Cauldrons: potions, mystic, and spells

Cauldrons: ETSY: journeywithspirit72 Cauldrons:  It is a symbol of rebirth, transformation, and wisdom. Linked to the goddess, Cerridwem, Taliesin and Dagda. Cauldrons have always been magical in bringing friends & families together to celebrate festivals & events & magick. It is created in a cast iron that has been used for decades and is long lasting as … Continue reading Cauldrons: potions, mystic, and spells

June Love Letters Needed:💌

HELLO Lovely Humans, Here is this months love letters needed, I really hope you will join me in writing as so many people need the help. Just through sharing a letter you can save a life! Grab your pens & paper and write with me! EMILY Emily is an amazing friend going through a challenging … Continue reading June Love Letters Needed:💌