the progress of this life journey. I still love all and my door is always open as I am not willing to ever allow any circumstances to change my core aura and soul!

I continue to share love through letters, meeting up, or calling! I have created a similar community through my ESTY business and have been meeting like minded people. There are so many people with my interest and creating such true kindness around the world. I love IT!!! I have been embracing the world of witches which entails creating smoulder sticks/ cleansing bundles, good intentionally dried flower bundles, herbal smokes, handmade crafts/cards, ornaments and so much more. These women are so inspiring with such goodness, genuineness, kindness and it has filled my heart.

Through this experience I am fully supportive of small businesses and buy items through local small shops, I may pay a little more but I am not invested in large corporations. I want to embrace individuality, uniqueness and return to basics.

I hope in reading some of this that you all will return to basics and support your local businesses. Make the efforts to build your gardens, home cooked meals, find local farms, grow your flowers and build a small indoor garden as well!

Here is the fun stuff… I need you all to grab your journals and here are a set of guided of questions I would love for you to think about and write when you feel it in your heart. I also would love for the friends reading, new people, instagram followers to share your thoughts, engage with me… only if you feel it within your SOUL!

Gratitude list:

  • In this experience: do not rush to write down the first thing that comes to your mind. Take time to truly think about what you are grateful for. Feel your passion, your love and positive intentions.
  • Write about a valuable lesson you learned: what did you get from this lesson, what changes happened, and what are you grateful for.
  • Write about something beautiful you seen today.

Experience in gratitude sensory:

  • The moment you wake up, get out of bed, and go out onto your balcony/backyard… step onto the cold floor and look up to the sky. Feel the coldness on your feet, the sensation, the senses running up your legs into your stomach and just embrace the adjustment to the coldness of the floor.
  • Then notice the sky, the colour, the brightness, the ripples in the sky, the shapes of the clouds and document what you see and do this for a week. You will notice that the sky changes everyday and so does the colour.
  • Then get your morning coffee/tea and really enjoy it. Smell it and sit with that smell for a moment and then take your first sip. Feel the sensations of the taste of your beverage, how your tongue feels and what tastes you are enjoying. Feel the sensations it does within your body, mind and soul. How does your day begin when you start with this routine. I would suggest to have meditation music playing as you flow into this morning routine.
  • Go to bed a little earlier so that you have enough time to wake up and experience this for the week! I will ask you on Wednesday to share your experience’s!

Gratitude Video:

Love Always,


Gratitude day Two: seasons changing…

Hello My Friends:

The seasons are changing and we find ourselves with winter just around the corner! Before I dig into this topic… let’s find what we are grateful for… I am grateful for my hands that allow me to write my love letters to the world, the beautiful lines crafted throughout the palm of my hands, my fingernails that allow me to place dramatic colours💕💕💕 What are you grateful for today?

I 💕 to enjoy the beauty of all seasons as they each come with their own characteristics as we do!

The fall is stunning in its colours, birds flocking south, animals organizing their outside homes, farmers markets, farmers/people preserving… those are a few!!

Winter’s first snow fall is so beautiful and magical. Winter has so many different festivals and many countries light up their cities!

Spring is to me the season of love… everything is blooming! To witness flowers blooming, all of nature’s babies hatching, life forming, a bounce to humans steps, humans preparing their gardens, and patios! It’s a season where you see smiles, kindness and love everywhere!

Summer is my favourite season as I love the heat! I love the warmth of the sun, the warm wind, the running water through the lakes, all the flowers, the laughter of children carried with the wind and all the outdoor activities!

When you see the world through a grateful mind you can find beauty everywhere. My world is definitely not made of beautiful roses but the moment I entailed gratitude I was able to deal with the difficult patches! I encourage all to practice gratitude daily and it to be introduced the moment you wake up! We are heading into a glooming winter season with so many stuck at home and now with limited outdoor time. I worry about peoples wellbeing. It is no breaking news about the increase of anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, today there are many young people that are battling with anxiety and depression.

I do encourage parents to look at a botanical tincture that helps manage anxiety or depression. I recommend finding a Naturalpathic doctor that specializes in botanical tinctures. I can list two that I recommend for you: (The Herbal Clinic direct website)

Everything in this life has a solution but we have to implement them and try!

Here are some calming activities:

  • Take a solo walk in a quiet, natural place when you’ve completed your morning tasks
  • Spend a few minutes alone to inhale calm and exhale tension
  • Practice tai chi, rhythmic dancing, or yoga in your own comfortable space, to release pent up energy.
  • Listen to music that you find calming and doesn’t disturb your mental stillness.
  • Stand barefoot on grass, soil, or sand to refresh and balance energy levels
  • Nurture a meaningful spiritual practice

A gratitude video for you:

My lovely peeps I will leave it at this for today! My intentions for you all today is to enjoy fun, silly moments with those around you or with yourself!! Also do not forget to write in your beautiful journal today!

Love 💕 LucyLu

Beginning 28 days of Gratitude… Day 1

Hello my Friends: I have decided to start a new quest! We will embark on a 28 days of gratitude together! I embraced mediation, gratitude routines and mindfulness during a time I was lost in my desire to have children. I was no longer able to see the beauty in life and I felt the world had abandoned me. I was so angry, victimized in my own pity, and so sad. I know I didn’t understand what the future would look like without of children. I was stuck in a system… that taught us value comes from falling in love, getting married and creating a family… prior to anything else, this was the world I grew up in. When I arrived into my 30’s the main questions were: When are you getting married & it is time for you to make a family!

Well, imagine… my relationship at the time falls apart! I was engaged but pressured to get married. In my heart none of this felt right… with this man. I knew I was making a choice based on what should happen. I could not go through with it for many reasons, he was not a genuine, good hearted man and we were so different. I knew in my mind & soul once I walked away I would now be at risk for possibly not having children.

I made the choice to choose me versus the pressure of culture & customs. I am not married but live with my significant partner. I was not able to have children but am surrounded by many children & youth.

This leads me into my true intention of this blog entry… I started on a self love discovery with myself! I did meet someone new who does compliment my personality and whom I get to embrace… who I am at all times. I am very independent and need my own space to be creative in my world. During these last 10 years I was able to travel to India and volunteer in Calcutta, which was a surreal experience and I will write about that trip in later blog! I took a trip alone to Turkey, England & Scotland, which I recommend everyone to explore at some time in this life time. I also travelled to a yoga retreat in Italy, by myself and met some unbelievable people on this solo trip! I spent some days in Rome and explored the history of this city on my own time.

More recently, last year I created this blog all on my own through reading and exploring what this all entails! I learned about SEO’s, marketing, HTML, uploading, editing, being a photographer…. I learned so much! These last few months: I have created my own ESTY store and have become an ESTY seller! You all have come to know me for writing letters around the world… well I now sell my handcrafted cards online, handcrafted ornaments and magical smoke bundles to cleanse your home with an intention!

This was all created through my journey of healing, accepting gratitude into my life and learning to use mindfulness activities to manage emotions. I have found gratitude to be more effective than therapy, as it comes from within me and I do the work that is needed for healing. I have challenged myself and found a life that is just as fulfilling as in having had children. I still get sad days but it is just a sad day now. I know no one will ever understand what it feels to be empty in a life with no children and I also know it’s not their story!

There is life after a loss, break-up, death, disappointment, and so forth. It is unfortunate but this life journey comes with many challenges and having a strong self helps you to always appreciate what is in your life at this moment!

So I have not written as many blog entries due to building my ESTY store which actually takes a lot of therapeutic work! I want to help you create a gratitude life through tasks, journey entries, guided questions and guided videos! KINDA similar to the 21 days of meditation! This means you will get to engage with me more daily!

Gratitude: This is a selfless act to show you appreciate someone. It is a feeling of appreciation and meaningful to act-of-kindness. Gratitude makes your life fill enough as you begin to appreciate all that is in your life.

Here are a few simple tasks:

  1. First, think of someone who has done something important and wonderful for you, yet who you feel you have not properly thanked.
  2. Next, reflect on the benefits you received from this person, and write a letter expressing your gratitude.
  3. Finally, arrange to deliver the letter personally, and spend some time with this person talking about what you wrote…. or you can mail the letter to them but inform them you have done this and why!!!!

I encourage you all to participate and take the risks to share kindness with all those around us!

Also each morning open your door or window and breath in the fresh air. Stare into the sky and take a moment to see the ripples in the sky. She the shapes of the clouds, the different shades of white and blue. Truly pay attention to something that is there everyday when you wake up and appreciate that beauty.

We will begin here and please do not hesitate to begin a journal… this can be a 5 min entry, or just your moment of thought but not something to stress about! The moment you fill you should write then begin!

Here is a gratitude video to begin your day with:

Please do not hesitate to share with me your routines, coping strategies, what would you like to learn from me and what would be beneficial for YOU!

I will see you all soon, again Wednesday!

Love Always,



Hi my Friends,

I have not been able to write my blog as consistently! I have been on a venture which is my ESTY store. I have been creating handmade cards, dried flower bouquets and smoke bundles: for cleansing your energy & home! So to say the least my blog has been put off for too long! I will be writing a blog how this venture began and of it’s positives!! I have a few things I want to share around certain herbs & flowers to have around your home when your moods are low! I hope you all have been doing well and the goal if to post at least three times a month! Well, our love letters are here and I hope that some of you have joined me in writing these letters for those who need some encouragement. I encourage you to leave random love letters throughout the city you live in as that would brighten someones day! It is great act of KINDNESS!


Patti has been going through a bit of loneliness + grief amplified due to the pandemic. Her request reads: 

“For over 40 years Patti fostered creativity and love through art, poetry and dance. She devoted her life to helping others, especially young people, succeed in expressing authenticity. Anyone gifted the opportunity to learn from her now moves through life a little lighter, more intuitively, and touched by grace. Her kind and gentle husband passed away suddenly two years ago, so today she lives alone in her 70s. 

Patti is still a passionate working artist, painter and printmaker. She recently brought home a puppy and is graciously receiving training tips. Please send her your love, drawings and poetry. Her warmth will always leave you feeling better than before she found you.”

Let’s join together +  encourage Patti!


Patti’s bundle
℅ Melissa A. 
1394 Placid Ave.
Ventura, CA 93004



Connor has been walking through a season of loss + could use some encouragement. His request reads:

“My cousin, Connor, has been through a lot this year. In February, his wife asked him for a divorce. They had met in college and had been together for nine years. Connor managed to get through the divorce process, but then he lost his mom mid-August. They had an estranged relationship–due to depression and alcoholism on her side. His dad left him as a child, so now he really doesn’t have much familial support.

Coonor is dealing with guilt and grief, all while trying to stay positive. My heart aches for him and I would  love to see some love and positivity flood his life.”

Won’t you join us as we encourage + build up Connor during these difficult times?


Connor’s bundle
℅ Erin S. 
2 Point Lane
Arcadia, IN 46030



DonNell’s sister is requesting a bundle of letters for her. She shared with us:

“My older sister DonNell is my best friend and my rock. She is ten years older than I am, and helped me when I was struggling with an eating disorder and depression in my early twenties. 

DonNell is turning forty in November and is struggling with that new decade number. She has two little rambunctious boys, ages six and two! They are wonderful, but DonNell has struggled with postpartum depression after each of their births and is having a lot of trouble feeling like herself. She’s been on a variety of medications and has seen multiple doctors, but she hasn’t gotten any answers. She’s at her highest weight after her second pregnancy, so along with the depression, she is struggling with self love and feels uncomfortable in her own skin.

DonNell was a nurse for many many years, and during the pandemic she has been performing telehealth (virtual nursing). She has given her life and her love to so many–she was an ICU nurse, as well as a Hospice nurse. She has always worked endless hours, as both a nurse and a mom, and I want her to get some of that love returned back to her. She deserves it and could really use the encouraging words.”

Grab your pens + let’s write to DonNell!


DonNell’s bundle
℅ Betty V. 
1300 S. Pleasant Valley Rd. 
Apt #164
Austin, TX 78741



Thomas and his parents are facing incredibly challenging circumstances. His aunt wrote:

“Thomas is a beautiful two year old boy who is in the hospital getting treatment for a rare form of metastatic brain cancer (ATRT). The prognosis is very grim. Since the beginning of September, Thomas has endured seven surgeries and undergone countless tests and procedures. He is now in his second of a six month long cycle of chemo. 

Libbie and Sharlena (Thomas’ parents) tried to have their own biological child for several years, and after every attempt failed, they finally were able to adopt Thomas. He quickly became their whole world. Because of the pandemic, no visitors besides his parents are allowed in the hospital. 

When Libbie, Sharlena, and Thomas came to Atlanta they were expecting to be here only a few days for a biopsy, but now aren’t sure when they will return home. Libbie and Sharlena are staying with me while Thomas receives treatment. They are away from home without any comfort or a support network of family and friends. A bundle of thoughtful and handwritten love letters would mean the world to them right now.”

Please join us in fighting the loneliness and uncertainty that Libbie, Sharlena, and Thomas are likely feeling.


Thomas’s bundle
℅ Sarah M. 
746 N Highland Ave NE Apt 11
Atlanta, GA 30306



Anh has been nominated by her friend who shared this about Anh:

“Anh is one of the kindest and dearest people I know. Since June, she has been in treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She is in her 5th round of chemo and her family (she has twin teen daughters) are shell shocked. They had been worried about COVID since Anh is an RN working in hospice care when it all began in March.

Despite all this Anh still finds time to kind deeds for others, like welcoming a new neighbor with a basket of lemons and Clorox wipes and baking a cake for a lovely 91 year old patient. I want Anh to know that she is not alone and that her kindness is inspiring.”

Let’s share some love and kindness with Anh!


Anh’s bundle
℅ Jaymi C. 
2144 East Adams 
Orange, CA 92867


Love LucyLu,

Writing, October, love letter, pandemic, community: join me!!!💕💕

Hello Friends!

It is October and this months request for love letters has arrived. Get your arts & crafts and start creating beautiful letters. Join me in creating smiles, sharing love and choosing compassion always! Below are the letter requests and enjoy!


Angela is having to deal firsthand with some of the challenges that the pandemic has sprung on students. A friend of hers shared with our community:

“Angela is my amazing friend and colleague at a middle school in a lower socioeconomic area in our city. She cares so much about her students, and is very anxious about being able to reach them and help them as she teaches online. I don’t think Angela realizes how many lives she has touched through her compassion and creativity as a middle school English teacher. 

Two years ago, Angela’s younger brother took his own life, and Angela is still grieving this tremendous loss, as they were extremely close. The loss of her brother coupled with the challenges of this time are difficult for her. I want to help her see that life can be good again, and I want to help her feel enveloped in love and support.”

Let’s send some encouragement + support to Angela!


Angela’s bundle
℅ Nanette G.
5513 Adenmoor Ave
Lakewood, CA  90713



Debora’s daughter has requested a bundle of letters for her mother as she faces challenging circumstances due to an illness. She shared:

“My mom is an amazing woman. She raised me as a single parent and is my biggest cheerleader. About twenty years ago, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and for a while she was still able to be independent while raising my sister as a single parent. Unfortunately, over the last two years, her mobility has reduced her to being bedridden. 

Despite this, she helps my sister navigate through life, who struggles with anxiety and PTSD. No matter what she’s going through, my mother has always put others first and is beyond selfless. She is still my biggest cheerleader, and I want her to receive the same support that she gives me, my sister, and everyone else.”

Grab your pens and  join us in sharing joy + love with Debora!


Debora’s bundle
℅ Renayle F. 
5707 S. Cass Ave. Box 960
Westmont, IL 60559



Erin’s mother is requesting a bundle of letters for her. She shared in her nomination:

“My daughter Erin is a beautiful soul, constantly giving everything to help others.  She worked two jobs all through high school, and still managed to graduate with honors.  Afterwards though, she put off going to college to help me in our family business after her father passed away. The business was our livelihood, but she promised me she would go and finish her degree.

It seemed like every year something else came up, and she gave up going again. Finally, two years ago, Erin went back to school at the age of forty. She will graduate this spring  as a teacher! I will never be able to show her how proud I am of her, or how much her sacrifice has meant to me. My daughter is truly my best friend.”

Join us in celebrating Erin + her accomplishments, as well as her big heart!


Erin’s bundle
℅ Ann H. 
162 Mica Road
Kirbyville, MO 65679



We received a request for a bundle of letters for Susan, who is struggling. Her caregiver shared:

“Susan is fifty-five years old and has developed very bad arthritis. She is alone and has no family. She has been very depressed lately from the many surgeries she had this last year, and sometimes it seems like she wants to give up. I have been helping her everyday with small things that make her days more comfortable and less painful, but it would be amazing if she could receive some love. I want her to see that life still has more to offer her and there is so much love out there.”

Let’s remind Susan that there is love + hope in this wonderful world!


Susan’s bundle
℅ Simone B. 
Unit 302/15 breese street
Brunswick 3056



We received a nomination for Kaitlyn who could use a pick me up! Her friend shared:

“Kaitlyn is a sweet, kind person who gives anything for her friends. I met her about eight years ago when she moved here, but she was not welcomed by all. Though she has made some very close friends–she still struggles. She turns sixteen very soon, and she is dealing with some mental health issues. When her medication changes, her whole world changes. Emotions are always very stiff and a fragile thing for her, but especially during this quarantine.

Kaitlyn’s been having a hard time being away from friends for months, feeling alone, and she has been withdrawing from her family. It is very hot here, and that has been stressful due to a surgery Kaitlyn is recovering from in addition to also recently having COVID-19 and strep in quick succession. She is regaining mobility, but is finding it difficult to recover. I care deeply about her and hope that these letters from strangers might bring some sunshine into her life.”

Let’s spread some joy + encouragement to Kaitlyn through a bundle of letters.


Kaitlyn’s bundle
℅ Maggie L.
2721 N 21st Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85009


Sincerely with 💕,


Divine, journaling, soul seeking and healing others…

Always working on a better version of myself… always choosing to love humanity first

I have pondered what should I share and where should I begin… I have encountered so many struggling as our world changes. I have to say I write this blog with a very heavy heart. I have been travelling the streets of Toronto and they are no longer the same. The streets are bare of shops that have closed down and you see way too many condo buildings being built. Toronto will soon be the concrete CITY. What saddens me… is how many are paying attention to the changes and its impact for the future. I walked along Trinity park and tears ran down my cheek, as all I see are too many tents with people with no homes. Our city states that its better for them to be in tents, as this reduces their changes of getting in contact with COVID-19. The homeless pandemic will now definitely be in peoples faces and maybe this will impact them to speak up? I will share with you all… so many people walk that park as if it is a normal day and nobody acknowledges these tents… that are home too many… in such a RICH city.

This is when I state, why are we able o get almost 2 million people to celebrate the RAPTORS win but not to protest our homelessness pandemic, addictions and gang violence? I will say this out loud I was happy that the RAPTORS lost as I do not want anymore distractions in our city! I keep pondering what is the outcome of this economy for the world as they rapidly change many services to online, possibly most schools. Many people are going to lose their jobs and benefits but many are still busy shopping online. I tell everyone around me to save their money but not many are listening. Many believe our world will be going back to normal but I do not see this happening. We have commercials and advertisements with humanity in fashionable masks, they keep saying this is the new normal. Why would all these fashionable masks come onto the market? I feel it is terrible to market masks during a time we are being told that it is a pandemic and truly only level 3 medical masks really protect anyone. Again a world government encouraging you to be the consumer… to keep buying when many are struggling to even make ends meet.

I hear many enlightenment workers state that the USA is winning the fight against human trafficking but in Canada all I see are cases of human trafficking rises. I know for sure that crime rate is up in so many states, cities and countries. I am heart broken for the world and have no trust in these leaders around the world at all. This week in Canada we will find out how they expect to recovery budget losses. This is the funny thing… is that all government establishments never closed such as; gas stations, liquor stores, Beer stores, online sales of marijuana, cigarettes and now we have photo radar everywhere. In the month of August over 24, 000 traffic tickets were issued through photo radar cameras. I am not speaking about the individuals that push the limits but I am speaking about the everyday folks that try to do the right choice daily. FOR me I will never understand this and they are already recovering some losses… wouldn’t YOU SAY! Listen many will excuse things but when you have a government who’s MP returned travelling spending money… well that RIGHT there… shows the corruption in all governments and I do not believe they CARE that much about US. Since when… HISTORY does not lie… GREED we are surrounded by it. I will leave these thoughts here as I am flooded with many…

Lets discuss how to manage fear and anxiety:

We often allow our fears to guide our decisions and control our emotions. Fears will always be surrounded around us. The escapes are limited since we now have social media and television bombarding the world with negative messages. I have often shared about creating a simple gratitude morning and evening routine. This would be a wonderful strategy to create with your children and young adults. As they need something that they can hold onto and there is still so much to be grateful for. Even in our most trying times, which we can always find something that makes us smile!

It is said that planting your bare feet on grass and soil which creates positive sensations in your nervous system! It grounds you to the creator and the universe! That alone we can always be grateful for… create a gratitude list that represents your life. Complete this list with your family and begin with just two grateful statements.

Also becoming in habit of having meditation music in the background during morning routines, dinner, homework time, baths, and settling time.

Here are a a list of I Am comments:

  • In this moment I feel peaceful and content.
  • I am worthy of all the best life has to offer.
  • I release all resistance to feeling good.
  • Even in the midst of chaos I can always maintain my inner peace.
  • I am always free to choose, and today I choose happiness.
  • I am open to new and exciting possibilities.
  • I attract pleasant, positive people into my life.
  • I am enjoying the life I’m living.
  • I have fun and laugh every day.
  • I experience joy and create joy for others.
  • Each morning I wake up feeling enthusiastic about the day ahead.
  • Each night I go to sleep feeling fulfilled, thankful, and peaceful.
  • I always look for the good in everyone around me.
  • I appreciate all the positive people in my life.
  • I have wonderful friends, and we all help and support each other.
  • I feel healthy, fit, and strong.
  • I have abundant energy.
  • I effortlessly attract health, wealth, happiness, and love.
  • My joyful, peaceful energy is a blessing to those around me.
  • I am happy, joyous and free, exactly as I was born to be

It is extremely important to get into these positive habits during a world that is consistently changing so rapidly. You have to take breaks from your phones, laptops, television and be in silence. Please get a book and read again. Actually hold a book, turn the pages and get focused. We are all developing an ADHD mind and can no longer focus too long on one task. Ask yourself when you read an article, book, watching a movie.. how many of you are scrolling through different forms of social media at the same time??? STOP doing that as it is terrible for the functioning of your brain. When you are with your friends actually don’t take any pictures, nor make any posts for that one outing. Enjoy it as you would many years ago! We do not always need to share our story from a hour to hour basis.

I end this blog with gratitude and a meditation. I am grateful that I have many of you taking the time to read my post, to practise some of my suggestions and to even like the post. I am grateful that the creator gave me creativity to write, to blog, to love, and to create! I am utterly grateful for nature and everyday I enjoy their beautiful sounds and the smiles that they create each morning!

With love always,


September 💕 Love letters are here!!!!

Hi Everyone! I hope you will all join me in writing letters to promote love, compassion and kindness!!! It does not take a lot of time and you spread love all around the world!!! I hope you all have been well and managing!!! Lots of love to you all!!!


Marie’s son is requesting a birthday bundle for her this year, as she is reaching a special milestone. He wrote in his nomination:

“I have started a birthday card campaign for my mom, Marie, who will be ninety years old on Sunday August 30, 2020! I had been planning a birthday celebration for her at the long-term care facility she resides in. As we all know though, COVID-19 came along and threw everything into chaos. The care facility my mom lives in went into lockdown and now restricts visitors.

I have not seen my mom face to face since February. However, Marie shares a room at the facility with her only daughter, Teresa, my sister. Teresa has lived with cerebral palsy her entire life, and is now sixty-six years old. My mother, and my late father, cared for my sister throughout her life. After my dad passed away in 2013, from complications of Alzheimer’s Disease. Unable to care for my sister on her own, Teresa entered the nursing facility first in 2014, and as my mom’s health declined, she too entered the same facility in 2016.

This is my effort to make mom’s 90th birthday a happy occasion. I hope to flood my mom’s room with cards and birthday wishes.”

Let’s shower Marie with love for her birthday!


Marie’s bundle
℅ Harold S. 
1700 W. Lilac Dr.
Lebanon, TN 37087



Payton’s aunt reached out to us and asked for him to receive a bundle of letters during a difficult season of life. She shared:

“My twenty year old nephew Payton has been struggling for the last four years. He’s a sensitive soul who has lived through some devastating events, and he can’t seem to find a sense of direction for his life. He feels lost, depressed, and unmoored. He struggles with depression and drug addiction. He recently completed a rehab program, is sober, gained back much of the weight he had lost, and seems to be committed to taking care of himself. He needs support though and I want him to know that he is loved and not alone.

Of course, as his aunt, my heart is broken to see Payton suffering. I remember him as a wonderful kid who was always quick to make a friend, good at sports, kind hearted, and hilarious. I know Payton is still this person, but he doesn’t seem to see it–he struggles with self-worth, feeling lost in the world, and not being enough. He needs encouragement that he can get his life on to a path of happiness.”

Join us in penning letters of encouragement + hope to Payton!


Payton’s bundle
℅ Emily Y. 
441 Lacy Road
Elkville, IL 62932



Judith has reached out to our community and is asking for a bundle for her friend during some challenges + tragedies. She shared with us:

“My friend Toshia is an amazing woman. When I got pregnant with my son, I knew I would be unable to care for him properly, so Toshia agreed to give him a home with her family. And she was already a single mother of two! She is relentless in giving her children and grandchildren the tools in life to be successful. 

Ms. Toshia has had her inner light diminished over the course of the last four years though. She was unable to complete her nursing degree after a ten year pursuit, she was robbed at gunpoint, and she had a stroke, amongst other medical issues. She puts up a good front, but I know she is struggling with PTSD, severe anxiety, depression, and fear. Please help me remind her that she is courageous, she is not invisible, and not alone.”

Letters are welcome in English and Spanish.

Grab your pens + let’s offer Toshia some written courage!


Toshia’s bundle
℅ Judith R. 
1405 Blackmore Rd
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118



Trevor’s older brother wanted us to know this about him:

“Trevor is an incredibly talented musician who’s had a tough time finding his own path in life. His whole life, Trevor has faced many battles both internally and externally, from depression and anxiety, to tremendous loss.

If you could meet Trevor in person you would see that he lights up a room, not just with his smile but with his phenomenal guitar skills that’s why I want Trevor to receive these letters. He deserves to be lit up and encouraged the way he does for others. This month especially, Trevor is facing challenges like never before, and I know that letters from folks around the world will bring the much needed life, back into his life.”

Join us in rallying around Trevor to remind him how awesome he is!


Trevor’s bundle
℅ Ben E. 
85 River Village Drive
Milford, ME 04461



Two sweet granddaughters brought us this request for their loving grandmother. They wrote:

“Yvonne (or Nanna, as she is affectionately called by her grandkids, both related and honorary) is one of the most devoted individuals you will ever meet. Her life overflows with love for her family and friends. She is a woman of faith, a mentor and inspiration to many. You can often find her in the kitchen baking bread or caring for her cat named Arnie.

Two years ago, she lost her husband of 57 years. She and our grandpa were inseparable, and his passing left a void that is impossible to fill. The transition to life as a widow has been difficult and made even harder this year by the pandemic and subsequent quarantine. She loves receiving mail and staying connected with those she loves. We know she would love being the recipient of some additional joy and encouragement from the More Love Letters community!”

Let’s join together and shower Yvonne with so much love!


Yvonne’s Bundle
c/o Alyssa H.
40 S Oak Dr
Hanover, IN 47243



Jean is struggling with feeling lonely + worthless, and she deserves a bundle of letters! Her nomination reads:

“Jean is a hospice nurse, a mother of four, grandmother of four, and an incredibly kind, selfless person. She has continued to work during the pandemic, but has confessed to feeling worthless, despite efforts on part of her children to cheer her up. She has been alienated by her family for caring for the sick and dying. Please help me to let her know that she is loved and is making such a difference to the world.”

Let’s join together + remind Jean of her value through a bundle of love letters.


Jean’s bundle
℅ S. Madsen 
415 E 36th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408


Love Always,


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Meditation for the soul… 21

Hello My Human Friends!

Congratulations! Thank you so much for sticking with me on this journey!!! Also for your patient as I did not get these posts on the days I had intended it for! I hope there have been a few of you that started to implement meditation in your life as the benefits are amazing! I am not always consistent but see the impact it has in my life when I am not consistent!

Meditation manifests your thoughts, energy and changes your mindset. It creates a better version of yourself and builds an internal happiness that no one can take away from you. I am able to embrace positivity much faster than negativity, which is a blessing! I found that to be the greatest gift ever! We have been trained to accept negativity in all aspects of our being. Sadly, negativity is surrounding us the moment we turn on television! When you are online you do have the control in what you will allow yourself to embrace so the control is there for us to navigate.

There was a time in my life that I thought loving yourself was a selfish act, where I got this message from is beyond me. The ego is different from love and yes that is what gets in the way often for many! The moment you fall in love with yourself is when you will no longer allow people to treat you badly! It is such a liberation, freedom and an uplifting feeling. People around you will actually be happier without you needing to do anything. The other beauty… anyone not meant for your life will eventually no longer be around!

The greatest journey for me was understanding mindfulness, practising gratitude, embracing yoga and accepting meditation into my life. It changed my past, present and future. I healed, I do not cry much, I smile everyday, and my depression is no longer controls me! You need to find what will work for you and I can never tell you that this is the remedy but I can say it was for me! I still work at this daily but it is so much easier! What I can tell you, YOU must do the work and fight everyday! The power is YOU and only YOU.

Message for Day 21

Are you familiar with the seven “switches” of happiness?

🌟 give to your neighbor
🌟 transmit (love & light)
🌟 let go (of things that do not serve you)
🌟 indulge (live life to the fullest)
🌟 give thanks
🌟 give yourself (be of service)
🌟 forgive

When these seven become part of your life, happiness will flow into it simply and easily.

Everything is energy and its flow must be circular and continuous in order to return abundance to you. This is how the law of reciprocity works.

Keep your channels open and clean so that your energy can flow unhindered! Remember to stay present. This is YOUR time!

Your future is in your hands; you make choices and decisions every day, every moment.

How you use your time, with whom you spend it, and how you feel at every moment determines your life.

Key Takeaways
☀ awareness
☀ gratitude
☀ recognition of value & abundance

Thank you everyone for your participation, presence and energy invested in this process!

Use all of your creative abilities, describing yourself and your experience. 🤩😇 And remember that brevity is the soul of wit. 🙂

“Every moment of every day I live my life abundantly. “

Enjoy your coming days and abundance. ♥️🤗♥️



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