Beautiful handcrafted cards that share inspirational thoughts, share words with those you love💕💕

JULY: Love letters💕💕

Hello All, It has been a while since I have written!! I plan to write a few entries this month! First I will post the many letters needed, some inspiration is truly needed this month! LOGAN Logan is a kind and generous person who is celebrating her 20th birthday on August 1st! Her foster mom … Continue reading JULY: Love letters💕💕

Meditation for the soul… 9

Welcome to Day 9! 🙏👌I am sorry I fell behind! I started working from home from both my jobs and it has been extremely busy. I also have had my sister stressed, my mom sad, my partner received some medical news that is not good and my sister-in-law is not feeling well! So to say … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 9

Meditation for the soul… 7

LET YOUR INNER CHILD SHINE ! Welcome all to our 7th day of healing our souls to help us manage through these confusing times! Today I want to speak about finding ways to be able to connect with nature. We have many leaders at this moment directing our daily lives, which for many of us … Continue reading Meditation for the soul… 7

Depression… well why are we still depressed with so much research…

It’s a question I have asked myself over and over again! The medical field will always give an academia response! Well that is not always helpful! Also attending therapy is tough for so many reasons... For one you know you are on the clock and that makes it feel insensitive. It makes it feel you … Continue reading Depression… well why are we still depressed with so much research…